great sounds, a lot of space and easy handling

great sounds, a lot of space and easy handling

Transcend MP330 MP3 player 8GB (FM radio, USB 2.0) White (Electronics)

Customer Review

After an elderly Trekstor has become iBeat too small because only 400 files were stored, I have decided because of the overwhelmingly positive reviews for the MP330.

MP330 came out with a fully charged battery with me. Plugged in and after a few seconds the Windows installation was completed fully automatically.

My learning files for Musical Instrument (1,500) I then completely copied to the Windows Explorer to the stick. Dab4ei I have the folder structure saved as calmly as on the PC. Just clicked, copied and clicked on the stick and inserted. Took had copied a few minutes until the entire inventory.

I use a good set of headphones to listen to music files. The sound is in my opinion very good and details come across clean. The volume I could greatly reduce and still have a clear and clean sound.

Note: The buttons are more stable than a herauragender joystick, since no risk of demolition.

For durability, I can not say anything concrete, as the unit has arrived recently. I will complete my review later.

Now the operation:
side are the record button and the menu button on the top of the display and the Pause / Play button located (knüftig called PW) and + and - and fast forward and rewind.

Is switched on by pressing and holding the PW to an animated graphic comes. Then the player enters the parent mode and displays the last used function. By pressing PW leads then there. If you want to another area to continue with the fast forward or rewind button and then confirm the Funktin. Under Settings you can set your preferences.
Available Music, Radio, Record (recording) and settings are available. Under Settings there are sound adjustment, repeat, playback speed, recording setting, Contrast, screensavers lyrics, auto, shutdown, automatic power off, clock, radio frequency range, FM Reset, Language, and MTP Device Info. In sound adjustment can be set then, for example, classical or pop, or the like.

If you have deposited its settings the player is adapted to one's own ideas and needs.

The display is clear and clean and really gutlesbar. Operation is intuitive and comes after a few minutes of brisk hand. One should, however, so you need to practice a couple of times sitting the handles.

The line-in connector is covered. The USB connector is closed by a good tight fitting cap.

Off by pressing the PW key press by holding.

Navigating the Playback mode:
Because that was when Vorrezensionen presented or evaluated partly badly I want to enter into detail on:
It's simple and really easy to handle.

I have a parent folder which contains the single main folder. In some main folders I still subfolders in it where are my practice sessions.

The entire folder structure as shown above with all MP3 files from the PC 1: rüberkopiert 1.

Switch on the device by PW-keystroke (key so long hold until the animation is)
In the main mode, the first field of music is (change by fast forward / rewind)

Just now press the PW key briefly and displays the most recently played track. PW pressed and starts playback.

Navigate within the folder:
If one wants somewhere else navigate, simply press and hold the Menu button on the side. It's a menu with directory navigation and playlist.
I'm going to list Navigation (with + and - keys) and confirm by pressing the PW key.
By briefly pressing rewind leads to the layer above it to the root directory (Root) where you can also get to the folder created by the system.

So with menu and fast reverse, I can navigate easily and am Ruck-Zuck in the folder where I wants to go.

The reproduced pieces I choose then with the fast forward button. Am I not on the list but navigation in a folder in there, I can continue to move fast forward or rewind key.

Loud and soft then comes easily at this with the plus and minus keys.

I have the operation of the player trying out for a few minutes and one or two short look in the enclosed instructions so far under control that I distributed in a few seconds of my ca 1,500 pieces I choose to approximately 10 main folder with partial 3-4 subfolders the piece I want to play. Then enfach press the PW and ready.

The player then plays off from this point. Bit by bit.

Etc. Shuffle I have now discovered - is adjustable in the settings - see below.

Conclusion: very good sound, easy to use, stable and solid overall impression and very easy handling when navigating in their own folders. These ample storage. These were the basis for my review.

Radio: I briefly reingeschaut times. Available straight away within residential buildings several stations with good reception. So also the radio part seems to work well and easily. Further tests I have not done, because it is irrelevant for me.

The two earphones left a bad impression in an attempt. However, I work generally with a good set of headphones from Sony of an excellent sound quality even for hearing mE much better than the small earbuds. An evaluation of earphones I admit therefore not from.

Included is an audio cable, a clip (seems to be stable to me - and also stops), wrist / neck strap and an instruction manual and a warranty description.

The guarantee requires registration of the device at Transcend. However, this is done in a few seconds. The required serial number is on the package (S / N) is, however, also printed on the player.

Because of other reviews here again a few important things in my opinion:

Great shuffle function available. I can select - Normal = one song is played. I can repeat a track, all tracks, random playback, repeat normal (not tried - what that is) and directory-repeat and random playback in the directory (folder). The attitude one takes before under Settings.

Operating Instructions:
Attached is a Quick Start Guide, which is in my opinion quite sufficient. A more detailed (in which only little more is) can be downloaded and printed. I have charged me the same and printed about 5 pages. Otherwise, the Quick Start Guide are enough ago.

Power-on problems:
No Power: press but the playback button until the graphic animation terms. which lasts about 5-6 seconds. Simple press brief is not enough. Me is a protection against accidental activation by a pressure in the pocket. Ifs then still is, replace the unit. I also thought I would have a defective unit, but then found that it takes just over 5 seconds, then the player is there.

Automatic shutdown:
This can be adjusted in the settings. In fact
Auto-shutdown = Sleep mode: minutes (continuous operation), 15, 30 or 60 and
automatic shutdown (ME unit off) Off (continuous operation), 15,30 or 60 minutes.
Unfortunately, the full user guide of the difference between the two is not described further. ME is the sleep mode (Sleep Timer) no complete shutdown and the device is ready for use again more quickly, but is expected to consume some power while automatically turn the unit off completely switch off likely. Because you just have to try. I do not need this function, because I specifically hear and then power down. If I will occasionally try it yet, I'm going to add a response.

You should download the detailed operating instructions and time to work through everything on the device. Here a whole trees lights go on, what's going and not going. Please do not misunderstand - to just say that you can do or not do in the Settings amazing things - so that you can adjust its players optimally for themselves.

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