"If You Test Me - You Will Fail."  : What kind of musical Hammer !!!!

"If You Test Me - You Will Fail." : What kind of musical Hammer !!!!

Star Trek Into Darkness (Audio CD)

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About the film "Star Trek Into Darkness" we need not waste words here:
What first and foremost for a sci-fi trip grade !!!!
Because to say 'times a, sequels can beat a predecessor never !!!!

And Benedict Cumberbatch ("Sherlock") as "John Harris" (his true identity .... No, not here !!!!) is one of the most impressive movie villains of recent years - just .... amazing !!!!

Who does not know this film highlight .... You have no idea what you missed !!!!

We go now to the music ....

As with the grandiose predecessor "STAR TREK" Again wrote Regiesseur JJ Abrams' friend Michael Giacchino to Score - what a musical trip !!!!
One could also say, this is exactly the kind of score that a fan wants:
Downright pompous recorded with a felt huge symphony orchestra, which dominates all the nuances of the possible spectrum of melancholy and quiet to loud brachial-perfect!
This, coupled with a strong-voiced choir - together caused this more than just once a true goose bumps!
Always nice involved the original theme composed by Alexander Courage and Gene Roddenberry - that Giacchino mastered this art, he has already proven with his scores to "M: I - 3" and "Mission: Impossible - Ghost Protocol - Mission: Impossible - Ghost Protocol ", where he also has included the legendary serial compositions by Lalo Schifrin with own in his work to the other time.

And it's nice to hear that a composer relies on the sole power of his orchestra and chorus - the electronic support using synthesizers and percussion will hardly take place, suggesting wonderful come along old-school terms this score and a whole made significant effect.
Some like that for a sci-fi adventure that size do not sound modern enough - I just took the very well-liked!

Risk 'times an ear and listen to tracks like "London Calling" (4) with this wonderfully by a piano presented melancholy topic, "The San Francisco Hustle" (12) - or the last track, "Star Trek Main Theme" ( 14 !!!!) .... Hammer

Enough said !!!!

"Star Trek Into Darkness" by Michael Giacchino:
An absolute recommendation !!!!

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February 11
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October 23

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