Great product, but unsuitable.

Great product, but unsuitable.

Apple iPad Wi-Fi Netbook (Personal Computers)

Customer Review

Since our iPad should fulfill a specific purpose, namely mainly surfing via WLAN at home, gave us the simplest version without cellular connection.

Thought was the device itself as an Internet starter instrument for seniors in my family. Do not leave any button use functions that easy (and seniors slightly) too much and. No teaching of mouse use, lack of keyboard no accidental Tastendruk, and wherever then nevertheless times text entries are necessary or wanted, the keypad displays and the inputting and editing works well for beginners very well - even though the absence of readily visible umlauts with smaller but verschmerzbaren hurdles.

The touch screen is a stunner, Tippser be detected accurately and wiping movements to scroll or zoom in content and function Elderly simply fantastic! In terms of handling so an incredibly good product. Praise for Apple.

Nevertheless, a big but, but that does not refer to the use by seniors, but to a general aspect of the iPad, the All subjects bothered:

It is no longer a secret that Apple refrained from making in the device, the techniques used, which are regarded as quasi-standard for the Internet. Without this technique, the use of the World Wide Web is but not without difficulty.

I myself am really not a fan of flash and actually thought well, I could easily do without Flash content. This is true for flash websites usually to well. The one or two games to pass the time, however, I find quite nice. That such games can not be called, should mainly find goofy kids family. :) Quite problematic when using the iPad is that Flash video just have a very wide spread in the network, also abound in reputable websites.

The target group in my family wants to retrieve TV programs of WDR, MDR, ZDF and Co and video contributions from local news online. This can be forgotten with the iPad. Apple refuses to implement Flash movies.

Some like Apple believe that the reasons for possible crashes are caused by faulty Flash plugin or -applications or that you want to avoid a lower battery life.

However, anyone who has technical expertise, know that an operating system can prevent a program, a plug-in or other "tasks" to paralyze the whole system or parent programs. If Apple claims they could not in their operating system, then come the a technical oath of disclosure - as if they had no idea of ​​software (what they have but they prove so for years and years).

For battery life I am also responsible. If I want to watch movies, then I take into account that for more power is needed than when loading plain text content. Equally I can also view other video formats with the iPad. Since a bit more battery life goes on it.

Prescribe the user what he can download from the Internet and what is not, I think a lot of nerve. This is how (technical) censorship. In my opinion, they are allowed only what their own Internet offerings and serves prohibits techniques which, although established, but could be seen as competitors.

And so it was that a really great product like the iPad but then not in the long term with us found its way because it does not do what it should do as Surfstation: all currently available Internet content also (!) (!) (!) represent.

If someone wants to philosophize about the great video capabilities in HTML5 that Apple pushes and preferably should be kindly used by website providers:
Since 2004 we hampelt rum with the definition of HTML5, without this new standard was adopted. In mid-2010 there was again a revised draft (!) With some of the new definitions and no one knows when, ultimately, the final version is here and can be used in web pages as a new standard. Flash videos (flv) on the other hand there is in wider use since 2002, and this is just a container flv mp4 such as for standard video formats. It is absolute nonsense for today's Internet, not to support this format. Customer-oriented approach is different.

Fortunately, I was able to play with a loaner excessively that I could use as a private. (So ​​please no comments, one must purchase a product only to rate it can. It was "mine" and I returned it because of unsuitability.) In the shop you confirmed namely that the iPad does not provide complete Internet function scope, but whether this had been accepted as a reason for a return, I do not know. Therefore, it was good, first time to have a loan.

My Conclusion:
As a product with all its possibilities and the ease of use the iPad in my opinion, deserved full 5 stars. For our purpose (and the many other users and users also) there is no other way: There remain only 2 thin star. Not represent the usual and desired by the user Internet content certainly justifies a Poor.

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