I love, I support and recommend.

I love, I support and recommend.

Ludi D'Ball Awakening, Model Au Choix (Baby Care)

Customer Review

Ludi is a French brand of baby and toys.
I tested this ball with my 6 year old son and my 2 year old daughter.

** Unpacking **
The ball appeared to be of good quality, well qu'estampillé "made in china".
Done 20 cm in diameter.

If I want a little quibble: watching the blue plastic well, we can see the sagging brand of ball; it gives him an irregularity at the level of transparency, the impression that one can have by looking in a pool. The irregularity of the surface of the water. I find sympthique effect.

There are small balls of different colors on the inside.

** In use / gaming **
This balloon:
- Rebounded: he really rebounded, despite the presence of ball inside. Dailleurs when bound, they disperse into stars inside.
- Is captivating and attractive: the movement of the ball inside has something exciting (for both the child and the adult, I dare say).
There is an "interaction" that happens between the ball and the child, a link of cause and effect.
- Is multi-sensory: touch (smooth, but we feel when small balls pass at hand), visual (you see the different color, movement), auditory (the movement of the balls emit noise), ...

** In conclusion **
I agree completely with this kind of educational game is evolving:
- Suitable to the baby in her waking phase
- The toddler when he is looking for the effect of its small actions,
- And the child who is trying to make him "figures" marbles (dixit my 6 year old son, who snatched the ball to his sister)
This is the kind of game that lasts over time, and sees its largely amortized cost.

This is exactly the kind of birthday gift, birthday, parties can have fun, and I can think of for these cases.
The target age group is thus extended: from birth (knowing that it will be used from 6-8 months), 4-5 years (corresponding to the mother).
In terms of age, I think it captivates the largest that have a (an) / the small (e) (s) brother / sister (s); beyond 5 years in terms of gift itself, the child may be disappointed.

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