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Logitech Harmony 300 Universal Remote Control (People's remote control) (Accessories)

Customer Review

The Harmony 300 is different by at least a dozen - sometimes 5 times as expensive - Universal remote controls the first round has won me over. It is really well thought out in design to the smallest detail; it has everything you really need for an average AV system, and can skillfully away everything could complicate programming and operation avoidable. Only 4 units? I control 6 so. How to do this, see below.

Before one ever picks up a multi-remote control, you should check the configuration and wiring of the devices to be controlled: for the best remote control is still the one you do not even need. The central unit is now usually the TV, because the display, which can also used to operate the audio equipment. So if possible all other devices depend on a the television (if necessary on a master / slave socket) controlled mains socket. So already it saves time turning off these devices; Exceptions are possible for devices that your settings do not notice if you simply cuts them to power. The audio and video cabling select possible so that, for example, the TV switches automatically to the currently active input. So for the most frequently made use of device HDMI input (or in older devices SCART) use because of the automatic switches. The audio sources run with me all through the television and from there via a single cable to the audio amplifier: the latter may always be set to the same input.

Links above the Harmony 300 has a "Watch TV" button: switches the TV on and off - and thus at me the whole plant. Appropriately, the Harmony turns each time you press this button, the device selection to "TV"; Thus, the remote control after switching in a well-defined state. You can choose whether and which devices with the "Watch TV" button are also switched on via the button configuration. Is turned on by default in this way a program supplier, then the Harmony automatically switches to this unit instead of "TV". Recognizes the Harmony additionally running appliance as an amplifier, however o. Ä. (With me for. As a digital headphone amplifier from Philips), one can also choose for the automatic switching of input on this unit. This demonstrates the advantage of configuration via an Internet server: the enormously extensive, constantly updated database really knows almost all devices on the market - and not just whose codes, but also the essential functions, to integrate them useful.

Continue with the 4 Device Selection keys: they are the only white keys and backlit. Each time you press a remote control button, the device key lights up, the code is being sent. For me personally that's much better than as an ultra-modern touch display with a hundred different display options to their view I always only dig out the reading glasses and possibly even turn on the purpose of saving electricity switched off display and scroll must: look at the Harmony 300 and I think that, what I need, mostly still in semi-darkness and without glasses right away. There's less real ... To the 4 selection keys's jump right including a "Power" button, with which you manually turn the respective currently active device and can switch off.

Again, including in the middle of a button "TV input": so you can cycle through the TV switch inputs - and regardless of which device you have just connected the Harmony. Important Whenever you once again has a black screen in front of him and lost track of the switching status of the entire plant has ... This button is not configurable, so you can him not "lose", he always helps one from the trouble.

Next there's 4 configurable function buttons: they can occupy any on the key programming, but especially with "Favorites": these are TV-program positions, which number may be more digits - basically so on limited numbers key macros. As such, they are very easy to configure. Nevertheless me but the simplification goes in this one point then going too far: to allow for this 4 buttons freely programmable macros would certainly not cost much extra effort and the operation complicated only marginally. For some special cases you could wish for then but a little more wiggle room than they 300 provides the Harmony.

The rest are all user-configurable (with exactly one code assignable) keys. They can be of the configuration software automatically assign the device to the respective matching functions - and then individually reassign as you wish. Should they have learned of any original remote controls codes can fit anywhere. The software keeps track not only the code but also a name that you enter to and where you get the commands then presented in a list - so you keep very nice track.

Since the keyboard is very lavish -. For example, in addition to volume and channel rocker and the Up and Down buttons in the direction cross yet another up and down rocker - you can utilize the standard functions of a device occasionally even a Another device accommodate in the same device menu. So I did not define the audio amplifier as a separate unit, but simply confirms the volume and mute keys of the other devices with the (each added learned) functions of the amplifier. And the drive keys of my old, but good CD player baby found yet unused space in the TV menu - so I control with the Harmony 300 is actually a total of 6 units instead of just four!

In order to optimize all yet, I would have certainly a Shift level for the whole keypad desired. But at a cost of under 20 Euros for this fabulous remote control you can complain about it just as well on the not quite optimal tactile direction cross. The whole thing is certainly thoughtful exemplary and designed practical - and not only fully sufficient, but also pleasantly easy to program with meaningful programming for the majority of applications and practical to use: a "People's remote control" in the best sense. That the individual codes work consistently perfect - at least for me no losers, trailer or double triggers, who often annoyed me at the other (also many times more expensive!) Universal remote control - is here only a marginal note.

One complaint I have to conclude, however, still significant, would have tasted in my review almost the fifth point: the configuration software works on my computer not connected to the (current) Firefox even with the 64-bit version of Internet Explorer. It was only when I called "" with the otherwise never benützten of me 32-bit IE, did it go last. Okay: it's yes then but still works, and the configuration you do once and then no longer a long time. Nevertheless, Logitech: there's urgent need for improvement!

Performance within specifications Rank: 5/5
February 8
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March 30
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March 21
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January 13

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