Great device for entry into the Windows Tablet world!

Great device for entry into the Windows Tablet world!

Dell Venue 8 Pro 20.32 cm (8 inch) tablet PC (Intel Atom processor Z3735G, 1,83GHz, 1GB RAM, 32GB HDD, Win 8 Touchscreen) Black (Personal Computers)

Customer Review

As a power user I ordered the unit to get a taste low in the Windows world of tablets, because I already had Android and Apple devices in the past and still have.

With this device, you have to MMN but different approach to the matter, because you just put a Windows PC gets here, which one should rather compare with a laptop than a tablet.
Thus, I also like a PC or laptop handles the device.

For the initial setup I have a Bluetooth keyboard and mouse connected, have let through a BIOS update and all chipset and Windows updates, and later my Office2013 license, Chrome, Thunderbird, VLC, Winamp and Avast installed.

Then I created a bootable backup with USB OTG cable (by phone).

For tablet itself:
Clean processing, only on the back in the lower third center it creaks a little

Display & Operation
Amazingly well, for example the desktop bit tricky (for me I'll still get a 08/15 pen) - resolution more than adequate for me (for me a mystery, because most users certainly not PC monitor, let alone laptop mt have 4K, but such resolutions on tablets or smartphones challenge)

Windows 8.1:
I have automatic updates turned off, first to be able to regulate the consumption data itself and secondly, not to allow the 1GB 'huge' memory unnecessarily slow down by background activities the entire system.

I can not say anything yet, because as I said treat the unit as a PC, it will be shut down when not in use or I have any background Activities disabled (or flight mode when no Internet connection is available)

I find personally OK've inserted a 32GB micro SD card. Dropbox, for example, I have only installed as an app so that the folder to be synchronized does not take up space on the device, but is really only available online.

Irrelevant to me, since I as a passionate amateur photographer anyway Scan with other devices or video movies.

// Personal compared with Android (Nexus 7, 2013):
The Nexus is powerful, no doubt, is a different price category. However, I can use it to perform any complex tasks. For me it is a pure source of news, information gathering and maybe a few smaller games and a little social networking (facebook'm not a fanatic or the like, for example, also have diverse notifications disabled). The Windows 8.1 tablet I am bound not only to apps, I can 'work' in a full-fledged Excel (I have many Excel files with macros), which I have not yet succeeded in Android / iOS devices (precisely because of lack of VBA functionality).

// Personal compared with ASUS X205 Netbook:
From a hardware perspective felt almost identical except for the double amount of RAM. I use the X205 but with a wireless mouse and so much more pleasant way to work due to the larger display of 11.6 inches and the physical keyboard. But it is also possible on the tablet.

A good analogy would be, for example, an iPad mini, only instead of iOS with Mac OS X. This would be by the operator probably worse than Windows (know Mac OS X) on the 8-inch display.

Since I also own an ASUS X205, which has similar hardware installed, I knew in advance what I was getting myself. Knowing this (and I think that's not all buyers and expect high-end at this price), you will receive an unbeatable machine in this price range.
If one is dealing with the device (the make nowadays the least) and knows how to deal with such a system, then I can issue a strong buy recommendation.
26/03/2015 - Small Update
Property me now Freeware Touch Mouse Pointer yet installed, it generates me a pointer, so you can use the small icons good (and can easily be switched off when not in use in the system tray again).

02/04/2015 - Another update
Runs still properly - have it currently only banned, but turn in the airplane mode, therefore the battery usage is also very good. Despite various installed programs (7Zip. Avast, Adobe Reader, Chrome, Thunderbird, Total Commander, VLC, Winamp, custom Office2013 installation, no games) and all Windows updates are still free 6,25GB date. As a shell, I use the original DELL Tablet Folio Case for the Dell Venue 8 Pro 3845th

04/05/2015 - UPDATE # 3
So, now the device has also been with me very quickly discharged, but could do with the help of the Autoruns or the evil culprit - the pre-installed Dell tools that perk restart itself and sometimes get stuck and the CPU utilization in the amount drive and thus eat the battery. Have the following Autoruneinträge disabled: DBRShellExtension.DBRFileContextMenuExt, DBARFileBackuped, DBARFileNotBackuped. Then from the Task Scheduler: Dell Product Registration, Dell Product Registration Update and services DellDigitalDelivery, DellProdRegManager, DellUpdat and My Dell Client Framework - yet the CPU usage is back to normal and have after 46 hours standby 40% battery (in airplane mode ).

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