Ideal for the Raspberry Pi

Ideal for the Raspberry Pi

LogiLink UA0125 USB hub (10-port, USB 2.0) Black (Accessories)

Customer Review

Ideal for the Raspberry Pi

The active USB hub "LogiLink UA0125" work together seamlessly to Raspberry Pi (Mod. B, Rev. 2). Previously had everything (keyboard, mouse, wireless stick, sound stick, memory stick) connected via a passive hub, which even worked, but some problems made (WLAN interface needed 15-20 seconds to get from the Fritzbox an IP; the signal strength was only 40%). With the active stroke of Pi boot much faster, and the wireless signal is better (80%). And the best part: The hub also supplies the Pi with electricity - without an additional Y-cable, but simply connect a USB hub -> The power supply of Pi Pi is therefore superfluous. it suffices the power part of the stroke.

Furthermore, the small stroke, whose base is roughly equivalent to that of the Pi in the housing, thanks to its shape with the USB ports upward even very space-saving (see picture), as also noted in the other review.

Have equal a 2 stroke for my 2nd Pi ordered ...

Chic case Rank: 4/5
November 13
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March 15
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May 12
a real pleasure 1 1 Rank: 5/5
November 27
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June 17

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