Indispensable 25 October 1236

Indispensable 25 October 1236

Black nations and culture: From the ancient Egyptian negro cultural problems of Black Africa today (Paperback)

Customer Review

This book is a revelation, it is a unique and indispensable book for those seeking the truth about the history of humanity.

The author, Cheikh Anta Diop, in search of the historical continuity of African black people discover that the Egyptian-Nubian civilization namely Ancient Egypt is the basis of cultural, philosophical and scientific of all Africans on the continent and the Diaspora. "The Egyptians were Negroes, like Ethiopians and other Africans." What appears to an extraordinary discovery is in fact the revelation of a cleverly concealed and falsified truth for years by Western modern scholarship. Cheikh Anta Diop, great man, labored all his life to restore the truth and restore the true history of humanity, "These are the ancestors of the Negroes that today live mainly in black Africa who invented the first mathematics, astronomy, calendar, science in general. "

The general history of mankind will always remain as troubled as this book and its author will remain unknown to the public.

It is commonly accepted that Africa has no history allowing his plunder and exploitation until today, "Negro Nations and Culture" demonstrates through scientific and historical facts that it is the largest lie in the history of mankind. Africa has a great history that has been rediscovered thanks to the invaluable contribution of a great scholar Cheikh Anta Diop.

Hotep to you and thank you again.

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