Great chair, no more back pain

Great chair, no more back pain

Topstar ST290W51 Fitness stool with back support Sitness 40, fabric cover, red (household goods)

Customer Review

In our general practice, we are sitting pretty much at the desk, but interrupted by frequent, brief standing.
These are somewhat better conditions for back health than standard office, but probably roughly comparable.

After 2 years of back pain (despite compensation Sports) I have introduced these chairs for all and am thrilled:
After 6-8 months (lower back / lumbar) were with my wife and my back pain disappeared.

The active sitting by tilting seat and only sporadic leaning on the small backrest support the back muscles in good measure.
When's the employer does not pay: such furniture for individual health maintenance is strongly recommended mE - we see it several times a day the spinal damage from non-welfare of office workers ...

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June 16
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March 10
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February 2
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May 28
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