Historically well-researched and entertaining

Historically well-researched and entertaining

The Kingmaker's Daughter (Cousins' War) (Hardcover)

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The main character and narrator of this biographical novel is Anne Neville (1456 - 1485), the younger daughter of the infamous "Kingmaker" Richard Earl of Warwick. Warwick has initially supported the house York against the incumbent, feeble-minded King Henry VI of the House of Lancaster and made Edward IV king. Through its secret marriage with the socially unacceptable Elizabeth Woodville and subsequent interagency and money distribution to the large Woodville family angry, Warwick changed sides and supported Marguerite d'Anjou that the deposed King Henry VI wife in an effort to her son Prince Edward to to help crown. His daughter Anne is married to Prince Edward of the House of Lancaster, his elder daughter Isabel is against the disloyal brother of York King, George Duke of Clarence, married. So hopes of power-hungry kingmaker, to be able to realize his lifelong dream to see a grandson of one of his daughters on the throne once (s).
Anne is a helpless pawn of her father. Through his scheming machinations she is married against her will at Lancaster heirs, making them the implacable hostility of Queen Elizabeth Woodville incurs. Her sister Isabel is so that it comes through her marriage in the other camp between the sisters for a long time to serious conflicts. After the death of her father and her young husband Anne is fortunate Richard Duke of Gloucester, III to marry the youngest and most loyal brother Edward IV, later to become King Richard. Although they lead a harmonious marriage, their lives will be permanently overshadowed by the fear of Elizabeth Woodville and their power-hungry big family ...

Personal Assessment
"The Kingmaker's Daughter" is very well researched and keeps the storyline closely follows the historically authentic facts. The characterization of the characters, in particular the "notorious" Richard III is balanced. Richard is here not without criticism as the nephew murderer presents, as the Shakespeare has represented him during the Tudor propaganda. Rather, it is apparent that Richard to protect his family and the House of York has to take certain measures. The fate of two jailed in Tower Prince ultimately remains unresolved, the reader will be presented various possible versions. Compared with the book about Elizabeth Woodville (The White Queen) you will not be confronted in this novel with the "supernatural", the origin of Woodville Women of the mermaid Melusine. Here Elizabeth and her mother Jacquetta are indeed suspected of sorcery, but this is in the mentioned period nothing unusual.
The writing style has promised me and you can empathize into the life of Anne Neville and understand their actions. The plot of the novel covers from 1465, as Anne attends as an eight year-old girl of the coronation of Elizabeth Woodville, until Anne's death in the spring of 1485. The death of Richard III is no longer described, the end of the novel is, however, already views of the other events that are brought to a conclusion in the book about Elizabeth of York (The White Princess).
The book also is a family tree of Neville, a map of England (1465), an afterword by the author and an extensive bibliography. It is individually readable and understandable, but offers as part of a complete series with an even better overview of the Wars of the Roses, as the reader can follow the events from different perspectives.

For those interested in the topic Rosenkriege offers "The Kingmaker's Daughter" captivating entertainment. As the quality of the German translation will be, is beyond my knowledge.

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