Help in the fight against mold stains.

Help in the fight against mold stains.

TFA Dostmann digital thermo-hygrometer Moxx 30.5026.01 (Misc.)

Customer Review

We bought the Moxx thermo-hygrometer, because have been formed for some time in our bedroom mold stains on the wall. We were recommended to measure the temperature and humidity. We then found that the humidity is much too high and the temperature is too low. She was 75% and winter temperature of 15 degrees. Now we ventilate until about 40% is displayed and after closing it settles down then at about 50-55. In addition, we heat in addition to about 18 degrees. Now the climate for humans is much better and also the mold stains no longer come back to a special cleaning.

The Moxx helped us very here. From above the display can be read bad, that's why we put it without the little stand on the bedside table. Held in the hand shows it instantly to other values. One should therefore only times leave for a few minutes, then it shows the correct values ​​(compared to another device). For a few euros, we not only keep track of temperature and humidity, and our well-being has improved significantly. For 5 star.

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