ingenious Saw / scissors but significant design flaws exist!

ingenious Saw / scissors but significant design flaws exist!

Leatherman Charge TTi multitool (tool)

Customer Review

Almost four years with me now my batch TTI. To have enough time to make it through everyday use through their paces and check out all the light and dark sides.
Now is the time to allow you a deeper insight into the functions of this tool and to share my experiences.

For me, a multitool should be something that you can rely on. Man has always there and saved the peace of mind in mind that when a problem occurs and you other people asking for help, is sufficient to handle in the pocket and the problem can be tackled. For me always to some extent a sense of independence and competence. Of course it is clear that a multitool can not be a hundred percent compensation for each full tools and I expect this not also, but I expect by the reputation of Leatherman a convincing performance of the individual tools.

Meanwhile, the design of handles, visually changed little, and also the shape of the leather cases was slightly modified. The rest has remained the same and has not been modified.

At that time I had seen and tried some multitool from Leatherman and Victorinox.
The possibility of one-hand operation, the high-quality finish, the good and stable knife and the pliers had convinced me of the Charge TTi.

Let's turn to feel the tool.

The design I would be very successful and some designate. The titanium shells look very nice and are, as the entire tool is very comfortable to hold. Processing I would describe as a very high quality. It has a very pleasant weight and nothing wobbles. It gives you the feeling that you really holding a tool in his hand.

Of course the core of every multitool is the pliers. The pliers proves on the alttäglichen challenges as very potent. The integrated nose pliers grips very well and is also very useful for finer work. This ensures an optimal power transfer in the smallest space is guaranteed. The integrated Presszange is also wonderful to as crooked nails to get out of the wall. What one has once grasped by the tongs, will not let go so quickly through the perforated sites. This is of course all just up to a certain size. If you want so solve large valves and fittings for heating pipes and lines, which creates a bit of trouble with the even (was with a friend and, of course, I had the only tongs in the house) but is of course quickly reach the limits of the tools. But then the pliers is just too small and you just can not start properly without slipping when exerting force.

Unfortunately, some have in my opinion, emerged not inconsiderable design weaknesses in relation to the use of forceps. Unfolding the tongs works wonderfully and the two handles snap also wonderful in their final position, however, falls to almost touch the handle early on both sides the back of a knife with a saw and a file. That sounds not very spectacular, but it is very interesting if you want to build with the pliers force and noted that the slots just the right size to have to pinch your hand here. Mir is already happening quite often and every time it was painful or blood blisters are present. The next problem may arise if you want to fold the tongs again. For me, like tilt times the two tong parts in the recesses of the handles with the embedded tools there. From a certain angle then nothing works. Then there is the tool with a little fingertips trying to re-open if possible keep then already closed the forceps and then close. These two design mistakes I find quite annoying and in the first case also painful.

What personally I am not convinced, is the integrated wire cutter. I can not say whether I caught a Monday model, but the performance is to say the least, abysmal. Simple thin wire is no problem. But if he is a little thicker or braided, it is very troublesome. Here then takes place more of a crimping operation. The wire then tilts happy with the pliers and these must be opened with little force again.

Immediately after the tongs, come to me on the priority list, the two knives. The one-hand use and the catch dropped immediately. In direct comparison with the Victorinox knives are massive and heavier. Disadvantage of powder metallurgical steel blades is that the blades brittle and thus be more susceptible to fractures. One should never try when, with the blade to pry something. Especially the serrated knife is used by me in at least 80% of cases. Also usable as a full super bread knife in the way trekking tours. The other knife with a straight blade had, but I do not particularly convincing. My knife was out of the box not particularly sharp and was posted by me again for resharpening. The result was better, but still not ideal. With a wet grindstone I get better results out. Also much to me, that was the sword a bit negative ground. Say the stock removal was at the beginning of the blade a little too high and thus there was a slight bow toward the blade back ascertain. This speaks to me more towards a proper final inspection of the products at Leatherman.

A real highlight of the Charge TTi, is the saw! Be it for Christmas from the trunk of the tree has to be cut, or the sawing of various boards. In both cases, I had to confess just no foxtail at hand and needs that I have not missed him. The saw allows extremely fast and precise working without having to have to damage this fear. It is after intensive use still super sharp! Her counterpart on the other side, the file makes a very good impression. After sawing, is a great place to edit the cutting edge of boards and free of coarse chips. Even as a nail file, it makes excellent services.

Although the shear looks pretty cute, but can compete with most of the major models in terms of focus and they often outdo even. I've often caught myself, as I have rather resorted to small scissors, because it simply provides the extreme sharpness and accuracy much finer results.

Combined bottle opener / can opener, I see more of a compromise. Victorinox has been solved with two separate tools better. Although they both work, but you walk in the big nose of the can opener often not immediately a bottle cap approach. Then it says that the rebate from the cork with the opener, recover enough to attack surface for the actual bottle opener to create.

The integrated bit holder and Kleinbit holder is at first glance a great thing, but for frequent use but also more of a stopgap. When Kleinbit Holder, torques not play a major role. Here one really achieves good results but at the normal bit holder is then more interesting. In direct comparison to the ratchet of Victorinox, you really can hardly want to attract really, really tight high torques erzeugen.Wer screws must purchase accept the disfiguration of the bit holder. For me, it can be barely collapse and expand. I used the bit holder, often in cycling and had often been the concern that it cancels completely me. Really the screws were not.
Unfortunately, the quality of the bits is just average. After a short use, they showed already significant signs of wear.

So what's left at the end?

The Charge TTi has, can often afford me well over the years. Compared to other tools of Victorinox it has some things that makes it better, and still others that are solved by Victorinox better. In the end, of course, everyone needs to know himself where he has his preferences. One could thus get carried almost to the statement that if you want to play it safe, you have the best two tools here. ;)

But another thing is definitely the design flaws of TTi. These are very annoying and should still be removable for future models.

What I liked:

- Is very good in the hand
- Quality workmanship / no jiggling parts
- One-handed operation and bomber locking
- Good pliers
- Very good and robust knife (serrated)
- Ingenious Saw / Scissors
- Leather case very robust
- Integrable metal clip for belt / pants

What I did not like:

- Performance of wire cutters
- Design weaknesses in the functioning of the forceps, which may end painful
- Final at Leatherman could be better (diameter less than optimal, or too much ground)
- Bottle opener / can opener combi not optimal
- Bit holder quite fragile
- Quality of the bits could be better

Kellly is back .. Rank: 5/5
June 27
we can not do without Rank: 5/5
August 16
Fine Insoles Rank: 5/5
February 24
Perfect and stylish! Rank: 4/5
February 16
Perfect 1 3676 Rank: 5/5
August 23

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