Great hardware, needs additional app for Android ÁáÉé at 4:04

Great hardware, needs additional app for Android ÁáÉé at 4:04

Perixx Periboard-804II DE Bluetooth keyboard (up to 10 meters range, on / off switch, Li-Ion battery, Android capable QWERTY layout) Black (Personal Computers)

Customer Review

Typing is fine really.
Pairing with Android the first use (Android 4:04 German):
- Turn on Bluetooth on the mobile phone (Settings - Bluetooth -an)
- Keyboard slide switch (bottom) to ON
(Keyboard before charging with normal Micro USB charging cable)
- Small black round button next to the keyboard-slide switch on the bottom press,
blue LED will flash in F12
- Mobile: Settings - Bluetooth - "Scan for devices"
- It seems a long string of hexadecimal numbers (ID of the keyboard)
- It appears a text "Bluetooth Keyboard"
- Top tap: it is the invitation: Enter 1234, end with the Enter key
held in 1234, a different number as are
- This figure type in this external Bluetooth keyboard, finish with Enter
Now the entry with the Bluetooth keyboard works in parallel with any active soft keyboard.

However, it may be that the keyboard layout still looks like a US keyboard, and for example äöü lead to other characters (was with me not correctable on a Galaxy Note with Android 4:04 German, regardless of which input method I chose).
The free Medion App "External keyboard" did not help.
I wanted to return the keyboard.
But it was the pay app "External Keyboard Helper Pro". Here you can select German layout, you only have under Settings - Activate the "External Keyboard Helper Pro" and "standard" select them (appear to right when you activate a warning, but this app is safe because it does not have Internet access SpracheUndEingabe and can therefore not send typed characters).
A little fine-tuning was still needed: stands above the key 2 a "as in PC, but when typing Shift-2 produces a @ So under Settings - SpracheUndEingabe - ExternalKeyboardHelperPro click on the far right, which opens the Settings of External Keyboard Helper Pro.. Here "customize button assignments" in the Advanced Settings:
- Click on the 3rd line or "Add New Tastenzurdnung" on:
Scan Code: 3
Keycode: leave inactive
Normal: 0x0032 (this is the code for the character 2)
Shift: 0x0022 (this is the code for the character ")
AltGr: 0x00b2 (which is the code for the character ²)
- Press button Save
Now it works like a PC keyboard, with very good stop.

A) The instructions apply for German Android 4:04; maybe it's slightly different in neuererem Android. , I do not have more recent cell phone.
B) Universaltip to generate random characters on the keyboard:
Under Settings - SpracheUndEingabe - ExternalKeyboardHelperPro far right click, which opens the Settings of External Keyboard Helper Pro. "Customize key bindings" - - Here in the Advanced Settings button mapping settings "Add New Tastenzurdnung"
First is to press on the external keyboard, use that cause the new characters (eg @) -
- In "Scan Code" field the code this key triggers on the phone appears.
- The character that triggers this button on your phone appears in the "Normal" field.
- Now you can change 4 items:
- In the "Normal", you can enter the code for the character you want to trigger the button on the phone (eg 0x0040 for @, 0x0080 for; the tables can be found with Google).
- In "Shift" field you can enter the code for the character you want to trigger the button while holding down the Shift key on the phone.
- And so on for the other two fields for combinations with additional buttons
- Press button Save
- Now the newly registered characters in the selected key combinations are effective when under Settings - has SpracheUndEingabe the app "External Keyboard Helper Pro" enabled and has in "standard" they selected. (Maybe go on newer versions of Android with free apps, but I have only Android 4:04.)
C) I have gotten the small foldable Perixx 805L (and the illuminated Logitech K810, a great keyboard), and has presented the Perixx 804. Can not help thus with any questions or for Perixx 804.

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