Hulk Smash Lego DC ...

Hulk Smash Lego DC ...

Lego Marvel Super Heroes - [PlayStation 3] (Video Game)

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... The way they do it should be, because what Lego and Marvel have in common here is a spectacular and extremely funny adventure full of ideas.

Not that I Lego Batman 2 was so bad on the contrary, only I like this dark Gotham just not really. I mean, there are in the city actually sunshine? Because you can rotate through every now and then sometimes.

Not like here, because in Marvel Super Heroes all is bright, colorful, loving and most of all funny. In addition to the main story, plenty of side missions, race, puzzles and of course the most famous places of the Marvel universe waiting to be discovered.

Galactus is hungry, and munches up again across the universe. But after countless worlds, he can still feel an emptiness in his stomach, so he orders his servants the Silver Surfer to search for planets that satisfy his hunger.

Finally, the surfer finds a very tasty world called Earth but the inhabitants of the earth, of course, do not want to be eaten and so to heroes and villains oppose the surfer with his surfboard shatters into several items that are now desperately sought by all. Together or, one should say to each other now all trying to save the earth from destruction, or to conquer whichever comes first.

Graphic 5 of 5
Yes ok, you can not compare blockbuster, but it does not have to, because that has Lego Marvel not necessary here. The figures and the environment shine on remarkable way, the complex offers a fun diversion in addition to the "dark" games.

Sound 4 of 5
Here might well have been more. The music is very good and suitable to the venue but players of Batman 2 will possibly still can remember that at the moment when you fly with Superman, his famous theme song is played. Why not here? Something like that I would have wished with love for Lego Marvel. If you walk through the city with Wolverine would hear the theme song of the X-Men animated series in the background. It would probably be just too epic, if you with Spider-Man swings through the area while running in the background of the classic Spider-Man, Spider-Man .... Does whatever a spider can.

The City 5 of 5
Oh yes, the city ... I love the city in Lego Marvel. There are hundreds of different ways you can do here. Meanwhile, I have stopped the story to play and just walk through the city and look around me at the sights. Everywhere small Lego people walk around the everyday occupations pursue as policeman, fireman, bakers, mechanics, reporters, construction workers, etc. Every now and then you can even interact with them and accept various missions. Do not feel like walking? This too is not a problem because it take so enough cars around. Ranging from small cars to large truck can drive as good as all that fly and swim What could be. But most of all I fly up to the SHIELD helicopter hovering above the city just to get back runterzuspringen from up there. ^^ Either you can enjoy the free fall or opens the parachute and to smoothly slide to the ground.

The controller 4 of 5
There is clearly a point deduction for the control when flying is sometimes a bit annoying because you just do not get the curve or suddenly falls down if you're too close to the ground. This can be the whole flight races to be something hairy because the set on time. Otherwise, not much has changed. Basically it's the same control as with Batman. 2

Lego Marvel has a huge game world, with lots of puzzles and hundeten different ways which leave a heart beat more highly. There's so much love in the details that you do not want to get out of the city prefer.

But the huge cast of characters (over 100) with different abilities, movements and charisma has something for everyone.

Who here just through the area running around as soon as it comes to get the platinum trophy, did not understand where it. In a game is really going namely the game and you get plenty here So drive by car, flying over the building or go walking in the park for you to talk to the other Lego figures.

Lego Marvel's super.

When the bad guys are out, all you have to do is shout, now Who's gonna HERO UP?
Well They may not get along, but they 're always fighting strong, now Who's gonna HERO UP?
Who'll save the day? The Super Hero Squad. They'll hero up, again.
Super Hero Squad HERO UP! Super Hero Squad HERO UP!

Wolverine and Hulk are fierce.
Doctor Doom is up in tears.
When Iron Man joins the fight.
Falcon burst in from the sky.
Silver Surfer by his side.
Thor's Hammer has Thunder's might.

Who'll save the day? The Super Hero Squad.
They'll hero up, again.
Super Hero Squad HERO UP!
Super Hero Squad HERO UP!
Super Hero Squad HERO UP!

How about the near future with a Lego One Piece)?

offensive odor Rank: 3/5
January 28
Perfect. January 2149 Rank: 5/5
November 30
Good product 1489 Rank: 4/5
November 11
Perfect 1 6508 Rank: 5/5
June 29
high ceilings: unusable Rank: 1/5
November 19

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