Just works - Successfully in use since the 2nd World War

Just works - Successfully in use since the 2nd World War

Scotch 4704 repair tape, self-welding, 25 mm x 3 m, black (Office supplies & stationery)

Customer Review

I wrapped the tape around a slightly moist, but not easy to establish where she is now leaking exactly seal a heating line. It works. Perfectly.

In Scotch can be sure it works. Restrictions apply. These sealing strips are a very long time on the market, and some a decade old bands are still being sold and no longer stick as well. If you order from Amazon to go to the hardware store, I would recommend only sold directly from Amazon to order and to consider how long they are on offer instead. The bands much older and are not then you risk no unpleasant surprises with an ancient seal tape.

Because these bands virtually unchanged their service do so well so universally and for decades, a few (hopefully) interesting and amusing details:

- Duct Tape / Duck Tape was originally used in WW2 to keep ammunition boxes waterproof.
- In the Vietnam War rotor blades of helicopters were thus repaired or balanced.
- Even today, in the submarine fleet in use.
- When iPhone 4 as a fix for link loss for calls instead of Apple's overpriced Plastikbumper at the point where the fingers could rest.
- In the sci-fi novel "The Lost Fleet: Beyond the Frontier: Steadfast" Jack Campbell is considered sealing tape of the alien and spidery breed of "Dancer" as "Humanity's finest achievement".

I am also pleased and can only confirm this.

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