I'm no angel

I'm no angel

Favole - Integral (Hardcover)

Customer Review

There are some days I have come across, Favole, the illustrated book of Victoria Francés. Big fan of the illustrator, I cracked before this superb box: I would finally discover the writing talents of Victoria Francés.
Favole is a young woman who lives in Venice. One day she crosses the path of Ezekiel, a vampire as dangerous as mysterious, and despite their differences, they fall in love, but you can well imagine, there is a "but" after all, the stories never start by "they lived happily." Despite the willingness of Favole, Ezekiel fails to transform human. Desperate, she throws herself in a river. Wandering between life and death, Favole keep hoping to one day find one she liked.
"After that, the spirit of the Venetian lady was reborn after death as a vampire spectrum serving his sentences without ever find the way to her lover disaster. And in his conviction, she returned to Venice to forever wander in the purgatory of suicides. "
Favole is not a book, it's a aeuvre of art! The illustrations of Victoria Francés are no introduction, you surely have already seen. It offers us drawings of beauty, a magnificent cabinet to rediscover aeuvres of Spanish young.
The book is a collection of the biggest aeuvres Victoria Francés. Romantic, Gothic and sometimes morbid but never shabby, they will know, I have no doubt, attract the largest numbers.
However, Favole is not a simple collection, this is a real graphic novel, with a true story. Written by Victoria Francés is the image of his drawings: poetic and melancholic. It embarks in the history of Favole and Ezechiel, his crossed lovers who were separated.
Once again I repeat myself but the full set is really beautiful. If the price can repel some, we must not forget that the three volumes are grouped there: Tear Stone, Free me, icy light but you will also find the story Angel Wings, another illustrated story of Victoria Francés and the sketchbook and Favole sketches.

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