If he runs again, it served its purpose very well.

If he runs again, it served its purpose very well.

GSM Door Alarm RF - V11 2.0, alert to your phone via text message or phone call, through sensor separation or sound perception of Kobert-Goods

Customer Review

The unit came with a foreign power plug. So I had to additionally purchase an adapter to which you can connect the supplied USB power cable. Maybe you have something even at home, 5V 1A.

The manual in Chinese and English is written in such a hahne büchenen English that you have to interpret for some functions. The problem is that for me is difficult to understand if and when clever configuration SMS will be processed and answered. Currently, the device responds to any of my SMS more, but the alarm is working very well.

You can set whether the alarm reacts only with language and how quickly after having previously reacted before. Alternatively, or additionally, you can set that the alarm should only go when the magnet separates, or connects. The latter attitude I take.

Last, you can decide whether you want to be notified via SMS, then call just by SMS or by phone call. Here I have chosen only call because SMS costs money at the discounter SIM. The call can however refuse free if even opening the secured door or closes. Alternatively, previously exhibit the alarm via SMS, but that assumes that it works (so) and that you want to pay for the back and the -give-SMS.

Assuming ran when the alarm call, you can hear directly what can be heard locally. Alternatively, you can store up to 5 numbers from which you can call the alarm. It then decreases for a dial tone and you can hear the noise on site. So some sort of bug.

Overall, I am satisfied with the device so far, even if the failure to reply to my other configuration SMS and no response to status requests via SMS left a very bad aftertaste. Maybe a restart of the device could solve the problem, but it does not have an on / off switch.

I also do not know whether it is reported by SMS when the battery is empty or if when restarting remains (eg after leergelaufenem battery) saved the configuration.

Really great! 7 Rank: 5/5
January 29
A dream of a cream ... Rank: 5/5
January 28
Rubber mats, as you'd expect Rank: 5/5
September 14
Good overshoes Rank: 5/5
January 17

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