Has potential, but very disappointing

Has potential, but very disappointing

Nokia N85 (UMTS, A-GPS, 3 months DACH Vision camera with 5 MP) Smartphone (Electronics)

Customer Review

I have the phone now for over a year and again ego'd not buy me.
Actually ego wanted to replace already lääängst but'm just too inconsistent.

But now I stand on the verge of saying goodbye it and thought I verfass
gonna be a review, so that potential buyers are warned (better now after
maximalst possible test time write a review as soon after unpacking
the mobile phone).

So I would say that is not a phone with MP3 and camera function, but a
Mp3 player (or digital camera) with phone function. Because the camera (and also the
Display) are really excellent [a mobile], and the music does not come
too short, the quality can can "hear".
But the phone itself is very disappointed. And mainly stirred disappointment
from the instability of the system here! This really annoys me most about the
Phone! I can not fiddle with it unmolested without careful that
I do not have the same Laste the system. The next crash lurks already
behind the next keystroke. The crashes come really often, and also quite
violently, every now and then helps only a manual restart by battery rausnehmen, mostly
manifests a crash but eh restart.

And these crashes are both unpredictable sporadic nature, and after
certain patterns: The MP3 player is very sensitive, transferred to fast song changes
call the device. Likewise, the Internet, every other side decides the
Telephone for it, but not to load the page and throw one to the "Desktop".
Oh, and very annoying: So a cell phone wants every 3-4 days to the power grid, and most
is then at bedtime. When his cell phone but used as an alarm clock and so
a swivel Rauf stayer is how I and dozens staggered alarms adjusts to several
to be awakened several times, you have a problem! Phone on Battery Charger + Multiple wake
times = Guaranteed crash! And then the phone gets a little more and you
sleeps through the "ideally".

Well enough to crash. There are even more problems.
Caveat: one of the two speakers is down with me for a few weeks.
Possibly self-inflicted and not relevant here, but was mentioned times.
Above, I have the camera praised the quality is also good, but the video function
is not entirely correct. It can result in permanent hook the video; sometimes
turns out later that except clay garkein picture was taken. The Photo
function, however, was and is ever perfectly.
Processing worketh all in all, very good and noble. The device is pretty hard
and it knartscht and nothing wobbles, the Slider is absolutely fine with me.
Only a design flaw has the phone in terms of processing (you can also
read other reviews): The black plastic cover of the control buttons
below the display is only glued in such a way that they simply off after a while

The mobile phone is not meant for browsing, or in addition to all touch phones
a la iPhone könnts not advertise to be an Internet phone, but it has indeed
Wi-Fi and one might expect, the least you can do small things with it.
Aside from the crash and the fact that the phone is not for surfing
is intended, one can also do little things with it on the Internet.
Just not in the university. And here we would have the next problem: After I
so now have a mobile phone, what WLAN capable, I want at least my right to the
Internet in the University of use, and so pure. Can one forget, at least if you
so for example in a university wants to the network which has the eduroam program. Since then haperts
on a simple authentication certificate called "EAP-PAP", to its institutions
Nokia device seems to be easy to incompetent well.
I have a web-enabled mobile phone expensive, and it can therefore not in the university into
Internet. Hmph ...

So with all this nagging could one now only interested in one thing:
Taugt the unit since at least the phone calls? Äähm, joaaa ... AAAAB: Hardly any
Call is set up directly at the first time. Whenever I called someone calls,
it, anyway calls the first time "connection error" or something
the device at the first time to almost never. So I initially clicked a call,
out the device to the ear and only quite a while later realized that I garnicht
calls. This I have it now made it a habit, when calling
always make a first failed call, and then only at the second right call
putting the handset to your ear. =) A behavioral quirk that I probably no longer so
quickly get rid =)

Summary and Conclusion:
Very good hardware with weaknesses ... Besssccchhhhhi * sene software ..
Actually has potential, but looks as if it were prior to the publication does not
been tested.

I can not think of anything else to degrees. I also do not know if only I this whole
Had problems, does not matter. I guess just on this mobile.
It has put me off for the future total before the brand Nokia, and what Symbian
Concerning: Never again.
I got it real for far too long, but that I so often smack against the wall
wanted. I just had better things to do than to worry about cell phones.
But soon I am the thing going finally.

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