In times of gloom ... should read this book

In times of gloom ... should read this book

Absolutely un-bor-mended! : Or the official Paradox (Paperback)

Customer Review

UNFORTUNATELY book that reflects part of the reality for some officials (thankfully not the majority).
In 1991, having myself did an internship in the ECCO service the European Community in Brussels, I could verify these facts. I thought back there 20 years ago.
Officials arrived at 10am, went to the cafeteria for a coffee break (1:30) .... went for lunch at 16h 2h ......... walked away. No comment!
Those responsible for this service was offered to keep me because they told me that in three weeks I had done the work of an officer in 3 months!
More staff were qualified, less the pay was high. I do not mean the staff who would have liked to do more work but which had not the opportunity otherwise they met "in the closet"!
Zoe writes in a very interesting and humorous style can not help but smile. I lent the book to my friends who were unanimous BOOK A MUST READ!

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