Great all-rounder with an optimal price / performance ratio

Great all-rounder with an optimal price / performance ratio

Acer Aspire VN7-571G-574H 39.6 cm (15.6-inch Full HD) notebook (Intel Core i5-5200U, 2.7GHz, 8GB RAM, 500GB SSHD, NVIDIA GeForce GTX850M, DVD, no operating system, Full HD IPS Display) black (Personal Computers)

Customer Review

After eight (!) Years, a new notebook was again due and this time it should not be the first-best, be of the range in which you later annoyed that other than those advertised components are still important. After a few weeks of intensive use here my first experiences:

In this notebook only recently available Intel i5 works of the fifth generation with two cores and Hyper-Threading. It is a 'U' processor delivers Although less computing power, but belongs with a power dissipation of 15W to the energy-saving processors. In contrast are at the other end of the scale processors labeled 'H', while delivering a high performance, but with 47W are also very power hungry.
Ultimately, everyone must decide for himself where his priority lies. I think the built processor for standard tasks for more than adequate, in addition he is one of the main components, so only enable these long battery life. It is also interesting that the U-processors are significantly more expensive than the corresponding labeled 'H'.

The notebook is equipped with two graphics cores: The integrated Intel HD 5500 and Nvidia's Geforce GTX850M (or Geforce 840M). The two cores are working in so-called Optimus network. Intel Core completed everyday and battery, while the GeForce cares about power-hungry applications such as computer games. This behavior, which only switches on the power when it is actually needed, reducing power consumption dramatically and so protects the battery again.
The difference between the two alternative offered video cards is a priority in the width of the data bus and the size of the built-in memory (64-bit / 2 GB vs 128 bit / 4GB). For high-end games, both cards are not suitable, but who still like to play even a more sophisticated game, which is better off with the GTX850M, otherwise extends the 840M.

A razor-sharp display (Full HD), which allows for a wide viewing angle (IPS), has a high luminance and is non-reflective and therefore can be well used in bright conditions. There's no touch screen, but I do not like it anyway, in a notebook on the display 'rumzutatschen', but this is certainly a matter of taste.
Be aware that due to the high resolution of the display without displaying the default preset scaling from 1.5 only times smaller would turn out than a simple display only. However, this means that some graphics (even if it is possibly only a button in a browser) may appear slightly out of focus. This is not on the screen, but on the programming of the software that provides the graphics prepared in insufficient resolution.

Notebooks usually have only two memory slots, and these should be configured identically for parallel and thus twice as fast access. So here's 4 GB RAM are not 1 x 8 GB, but 2 x installed. Means other, but also that in the event of a required memory augmentation of existing modules must not be added, but replaced, which is of course more expensive.
A total memory of 4GB, I think for the reason just mentioned for too low, the built-up here 8GB of RAM, however, are future-proof and also leave room for many simultaneously opened or demanding applications. In addition, the internal graphics additionally uses so that memory. If you still working with the same virtual PCs, 8 GB are recommended anyway.

Hard drive
This model carries a 500GB disk with integrated 8 GB large SSD cache their service. Such hybrid drives store in fast cache the busiest parts of the program and thus ensure a faster start.
Until a comprehensive picture, music or video libraries are stored or they are outsourced to an external drive or a NAS, I think 500GB is sufficient. The disk rotates fairly quietly with, however, only 5,400 revolutions.

Optional SSD
In the on-M.2 slot I have an optional SSD installed, will be installed on the operating system and then all or at least the most important programs. In such a constellation of computer (eg Windows 8.1) is fully booted in less than ten seconds from a cold start. However, the installation is already ahead of knowledge, because the device has to be opened completely.

DVD burner
Does what he should, but seems a little unstable and noisy during use.

WIFI AC, new and currently the fastest wireless standard. With an AC-enabled router to connect to 866 Mbit / s is built, long range and absolutely stable. So you can finally also quickly access wirelessly within home network, for example on its NAS and does not need every time the notebook hang to the network cable.
Furthermore, Bluetooth 4.0 and a Gigabit Ethernet interface is available.

Initially somehow some getting used to, but nice and flat and illuminates. Who has ever worked in low light, learn to appreciate it, to recognize well the keys even in semi-darkness. A feature that is rarely or never found in this price range and I do not want to miss.

It is often reported by jumping cursors. This problem I can not confirm yet, but I work mainly with the mouse. Toll is definitely the gesture control (scrolling, scaling) known with two fingers as the smartphone.

He is amazingly really good for four small speaker. The sound does not act tinny and not distorted at high volume.

I have honestly never used ...

Pronounced perennial power, which of course depends on the use. If the notebook is not claimed great, are quite realistic eight hours before the device needs to be recharged.

SD card slot, headphone / microphone, three USB 3.0, one HDMI and a Gigabit Ethernet interface are indeed only the bare minimum, but I no longer need. The fast USB 3.0 should now be standard and the HDMI connection to a TV, for example, is now also much easier than before. An HDMI cable and picture and sound are transmitted without further adjustment in optimal quality.
The disadvantage can only affect, if necessary, that the connections are located exclusively on the right side and possibly collide connected devices in right-handers with the range of motion of a mouse.

Noise and temperature
In idle mode and with a moderate use of the fan is hardly or mostly not to hear. If, then another SSD and the HDD is in idle state, so the notebook is actually completely silent. But even under maximum load (eg conversion of video) is never uncomfortably loud the unit. The temperature development is kept within limits.

Appearance and quality
I like the notebook really good. Clear lines and edges, a sleek flat design, dynamic tapers from back to front. Although nearly all plastic parts are, the device leaves a fairly high-quality impression, the surface of the lid, I feel even be correct elegant.

Well, that's really my only real gripe. The device has no service door, through which one simply comes to the replaceable parts. That is, regardless of whether SSD, HDD, RAM, WIFI module or the battery should be replaced or installed, the entire unit must be opened. Although this is, as already mentioned not very difficult and there are no hidden screws or warranty seal, but it's just not as simple as if you had to unscrew only one flap. Fortunately, you have not quite as often to the inner workings ...

Operating system
Ships the device with Linux. If you want to install Windows, you can do this easily. Although I am also not a fan of Windows 8.1, but it's faster than Windows 7 and drivers are included directly on CD. With the installation of additional tools such as Classic Shell or StartIsBack you get also largely back the look Windows 7.
The installation of the operating system should be in UEFI mode, as this a number of benefits, including faster boot up permits. Important: Regardless of whether the installation DVD or USB flash drive is done, this media UEFI must be empowered once, otherwise can only be installed in legacy mode, which then but also a change in the BIOS related. Notes on UEFI-installation can be found on the Internet enough. Amazingly, all the drivers were installed after the Windows installation already pure, the Device Manager showed no unknown device. Nevertheless, you should import the enclosed CD, because the existing drivers there usually turn out product-specific. Unwanted additional tools were not installed here.

In advance, I have long dealt with all sorts of criteria and must say that I found concerning. The price / performance ratio is no better device. Certainly there are cheaper notebooks, but with these you have to again make significant compromises in features. Top-current processor, good graphics card, display excellent, adequate storage, super fast Wi-Fi, a battery life that is unparalleled and then illuminated keyboard, I really found for this price nothing like it. It is not only the right device if you need a lot more power for complex computing power or extremely demanding games, but it is also far more expensive. Otherwise I an absolute buy recommendation!

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