great device works very well, but unfortunately not helped us

great device works very well, but unfortunately not helped us

Philips humidifier with hygienic Nano cloud technology, HU4803 / 01 (tools)

Customer Review

Noise level:
26dB (in idle mode)
But not only in idle mode, the humidifier is relatively quiet, but also in normal mode. In addition I have you turned a small movie. In addition I have the humidifier to automatic mode is set and 50% humidity.

Special feature:
Philips Nano cloud technology
The Philips Nano cloud technology causes 99% less bacteria are disseminated than traditional ultrasound devices. For this purpose they used the hygienic and on top energy-efficient method of cold evaporation. The water does not have to be only heated, as with conventional "evaporators". By the fan of the Philips humidifier charged with humidity air is drawn through the filter chambers upwards and evenly distributed throughout the room.

Another special feature is the digital humidity sensor. It measures the humidity and lead to the apartment, as needed, to more humidity. Not so good I find, however, that the sensor may have a deviation of +/- 10%. This is in my opinion a considerable deviation span. +/- 5% I would still understand, but 10% is quite a lot. Namely, when the device then adjusts to 60%, it could be that there are in fact already 70%. I think this is quite improved.

Paid Accessories:
The large filter (HU4102 / 01) for the humidifier can buy more for 9.99 euros and the antibacterial additive (HU4112 / 01) for 5,99 Euro. Where you should replace the large filter every 3 months and the antibacterial additive once a year. For that you have to replace the filter so often large, it is not cheap. If you extrapolate the ten euros to the year, there are already 40 euros a year for a simple paper filter. In other reviews I've read that the filter was even nachgebastelt to minimize the annual additional cost.

Design of the device:
The humidifier looks very appealing, and I also have to say that it is quite large and you need therefore quite a lot of space (both in height and in width).

Before the first application:
Before first use you should clean the water tank thoroughly with hot water to remove any packaging residues.

First one uses the large filter and filled the water tank to the max with water. This one does best in the place where he is to stand still even. Of course you can fill the water directly into the container, but since the vents has, it can easily happen that the water spills over and is running out. To be on the "safe side", one so filled him dear at the designated place for him.

Once you filled it with water, you can even turn it on and select the desired mode. I have mostly used the automatic mode or hibernate mode (for the night). In the automatic mode, you can choose how high the humidity should be in the room. You can choose between 40, 50 or 60 percent here. I have always chosen the 50% in the automatic mode, which is certainly the smartest solution, if only because of the fact that the humidity is 100% can not be measured accurately (deviation of +/- 10% are possible, as already described above). So you have the certainty that the room never less than 40% and never more than 60% humidity. For me, therefore, the automatic mode is set at 50% humidity, the best solution. Sleep mode is especially at night very handy because the device is particularly low and the displays are turned off (except for the speedometer). So you have at night no disturbing light and no disturbing noises that might keep you awake. This is really a great feature that I've always used at night, of course, all the other settings would be too bright and too loud. But you can also configure everything separately, both the speed and the humidity. Even time is programmable. One can here choose between 1, 4 or 8 hours. He then switches off automatically. In addition, there is also an alert system that warns of a low water level (then a red icon appears on the display. Super is that the humidifier will even shut down if there is no water in the tank, so that the fresh air is maintained. The shutdown will be shown again on the display, so that you know why the humidifier has been turned off. The display is in my opinion really great because you can see there all important data. Even the current humidity is displayed in the blue backlit display throughout, as white you always have up to date as much humidity of the room and can adjust everything accordingly.

All equipment parts are high-quality workmanship in my opinion, which is why you can expect a high quality of the device. During my tests, the humidifier has always worked flawlessly and I could not detect any problems. The only thing I noticed, the filter that turns yellow. At first I was shocked when I then read, however, that this is quite normal, because the filter yes must intercept lime, germs and bacteria, I was reassured. You can filter so even if he has dyed yellow, soothes continue to use, as the residue in the filter being held and not be passed on to air. If necessary, you can clean the filter with vinegar, which is, however, associated with a lot of time and effort and you have to watch that you do not break the filter.

The cleaning is very simple, but you must do regularly once a week. Clean is actually only the water tank. This should be washed with hot water, as well as the filter. Who wants to be very meticulous, both of which can also be cleaned with vinegar. Since the water tank is a good size and no winding corners and edges has, he's really very easy to clean.

Since we could not help our complaints, such as sinusitis, dry nasal and breathing problems during the night (because the nose is), the humidifier, we will probably send him back again unfortunately. We could not detect any changes or improvements namely. Nevertheless, it is a really great device. It has worked flawlessly and we find really great that it spreads compared to ultrasonic humidifiers 99% less bacteria. The humidifier is therefore in no way harmful to health, even if he did not help us. Therefore, there is of me, unfortunately, only 3 out of 5 stars.

Class luggage, great quality Rank: 5/5
December 27
it would have been nice Rank: 3/5
December 20
Perfect fit, but impractical. Rank: 2/5
February 9
At the first time! Rank: 5/5
October 15
For cat toy ... Rank: 4/5
March 1

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