Has errors, but corrected

Has errors, but corrected

EasyAcc® gaming keyboard Robust metal base USB Gaming Keyboard with 3-color LED lighting, supports switching between WSAD and arrows, 3 brightness levels 3 keystroke speeds, German keyboard layout (Electronics)

Customer Review

I do not know what to write. The other positive reviews here have already mention everything.
For this price, this is an ingenious keyboard and feels high quality to. Cleaning is by such a construction is extremely simple and I could see with my keyboard shortcuts, no ghosting.
The keys go wonderfully, she is quiet and that it has no mounting feet can be neglected, and I say this as someone else keyboards always prepares.
The lighting goes out after some time, which is a bit annoying when you're sitting in the dark. But such situations will keep well within limits. For this, the lighting goes out even in standby, which in some other keyboards is not the case.
I also feel that I very much flawless writing with her than with previous keyboards. Perhaps due to their low-profile keys?

The only drawback to the key illumination: With blue lighting the keys in some room lights are difficult to recognize when one leans back in the chair. This pasiert also unhappy with sunlight. Even with red and purple that is difficult. But more bearable.

I was a long time to spend looking for a simple illuminated keyboard with normal high key, but did not want 80 euros and more for Mechanical, which have cost only 20 DM 20 years ago. But I have hardly found offers. But this keyboard fills exactly this gap in the market. And as I said, the design may not look nice for some, but I think it's great and it's incredibly practical!

Update: I take it from one star, because I realized that automatically deactivating lighting is very annoying and even worse is the poor illumination of shallow angles and at room lighting or a day. Since then I meet often the wrong key, because it is not clearly understood.

Update end Nov. 2014:
The Delete key is sometimes not correct. Either they no longer assumes normal attacks or makes them sometimes even twice. The manufacturer has offered me but immediately on its own exchange, but since no are available at the moment, gave me a small repayment instead, and I'll instead go times with contact spray or something on it. So a great service deserves praise.
I also hope that the reason for the lack of availability, is that they will be revised. Since then I am even willing to buy a new version.

Update Feb. 2015:
The keyboard is spinning now complete. Some buttons will no longer sporadically, but not so well as what is wrong constantly and randomly with the electronics. They also sometimes separates itself from the computer and then go no longer, or only after you remove the plug and plugging back for a while. In addition some keys remain then electronically seemingly hang and repeated all the time, and reacts even to strong not knock. The keyboard is unusable so and has now landed in the trash. Apparently you have the min. 80 euros for a mechanical "gaming" keyboard output, so you can get something decent ...

UV protection Rank: 5/5
August 26
Although price is right .... Rank: 1/5
December 11
good game 34 1 Rank: 5/5
December 30
very well in January 2503 Rank: 5/5
January 14

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