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PlayStation 4 - Console (White) (console)

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I been playing for years, have played since the SNES just about every console and some of them I call my own.

Unlike some who are limited to a company that I have never limited myself to only one console company.
For me, especially the games were important - what sticks for a logo on the case, I was almost always care less.

For several days now I have the white PS4 who like slightly better than the black version of me.
Although it is on my black wardrobe quite striking, but that does not even bother me so - it's great to look at, despite difference in color.

The structure is relatively simple, the setting also (if one has dealt before with consoles - find it but also without the knowledge of self-explanatory).
The nice thing is: the transportation is also really easy - in the event that you want to spend the weekend with friends sometimes, so a console with internal verbautem network can already work wonders.
(At this point I must say that I do not like so much in the Microsoft console)

The graphics power of PS4 is beyond doubt - that still played by me on the 360 ​​GTA 5 looks at the PS 4 simply awesome, although already was able to score the last console generation (for the technology relatively) grandiose graphic transformations.
But even better was my Far Cry 4 liked what I find the graphics almost better than GTA.
Anyway, one way or another - the graphics power of PS4 is terrific.

Let's talk about the controllers:
some reviewers write of poor processing and rapid wear - I could not see anything of it so far. On the contrary, by all the controllers that I have touched in my life, I find the current Sony controller one of the most mature (like saying "the best", but for that I would have all controllers again compare and I give myself to Here :-)).

It feels good in the hand, vibrates slightly and indicates through a light bar at the top of the controller, which player you are. Other games make the Controller even advantage. GTA, for example, can the police radio to play through a speaker used in the controller & uses the lightbar when one is wanted by the police - so the lightbar is blinking red and blue back and forth. Nothing earth-shattering, but a very great novelty.

Otherwise, I can mention the online gaming, which is really great.
Yes, now and then I have to fight with lame Internet, but I do not know if this is due to the console or my home wireless.
Even the often angekreidete, loud fans do not really bother me - yes, he can be heard, but when I play on a higher volume (or headset) games, mine is a fan, which in my view, of the volume far below the volume first XBox 360 is, care less.

I highly recommend this console fully if you're looking

- Great online gambling
- Gorgeous graphics on your TV
- Multiplayer evenings with friends with "real" games like "Fifa" or many FPS games

However, I personally see the PS4 not necessarily as a console, before I would often sit with several friends. Yes, of course, a game of Fifa is always, ultimately sets the PS4 my opinion, but more on "Online" (and "Single Player") options - even if playing with more on a console of course still offers many opportunities - I say 'only "Fifa tournament".


For completeness, I would note in this criticism that I personally sometimes very damning reviews of X-Box One & Wii U can not understand.

All three consoles have advantages - hence the choice according to personal preferences should fall.

If you want a multimedia console, you should use the X-Box One, as this offers the best of everything: great gaming, great graphics, superb multimedia features (which I realized after numerous "test nights" with friends). It is, if you will, more or less a multimedia station with very good gaming function.

If you frequently have company, with which one can sometimes gamble a round "fun", but I would (in my opinion wrongly as "children console" designated) Wii U of recommended Nintendo, which I also already with several evenings friends could examine their paces.
With games like "Mario Kart 8" and the new edition of "Super Smash Bros." can be - despite lower graphics power (if one compares it with PS4 & X-Box One) - simply gamble hours together without getting bored. Especially as the graphics of the Wii U as opposed to the previous "Wii" definitely looks much better - that the console still can not compete with the rivals PS4 and X-Box One, should be obvious.
The goal of Nintendo is, it seems to me, however, not to bring the graphics on the highest levels, but to keep the game very high.
In my view, this is definitely a success here because (especially) Nintendo's own games just always provide amusement.

In this sense:
No matter what console you take - each of which has great advantages.
In my view, the PS4 is however the best console if you (even online possibly) want to gamble only graphically great games.

-------------------------------------------------- -
Edit - 02/05/2015:

After several weeks of further experimentation, I actually make an addition to the controller:
This pleases me still good, but I feel the sticks partly as very slippery. Especially I remember that on at "Fifa" - happened to me many times before that in full sprint running toward me with a player on goal, but then had to embrace, because I due to the very "violent" to the side pushing the sticks with my thumb slipped.
In other games such as "Far Cry" or "GTA" me is the not yet happened (or at least not noticed), but with a "Date-oppressive-intensive" game like Fifa has this happened to me several times really.

Maybe I need to buy a non-slip cover for the controller - but so far it's me not "mega annoying" noticed as. Still a shame, because many (actually almost secure) gate has stayed with me thus denied that I had to embrace. A star deduction there for but not because you this problem - because if one looks at it as a problem - could counteract probably with a shell.


Edit - 02/05/2015

A tip from the comments has led me to this product - it did the same to me ordered 2 times, seems to be very useful. The comments are also top:

Get it most times - but I think I'm going to make him the future more goals in Fifa. :-)
Thanks again for the great tip!

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