Ground journalism that makes you want to travel!

Ground journalism that makes you want to travel!

The Ruby Valley (Paperback)

Customer Review

Forced to read "The Lion of Kessel" child, I had kept a souvenir not necessarily extraordinary, which kept me away from this author for many, many years. It was only much later that, not wishing to stay on that impression, I retried chance. And I quickly regretted having abandoned ... as long as these writings !! The simple style of journalistic narratives and diversity have captivated me, and shed new light on a period when the field of journalism has sour taste of danger and allure of travel in precarious conditions. Every relationship Kessel revolves around a particular topic: the Valley of Rubies is the story of his stay in Myanmar as he accompanied a friend to bring out prospecting rubies.

Burma at the time, still not closed, yet secret, offers the opportunity to describe the excitement prevailing on the ruby ​​mining sites. Local legends of those who have made a fortune, whether real or not, are confused mythology strong figures, banditry and risk-taking of those who tried their luck without assurance of success.
Yet always, in the background, the kindness of the Burmese people and her modesty, but also the will to keep to ourselves certain sensitive information make the delicate atmosphere, and continuously suggests that the curtain can fall at any time and violence resurface on a true trivial.

Journalism Kessel is realistic, and loves to travel far from busy roads, it is a call to take his bag, a train or a local bus, from and revisit those places he himself traveled. Highly recommended.

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