Hopefully not the last album ...

Hopefully not the last album ...

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I'm doctors fan since I dispose the the ability to listen to music. At that time, albums like "Planet Punk" and "Le hairstyle" currently ... However, I tend to go to the old songs on the Best Of album "The Best of shortly after earlier to jetze" it was indeed. Right off we went at me with the album "13". Since I'm an absolute fan of doctors, so I see the more recent albums again and again with the aforementioned album.

The new album I "and" at one of the first days after release can hold in your hands, because it is in our family tradition, the discs to buy as soon as possible. ;) After the single "zeiDverschwÄndung" I was actually quite disappointed and had hoped the album would be better. After the rather poorer album "Jazz is different," wwelches the top album followed "sound", I have with "well" again expects a top album ... Here it was not the case.

Clear - the Album Design is once again the hammer, the three who's really on it! After that time the first cardboard cover, the Puschelalbum and the pizza box jetz a shabby travel game. xD
Now back to the music.
Yes, what do you say? The songs are all quite nice, but "nice", perhaps somewhere already back to. They all sound only "funny", where are the profound texts where this is typically atmospheric-punky doctors sound? Even ballads you look on this disc in vain ... On the album "13", for example, there were pieces with really good lyrics, such as "rebel" or just the emotional ballad "1/2 Love Song", "never said" and "Love and pain ", at the same time there was fast punky pieces (sometimes with nonsense texts) such as" Friends "," No more war, no more Las Vegas! " and "gray". And just as the songs are completely absent here. On "and" there is only nonsense songs, the lyrics deal with problems with the television on bed, superhero, Tamagotchi, or whether it is a waste of time to listen to the doctors. And these are all sung in this pseudo-comic-style ... somehow I'm missing on this album just what.

I think the album still okay, I like it probably a little better than "Jazz is different", even if none of the songs on "well" to "boy" approach comes. Rods "Tamagotchi" I find quite cultish, it has a nice melody and a funny text, which recalls his own childhood; as I find Farina "TCR", "Is this still punk rock?" and "Cpt. Metal" very cool. Bela was able to so far convince really with no track, although I his songs on previous albums always very good place (for example, "Love and Pain", "You're not my friend," "The Count", "ignorance", "Quiet tackle "," Hair Today, Gone Tomorrow ").
I checked a couple of B-sides of singles from the past decades recently, songs like "Rod Army", "You're not my friend", "Wonderful World of Farin U." or the hidden track on 13 "Lady" have very appealing to me, and this I find music much "melodious" as the entire new album. We also recommend the album "At the end of the Sun" by Farin Urlaub.

I just hope this was not the last album by the doctors. This is now the 12th studio album, a 13th studio album, musically and elaborate of the lyrics ago when entgültiger conclusion I found very charming. ;)

3 stars from me. Who does not know the album has not really missed something. Everyone needs to know yourself. :)


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