Idea and implementation good.  Scroll barely usable.

Idea and implementation good. Scroll barely usable.

Evoluent Vertical VM4RW Wireless mouse silver / black (Accessories)

Customer Review

Well made, also survived a fall times, keys easily accessible, pleasant pressure point. Assessing the handling is purely subjective, which can feel any different. I am very satisfied.
I would recommend the mouse does not, however, because with me the scroll wheel does not work properly. Scroll down I, then it scrolls either down or up. The problem occurs mittlerweilse in all movements to and lt. Internet has long been known. For this poor performance is the price, which can not be borne solely by the idea and the materials, unjustified. Totally incomprehensible that you can not riff so a simple things like a scroll wheel properly.

Addendum: Have the mouse disassembled. Only 4 screws to the base plate, 3 nonsensically were hidden under the sliders. Then remove 3 screws around the inner frame. Then another bolt to the lift buttons. It could hardly be more complicated. Well, then just Ballistol .... everything works in the potentiometer the scroll wheel again well. For this price I expect rational, self-contained components and not cheap products.

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September 21
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