Healthier lives and lose weight the easy way!  But not completed!

Healthier lives and lose weight the easy way! But not completed!

Jawbone Bluetooth UP24 Activity / Sleep Tracker Bracelet (Size L) black for Apple iOS and Android (Accessories)

Customer Review

Since 2.5 months I've now spent part of the arm and probably more than 10 times per day on the app.
It's time for a review!

Why did I buy it?
I have been 1.1. become quite lazy. And so are 5kg to come ragged. I did not mean.
Then a friend showed me his Jawbone. That same evening I then also bought one.

Has brought what?
Yes! The 5kg are back down - all controlled and aware.
And I will go even further. I've learned a lot! That's me much value!

That pleases me here UP24 on Jawbone:

1. Sleep Guardian:
How much deep sleep I have?
How much do I need to start I'm fine?
What can I do so that my deep sleep proportion is higher?
Everything I've at least approximately figured out.
And I look forward to more insights and better sleep.
Veeeery good!

2. Nutrition Guardian
Targeted, monitored weight loss along with nutritional advice!
, Viiieeel learned 5kg in about 2 months down on real food and desire to make it further.
Class! But I was always honest about the app and very disciplined.

3. movement Guardian
Yes, if you're lazy, then you should get smeared on bread, too.
And be motivated at the same time to take action - it does not have to be the same sport.
Every step counts. I have again found something back into the active region.
Thanks a lot for this!
I want more again!

4. doze alarm
The vibration alarm wakes me up in my sleep phase addition on (except in emergencies from the deep sleep phase).
1-2 times growl, and I'm awake! Zack, like a lightweight out of bed! Since my wife looks ever stupid from the laundry! Class! I find very good.

This one I do not like:

1. Pedometer
The Jawbone counts steps. This works well as long as one is walking or running. This works poorly when moving the arms and thereby makes no or little steps. Such as when playing drums, cycling, motorcycling, table tennis, etc. - Ok, you can tell the app that you had a particular activity in a particular time slot. But that does not affect the calculated number of steps. Worse, the registered activity is expected in calorie consumption on top (add!). So is a 5 minute long, cozy drum solo to a 6km run and several hundred calories to the daily overview.
Real stupid solved! Here that would go otherwise!
Remedies: Remember to store the Jawbone before the activity (and this is called a health bracelet, tststs).

2. Enter diet
The way how to enter the diet, is visually really solved beautiful (like the rest of the app). But it is extremely inconvenient and time-consuming. In addition, the app really knows little of the many available foods and brands. And the worst: I can too rarely adjust the amount of food accurately. For example, I eat every morning a well-known nut Nougal cream on gluten free toast. 5g butter, 15g Cream, 1 slice of toast. It does not work. I have to select "portions". However, it is nowhere, how many grams is a serving. Extremely annoying. - So am I "emigrated" to MyFitnessPal. Here I enter my diet, from here it is passed the Jawbone app (automatic sync). A stupid workaround, but better than the direct solution.

3. Only Bracelet Version
A pity, I find that I can not change the format of the Jawbone. The Withings can be used as pocket-chip, or as a belt clip. The Up24 must be on the arm. For the pocket he is too bulky, in other bags I forget too often. Then the applications ...
On the arm there is unfortunately always visible. Not everyone likes the employer, and acquaintances often first steps as a "water vein-douser" or other Astralkram and think its part. (But I have thus already other Jawboner met)
Why is not the thing actually as leg ring? (Keyword "steps include")
Or trailer?
I'd like the flexible!

4. not waterproof / robustness
I sweat every now and then during sports or cycling. (Nanu!) Then the thing is wet. Then you have it off? Nottrocknung? Wrap Vorm sports? Agree?
Then I do not understand how it can be dam fitness bracelet.
In addition, in the description, that you should not bend it.
When taking off and putting it but I have to bend all already.
Is that enough already to kill it?
Well, now to 2.5 months it still looks like new.
It seems to be quite robust, at least in terms of appearance.
But the feeling of having to save it, I do not like.


Buy recommendation!
It has given me a lot of good, which I can not do without.
But it is not perfect!

The following features I want:

1. Sync on demand
Only when I request it Bluetooth.
This saves battery, radiation and resources of my smartphone.

2. integrate alarms from Outlook
Thus, it wakes me when I need a date!
How cool would that be !!!

3. More intelligent motion analysis
Include steps is a good start, I hope it's more.

finally sound Rank: 5/5
May 29
Full step 1 Rank: 3/5
January 3
Okay January 1353 Rank: 4/5
July 17
good value prices in 1175 Rank: 3/5
September 30
Convenient and friendly 3 Rank: 5/5
March 1

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