Great Action Cam with good image quality, great workmanship and some accessories.  Interesting alternative for GoPro

Great Action Cam with good image quality, great workmanship and some accessories. Interesting alternative for GoPro

Rollei S-50 WiFi Standard Edition Action Camcorder (14 megapixels, Full HD video resolution, 1080p) yellow / blue / black (Electronics)

Customer Review

Video at View Actioncams're currently difficult in fashion and also I am very flashed by these small devices. Especially with all the accessories that are sure you can use them incredibly versatile and make great shots from awkward angles.
The following point I before the current flagship of the Rollei S-50 again in detail. She was kindly provided to Rollei available.
Who wants to just have a general overview and a few impressions of the Cam, the most simply looks at the video. Wen interest details about the possibilities of the cam, the respective sections can be read. Who wants to have the short form looks directly into the conclusion.
Anticipate is that I am very pleased with the Cam. Although I have not yet can try any GoPro, but I looked on YouTube several comparison videos of the two cams and know that I can recommend to anyone, the S-50 without restrictions, as poor image quality is at a similar level, the Cam itself and also the accessories are much cheaper. The higher price you pay in my opinion, only be able to say for I have a GoPro. Of course, the impression can change when I myself once tried a GoPro. But until then I will still have a lot of fun with the S-50 and am looking forward to the 2K and 4K models that should come out in the fall of Rollei.

Unpacked and touched:
The cam is really very small and compact, especially in comparison to other previously published Rollei Actioncams. I was really surprised that it is again a good deal more compact than the Rollei 5S. The lens looks out a little and provides a 175 ° wide angle. If you want to insert the battery is necessary to remove the front cover. This is available in the colors from black, yellow, red and blue, so you can let shine the Cam in a very individual look. I've actually always top the yellow cover.
The entire back is occupied by a screen where you can see the image directly and can easily navigate through the menus. Beautiful solution here does not have to be like other devices without a monitor or buy him expensive to do so. The resolution is good, clear, and you can order recordings if you want to directly check the road, where you will most probably use the monitor to look at what you have just the image or to make settings in the menu. At default settings, the monitor will turn after 30 seconds of alone again and is activated by pressing a button.
By navigating menus you look at the five keys of the action. This initially requires some acclimatization, but you have the hang of it it's very good and very comfortable. Something tricky it is ever to reach the menu first. To do this, the links on the Cam is hidden under a cover of SD slot and the USB - port for charging the battery and mini HDMI connection for playback on the TV.
On the bottom there is a 1/4 tripod thread, so that the cam is compatible to accessories without extra adapter with a wide range.
The feel of the action as a whole is very good, it's not a cheap plastic but as a rubberized plastic, for example, how to find it in newer camera lenses. This is likely the Cam also falls survive quite well, should not fall on the lens, of course.

Image Quality
The image quality is very good for an Action Cam and must not hide. Unfortunately, the video shows here at Amazon is not really it, because you have to upload videos in poor quality, otherwise the maximum file size does not fit (100 MB).
If you want to make yourself an idea of ​​the Cam should not buy just go to YouTube, search there to S-50 video and then watch this. It is best to make sure that the quality of Full HD or HD is 1080p or 720p and so you look all in full screen mode.
The camera has unfortunately not built image stabilizer, which was still the case with the 5S. I very much hope that this feature Rollei adds again with the new models in the fall. Although you can the image later on video editing stabilize, but it takes forever, at least with FCPX.
However, the picture is still very quiet. I have even a 40 Actioncam with the included bike mount next to the S-50 is mounted on a test with the Rollei Bike mount and rode through streets, cobblestone and dirt roads, while the images of NoName cam absolutely blurred and intolerable that the S -50 relatively calm and stable, there was little or no artifacts blurred image as one sometimes has in troubled bicycle shots.

The images are crisp outside in bright sunshine sharp, even in the depth, the colors are great and the screen is impressive absolute and can also be used for demanding YouTube videos. In low light or with several cut-off switch, the Bidlqualität declines of course, but that is quite normal in Actioncams. Such cams are generally considered Schönwettercams.

You can use the Cam under water, it has even extra modes for underwater where then certain color areas are enhanced. Since I am not a diver I could not try it myself, but the image correction will happen on the software side so you should think about whether one can do directly from the Cam or rather even later by image processing. There is nothing worse than spending lots of money for an Action Cam and then annoy despite all great accessories on an average or poor picture quality. In terms of image quality, the S-50 is after all what I have seen so absolutely on the amount of time and does not have to hide.

Sound Quality:
Good sound and Actioncams seem to be the two things mutually exclusive by nature. I have not yet experienced no cam that could convince in use, but is also comprehensible. Often, the cam is in a protected them underwater housing. That since the sound is very muffled, is clear. The microphone is very small and integrated directly into the Cam, usually only a small hole somewhere. And then picks up the sound directly to the Cam around, then what precisely the clattering underwater housing, the rotating tire, the sound of the tires on the ground, without housing the wind etc. and not what you talk so. That's when the S-50 otherwise than in all (!) Previously tested by me Cams. Supposedly the GoPro the really hammer out much better, I can not judge myself unfortunately.
If you want to have good form should record the sound separately, for example, as I do with the combination of smartphone and the Rode Smartlav lapel. Afterwards simply imported to both files in the video editing program and has sound and image synchronized, whereby one should clap once right in front of the Cam in the hands before recording.
Or you can set the tone away easily and stores music over it. If you want the video to youtube upload then should be careful not to violate copyrights and only free music to upload. On the Internet there are a lot of very good quality where you have to name but the name of the artist and the title name (eg. In my intro). If interested in sources is because I can post some links in comments yet.

On the photo settings I'm not a, as I have never used such a cam in order to take pictures.
At the Cam Video resolution dominates the following modes:
1080i / 60
1080p / 30
960p / 30
720p / 60
720p / 30
480p / 60

You can adjust the Vidoeabschnitte on 5/10/15/20/30 minutes. Then always sets the Cam in the selected sections, a new video file that you can play but seamless succession. This has the advantage that after a huge 8GB has not small file Special at 1080p / 30 and 5 min then a couple of 500MB files, so that you can also right from the outset, the scenes where nothing can chipping omit happened.
In addition, the cam has a loop function which ensures that once the memory card is full, it takes further still because they simply overwrites the oldest recordings. Also, since it is of course good, then if not simply the entire large file is deleted. Knowing about these loop function activated must keep that in mind otherwise the overwritten recordings are irretrievably lost.
Ideally, you can buy a memory card that is roughly equivalent to the battery performance. An 8GB card is fully in the 90 minutes and since the first shots would be overwritten by the loop function, with a 16GB card to get in any case towards a full battery charge. Here it is advisable to just so much to buy 16GB card as you have batteries (ie first two) and then also to change the card with the same battery (and this naturally in a suitable store Cover).

There is also the Orion dual streams. If you activate this setting specifies the cam to a second .mp4 file with 640x480 images. This is for example intended to videos to stream into the network or upload and then to have smaller files. Again, at least a 16GB card is recommended when you activate this feature.
Time lapse: Here you can choose between 1/2/5/10/30/60 seconds and then takes the Cam in these intervals short moving pictures and so on may 10 minutes ever shrink to a maximum of 2 seconds.
Motion detection start recording as the name suggests when something moves in front of the lens. Need to start the mode, press the record button you get. This is very well suited when the cam placed somewhere, waiting for something, for example, to approaches or so the riders of the cycling race.

Other settings:
You can adjust when the monitor is out and the time after which the non-use the Cam off by itself. Both should be put on rather short values, so that the battery is protected. If the monitor is activated it using the press any button again. When Video System should switch to NTSC, then takes the Cam on with 30 instead of 25 frames per second. For todays digital TV it does not matter whether it is PAL or NTSC.
In the image rotation can be adjusted 180 °, then the picture is actually taken over head. That's nice, but also as an image rotation is in video editing is no problem.
Under measurement you can define the measurement method. Normally multi measurement is set, but you want something dark in the center should select against a bright background you here choose, for example, spot, then the object in the middle is better exposed to magical way. The ISO value can be normally on car only when filming in dark areas it is worth VLT. high detect it manually.
Otherwise, I would always recommend an SD card once to format directly into the action, so that the data is also recorded really sure.

WiFi & App
The Cam starts by default with WiFi enabled. This course draws battery, which is why I have almost always made. If you switch between Wifi on / off the cam starts anew each time. Is it enabled you have to connect his smartphone / tablet to the WLAN named wifi_cam and enter the password 00000000.
Then you start the Rollei S-50 App and this then connects to the action. Once connected you get a live image of the cam depending on the distance to the Cam is almost instantaneous. You can start recording, taking photos or even specify the burst mode with 3/5/10 fps. In Settings you can set the resolution, set the image quality, select the date stamp and deactivated, and the lapse and select the color mode. In addition, you can still specify various photo settings.
So you can adjust a little bit, it would be nice but if you could really define all the settings of the action here.
On the recordings on the memory card can not access it, therefore I have not figured out how the announced share convenient to operate via Social Media
All in all, I will probably use the WiFi function only rarely. It works, helps one to check the image even if you just can not see it on the monitor, but primarily it costs only battery capacity.

The cam comes with two 1050 mAh batteries. These have partly kept me in continuous operation slightly more than 90 minutes, which is quite a decent value. So you can get in touch with the two batteries three hours. That should be enough in many cases. In WiFi mode, the battery life is reduced accordingly, of course, but I have not tried yet. Here one reads occasionally that the batteries are not fit and you only with great difficulty again gets the trim on it. That's when my model too. One battery fits like hot cakes in the other one has to be able to devote to the cover include a little skill properly without them by itself rises again after some time.

Unfortunately, you can what you get delivered loaded with the batteries only in the cam itself. So if you have in mind that the maximum of three hours may not be enough, which I would recommend the external Charger Pack to watch. Here you get to a two more batteries (so that you now 4 x 90 minutes of so it can accommodate a total of six hours) and, secondly, a charging station with one empty batteries can charge now while the Cam still used. The device is being charged via USB, a power plug you have to still buy it. On the go, a Powerpack is very useful, then you can, if you have enough memory cards about to shoot really NEN whole day and it escapes a guaranteed no moment.
Course costs a bit, but if you look at something you have to pay the market leader alone for the charger at no extra battery is that even very moderate.
By nature I find the performance of 90 minutes okay. Total Actioncamakkus keep rarely really long, which is probably due to the fact that the cams have to be so small and compact. Should it provide a manufacturer times, three to four hours of run time is to create with excellent image quality and small compact design of the well very quickly become the market leader)

The package is quite extensive. With the underwater case is waterproof Cam (I think up to 50 m) and you can still use the Cam rudimentary. Although you can not make any settings in the menus more, but you can still start and stop recording or trigger photos. Even the underwater housing has a 1/4 tripod thread, also to mount devices to the Cam example of a chest strap. The second rear wall has openings so that the cam is no longer watertight, but is still well protected from rain and dirt. I assume that this is to ensure backplane for better sound quality, but the effect is rather marginal.
Besides the aforementioned colored interchangeable front covers, there are also the already mentioned two batteries, so that you always have a replacement battery.

Also heard a helmet holder supplied, some 3M adhesive tape, as a flat and a curved adhesive pad, on which the cam can be fitted with a standard bracket. This standard bracket you can also use other accessories.
The adhesive pads are available from 3M and hold. Point. Hold bombproof. They should stick 24 hours before use and then you get them only with a hot hairdryer and a lot of patience again. Whether water, wind, whatever, keep the pads. Rather aborts the mount, as they loosen the adhesive pads.

In addition to the USB charging cable finally heard one remote control supplied. This must also be charged via USB and is even up to 3 meters water resistant. It has no ads but only the possibility to activate the cam and trigger the video or photo shoot.
After getting the ski Edition gained also is still a chest strap included.

All in all it is very well taken care of first, but the wide battery and the remote control would at a GoPro 100 cost extra again.
One can the Cam then of course extended as such with Farradhalterungen, breast brackets, shoulder mounts, suction cup and magnetic holders. For this you need no extra adapter, thanks to the 1/4 thread it is with most of the accessories available on the market compatible.

Other criticisms:
I understand only partially the other reviews here, incidentally. Some problems I had at first too, but if you look a little bit with the Cam dealing fixes to most of them. One has to lead above all, always remember that one here has a Actioncam and no ordinary HD Cam. You have to accept some compromises area compared to those Cams, is but with the possibility of receiving rewards from unexpected perspectives to make.
Detach the front cover and reinsert it's not a Problem.Teilweise fit the battery is not 100%, then have to press a little and seeing to it that includes the cover really completely, just up and down. Then holding that too without problems.
Battery empty? I habs tried, repeatedly. WiFi, which turned on and filming Cam let in 1080/30. 90 minutes were not a problem.
Only when the app is there really room for improvement. And yes, a slow motion function with 120p with good image quality would be something VLT for the future or a firmware update :) Speaking. I also had a few problems with the action because I have the latest firmware available (1.15)

My criticisms:
As mentioned, it would be great if the app would allow a bit more features and a more infos offers.
A proper slow motion would be great. Likewise, I would want an image stabilizer again as the 5S. Accordingly, if only 1080 / 60p would be desirable.
It would be great even if one is building the underwater housing that could operate the camera completely. Two more buttons would have probably still possible.
Ultimately, the biggest shortcoming is actually the sound. As I said, I still can not try GoPro, with all other cams I've tested was the tone in use similar, therefore, the date for me only a conditional criticism but more a feature of ActionCams.

Compared with other cams:
So far I have the S-30 and the 5S tried by Rollei, also of the Hyundai Screen Lense V10000 ACT, as well as a 40 NoName-cheap Actioncam.
Of these I like the S-50 so far best by far. It is small, compact light, the design I find better than the S30. Only the Noname cam is there better, but she has a miserable picture quality, limited battery life and a few accessories. The 5S was also very good, because I liked above all the image stabilizer, but the solution with the removable battery, LCD and WiFi module was somewhat inelegant. The Screen Lenze had many good ideas, above all, the rotatable lens was cool, but rather limited use without waterproof housing.
All in all, does the S-50 is by far the roundest. Of course there's more Actioncams on the market. To which I can not not say much tried out

Much has been written, but I think it should be coming over as well I think the Cam. The only really big complaint is the sound quality, but as mentioned I have experienced different with still no other action. Of the Cam from convinced by a very good picture quality in good conditions, it is small, compact easily and comes with lots of accessories therefore (eg a second battery).
With my positive opinions I am not alone. Almost all tests reports from magazines that I've read come to the same conclusion: Small, compact, good image quality, a lot of accessories, good value for moderate top while as negative, only the sound will be criticized.
Although I am not a professional and not an expert, but I hope I was able to answer with this review a lot of questions, I have tried at points as far as possible to go into the depth that no questions remain unanswered. Only with photo features I have not set myself apart.
I would recommend right zuzulegen the ski Edition, as you so the chest gets cheaper than if bought separately at him and he's just so cool that you should have it.
Otherwise, you should look at times, there are so many accessories for Actioncams that the shooting creativity can thus be completely free rein. Whether you want it moniteren on the wing of an airplane, the front of the bumper of the car, forward on surfboard at the top of a crane, the possibilities are limitless. Again, one can be inspired to YouTube again.
For me personally, who discovered this year the Actioncams for itself and thus has already played around and tried out a lot of the S-50 is so far the most amazing but I could try.

Great! 21 Rank: 5/5
November 7
The score is simply super again Rank: 5/5
November 28
Good product 2233 Rank: 5/5
April 13
Highly effective protection Rank: 5/5
August 13

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