Great to watch and record television, weaknesses in wireless, instructions and Stations

Great to watch and record television, weaknesses in wireless, instructions and Stations

Samsung UE46ES5700 117 cm (46 inch) TV (Full HD, Triple Tuner) (Electronics)

Customer Review

Purchase and price

The UE46ES5700 bought at Amazon beginning in December 2012. In addition, the WIS12ABGNX / XEC WiFi Dongle was acquired. Although there seems to be the dongle cheaper alternatives, the choice fell on the recommended Samsung device in order to avoid potential problems. Overall, it was saved with this package against the UE46ES5800. According to the Internet but this guy is supplied (except the stand) identical to the UE46ES5700, is with the wireless dongle.
Two days after the order was made the delivery and it could go.


After unpacking the pedestal using the enclosed 8 Phillips screws was fixed quickly. At the foot can also be supplied cable holder are glued. The rigid antenna cable keeps the adhesive film was not. The holder fell off. Then, the holder was stuck again, but no longer carried out the aerial cable. After plugging in the power cord and antenna cable the device was turned on. It came forward with short setup program, under which also launched the channel scan. Here it is useful to reduce the choice of "All Programs" on "Free Programs". Despite the restriction on the Astra satellite a few hundred programs come together. How is this amount Lord, is described "Channel List" section.

Picture and sound

If you had previously used an old 70 cm-tube TV, the transition has been overwhelming! Picture and sound are simply perceived as fabulous. No need to change anything to the factory settings. On the Internet, there are reports that tell of a reddish tint, which can not be confirmed. Found on the internet statements about problems with the channel list, however, proved to be correct. More on this in the next section.

Channel list

The large number of radio and television programs that are broadcast by satellite, lead to a rather long and complex channel list. Much has double and triple it. This would be reduced to the relevant channels. In this specific case, these are 71 stations that share approximately fifty-fifty in TV and radio.
In the printed manual, the content of which does not extend beyond the initial setup, no information about the change in the channel order, delete channels or to create favorite lists could be found. In e-Guide of the TV, there is a procedure is explained, however, that seemed on the device to be quite cumbersome. But on the internet there is evidence of a channel list editor of Samsung. This could not be found on the Samsung site. Then the SamsChannelEditor V0.10 was used. First, a USB flash drive is plugged into the TV and the channel list exported (Menu> Channel> Kanalliste-> PIN code "0000" -> Export). After about an hour on the PC the extra channels were deleted with the SamsChannelEditor and the rest sorted down to the desired channel numbers. The transfer from the USB stick to the TV will require a reboot of the TV. Then the big surprise: it lacked Programs!
So was once again taken to the search for the original editor of Samsung, which was discovered in Version 1.09. After a new channel search, and export again another hour sorting was again a channel list prepared on the stick to Import on TV. It turned out that had already crept deleted channels back into the sorted and adjusted channel list. And at the end of the list the extra (actually deleted) channels were still available. The problem lies in the Samsung Channel List Editor. If one reads the channel list generated with the Samsung channel list editor after saving back into the program, the deleted programs are available again. Since the deletion had worked with the SamsChannelEditor, the export in the TV but not a combination of both programs offered. Here's how it worked:
1. Search Channels on TV
2. Export the channel list
3. Edit the channel list (incl. Definition of 5 favorites lists) with SamsChannelEditor
4. Reading the channel list from the SamsChannelEditor in the original editor of Samsung
5. Write out the channel list from the original editor of Samsung
6. Import the channel list on TV
Now that the channels were set up, and so the normal television viewing was possible, the advanced TV viewing could be facing. How do you take on the PVR or use timeshifting? How to use the network functions?

Memory Stick vs. Hard drive

First, a storage medium is required, which is plugged into one of the two USB 2.0 ports. The Samsung Service told on request the following requirements on a USB stick with:
"The USB flash drive must meet the following requirements in order to ensure a smooth operation of the memory to your TV:
- A write speed of at least 34 Mbit / s.
- A read speed of 20 Mbit / s.
- The storage medium must have a minimum capacity of 2GB and USB Hi-speed to be certified.
- Any statement relating to USB 2.0 "
On the Internet there are long discussions on this topic. User reports there of successes with these models: Kingston DataTraveler R500 64GB OCZ ATV 8GB, Transcend Sticks (Ultra Speed), PICO-C 16GB, 32GB Ultra Speed ​​USB. A test with an existing household 8GB Sharkoon USB stick found after formatting an error message that the device is too slow. Also playing on TV a captured with a digital camera videos of this stick was choppy and unacceptable.
In addition, a flash drive is good probably only for time-shift, but not for recording whole movies, if we are to believe the statement to memory requirement, which was found on the web. In a forum it was said that 10h HD recording correspond approximately to 140 GB.
In e-Guide (also available for download at Samsung) of the TV, under the heading "Before using the Timeshift and recording function ...":
"We recommend using a USB hard drive with at least 5400 U / min. A USB HDD of RAID type is not supported.
A USB memory stick is not compatible. "
Therefore, a hard drive was purchased ("1TB hard drive Toshiba Store.E partner 2,5er USB 3.0"). To hide the hard drive visually, she was put in a small bag with handle and this is appended to the TV back at the antenna port.
A first recording succeeded testing purposes. Also playing worked. The 15-minute recording required a good 500 MB of disk space.
For time-shifted TV just press the pause button on the remote control.

Yesterday, the TV did not detect any more files on the hard drive after the stop button was pressed while playing a recording. Then he recognized no more hard drive. After restarting the TV reported a problem with the hard drive and asked if he should fix it. When that was confirmed with "Yes", came after a while shows the message that the repair had failed and the hard drive must be reformatted, but this would erase all data. After an internet search on the subject, I then agreed to the format and the consequent loss of all recordings.
It should be noted that the hard drive from the very beginning was continuously connected to the TV and was used for nothing else.

During time shift viewing it happens every now and then, the picture and sound asynchronously. You can see the time-shift image, but listen to sound, which is already one of the later scenes. With luck, the effect can be carried a little way u. Herspulen eliminate.

WLAN stick

The WLAN stick is plugged into the second USB port and enter the wireless password. After that, the use of network features was possible. Although the device is not listed with max cathedrals as compatible Samsung device, can be found at Samsung Apps "a max cathedral App. Viewing a film succeeded in it, but the movie paused temporarily while recharging. These effects occur during movie watching on max cathedrals am PC not on the same WLAN. In general, the whole network applications are perceived as slow.
On the Internet there are reports that the TV forgets the wireless password when it is turned off.

This can now be confirmed. Sometimes the access works without problems, sometimes you have the password to be entered again (what a fair procedure with the remote control). Meanwhile comes despite repeated entering the password into existence no more connection.
(Wi-Fi access all other PC's, tablets and mobile phones works directly without any problems next to the TV. Video streaming of max cathedrals runs on PC clean and smooth over Wi-Fi.)
Wireless internet is available in this Samsung TV become an annoyance and planned the transition to Devolo powerline connector. (Reduction of the rating of 4 to 3 stars.)

The "Devolo dLAN 500 AVplus Starter Kit with 2x HomePlug AV adapter" was delivered today. After unpacking and plugging (more really is not necessary) makes video on demand now a lot of fun. No bucking the movies more. The max cathedral speed test yielded 7 Mbit / s at a 6000 kbit / s DSL connection.
The wireless dongle is declining.

The Remote Control

There are several ways, using the remote control, on and achieve the same feature. It seems remarkable that keystrokes on the remote control are relatively frequently not detected by the TV. The keys have a unusually long stroke. Perhaps it is because the keys have been pressed not deep enough in these cases.

The remote control of the TV via smartphone or tablet app works well, but has no advantage over the supplied remote. Wanted will be an opportunity to use the tablet as a keyboard for the TV.


The connectivity of smartphones over DLNA works to install without "AllSharePlay". Ever everything here could be used above, without imagining create a Samsung account. Den you need probably only if you want to use such apps like "Fitness" or "Children".
The transmission via DLNA is so slow that you can not see as everyday solution it over WiFi. Here you will probably want to infect more of a cable.


Access to the media centers work (in existing network connection, see "Wi-Fi") wonderfully. To do this in the menu point "data services" enabled. After that, the access to HbbTV services via the red "A" is possible on the remote control.


In sum, it is a great device to watch and record television, once it is established. Former auxiliary equipment such as video recorders and hard disk satellite receiver can be omitted. The number of remote controls is thus reduced in a pleasant way.
Point deduction is available for the complicated configuration, the unusable wireless internet access and the meager guidance from Samsung.

Super fast in RaspberryPi Rank: 5/5
September 2
Results after 10 days test Rank: 3/5
November 19
backpack spiderman Rank: 2/5
April 6
useful 185 Rank: 4/5
January 8

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