I like!  304

I like! 304

EISENBERG Care Excellence Enhancer, 30 ml (Personal Care)

Customer Review

Beautiful packaging. You receive your concealer carefully in a small transparent bag zipped with golden buckle. It is elegantly packaged as a gift that remains is to open.
I love the design. The focus is on the sober gray / silver.
The concealer is distributed by a small pump which distilled as the dose needed for dark circles.
Totally odorless! I appreciate very much because there is no risk of conflict with the day cream or perfume .... Very nice to spread. He immediately forgets and leaves no heavy feeling on the skin.
Can be put either in the evening or in the morning.
I have unfortunately not enough perspective to see the effects on the long term.
But the price is amazing.

too violent Rank: 3/5
April 7
The misogyny in the shade Rank: 4/5
September 25
Good but limited 3 Rank: 3/5
March 25
Disappointed by the color 4 Rank: 2/5
January 24
Ipad 1 or 2 iBidules Rank: 3/5
March 11