How to raise his mind with his feet.

How to raise his mind with his feet.

Writers hikers (Paperback)

Customer Review

The songs are well chosen, each author and each extract are placed in context with a brief introduction.
If he had to name advantage, the compiler would never have stayed in the bar thousand pages.
Already it is written small!
The authors cited come from very diverse backgrounds and ages, but all agree we think although walking.
Beyond the benefits of exercise, you never get bored walking, ideas become biblical clarity and simplicity.
It departs every step of everyday troubles, worries become more mundane: a stone in a shoe, find water, shelter from the rain, to eat, a place to sleep ... real problems that always manages to solve with always the same pleasure.
There the landscape changes constantly, around the corner, the passing of a cloud, there is the joy of walking that makes curious and benevolent; we do not hesitate to greet the marchers met to engage in conversation, exchanging good places and the good addresses.
This big book challenges us all that in mind and makes us share the joys and sorrows of some of those who came before us, but not all.
The men walk since they stand and it is with humility that puts them in the footsteps of those countless, who walked and walk again.
So walk, walk ... not forgetting to remove this branch or this stone for those who follow us.

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