If you're a biker and like to travel on a bike you will love this book

If you're a biker and like to travel on a bike you will love this book

Jupiter's Travels (Paperback)

Customer Review

Nowadays everybody can Easily travel the world on a bike. But When Ted did his trip the world was a different place. This book tells an amazing story of his adventure. And what an adventure it. No GPS, Internet or satellite phones existet. Ted just started to ride motorcycles and the political stability in many countries he visited what frail. In many places there were no highways or even paved roads. His bike got banged up time after time and Ted had to find ways to fix it. Sometimes in the middle of nowhere.

This book is not Comparable to reading today's travel blogs or watching LWR or LWD. Ted's writing is focused on places and people and he tells the story of his unrepeatable journey modest and calm. His book is truly refreshing Compared to the selfcentered posing and bragging of many did Followed his footsteps.

There is only two downsides to his book.
First: It does not include a lot of photos.
Second: After you read it, you will have no excuse for not getting on a crappy bike and travel the world.

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