Inexpensive, good design, Socket 775 suitable

Inexpensive, good design, Socket 775 suitable

Lepa Aqua Changer 120 - liquid cooling system, LPWAC120-HF (Personal Computers)

Customer Review

+ Super cooling performance
+ Chic design (matching my SPEC-03)
+ Reasonably priced
+ Also supports Socket 775
+ Easy installation (a little skill is required)
+ Good quality, flexible hoses

- Does not fit in my body at the rear opening, because the radiator is minimal too large
(Could be the right tool wegfeilen something from the housing, are only a few mm)
- (Hums pump, fan only under load loud) for an Office PC may be too loud

I have the radiator mounted in my case at the upper opening, whereby the
second fan and the top drive bay is blocked. But as I always only one burner
use and maybe it is always sensible in such a case, the upper shaft a
To install ventilation control, that's no problem for me.

Furthermore, I have connected the fan to the CPU_FAN slot on the motherboard.
The power for the pump I refer directly from the power supply, the speedometer signal I refer the
PWR_FAN connector on the motherboard because it is not regulated and therefore for fan eh
uninteresting. I let them run on 7V, since they so not hear, and they only ca
1500RPM instead of 2700 RPM does what at the cooling power but apparently not affected adversely.

Enclosed are some pictures, which at the temperatures and speeds, respectively in idle and under full load
7V and 12V show. The full load with Prime95 was made to the CPU at max. Temperature
bring to.

CPU: Q8300 @ 3GHz

I will not say necessarily a buy recommendation now because I no comparison other
Have complete water cooling systems, but I am satisfied so far as I can continue to use it,
if I should upgrade time soon.

Supplied with adapter for all other modern AMD and Intel sockets were about a
Adapter to connect the pump to a PATA connection and a small tube of thermal grease.

I prefer times no points from, although you build the radiator with security also minimally smaller
could. I think the volume of the pump all ready-Wak├╝s together. This seems
towards others even to be quiet when you read through some tests. I lack but because
as I said the comparison. As soon as the PC starts to work, you can hear anyway only the fan,
while gambling I hear the PC not ;-).

PS: I do not know why the images seemingly can not be shown.
You should illustrate that the speed of the pump actually no effect on the
Temperature or the speed of the fans in the enclosure has.
The temperatures are in the Idle at 34 degrees under full load at 52 degrees.
The speed of the CPU fan in idle at 980 rpm, at full load ca 1900's.

Self-destruction Rank: 1/5
February 21
Holds and directional well Rank: 5/5
April 14
Good laundry 8 Rank: 4/5
June 21

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