Keeps your back in motion, but is not ideal for small people

Keeps your back in motion, but is not ideal for small people

Topstar SH17BB2 fitness stool Sitness Half Ball / fabric upholstery, red (household goods)

Customer Review

I've seen the chair stumbled on offer (100), and hoped to thus relieve my back tension. The setup was very easy, I needed about ten minutes, I also mostly just so spent to remove the comprehensive package. It is still too early to judge improvements, but since I'm actually in the chair constantly in motion and engaging a much healthier position than at my other chair, I am optimistic. However, sitting is a bit exhausting after a while (several hours a day I'm sitting on it), but this is probably due to my lack trained back and hopefully wears off over time. For longer films that I watch on PC, I let my other chair still standing near.

The air cushion has a few spots, which I can overlook but, since it is not usually visible anyway. Otherwise, the chair looks surprisingly chic. The only drawback: For me it is a little too big. Depending on where I'm sitting, I can not leave my feet completely on the floor. However, I'm really small with just under 1.60 m, so that this issue will play no role for most. I keep the chair in any case anyway.

Some of the exercises I have tried, some I knew already from my gym. The air cushion is a good supplement and can be quickly and easily removed and stowed again.

Conclusion: The chair is ideal for very small people like me, but otherwise very good. In particular, as a bargain so I would buy it again.

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October 25
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February 16
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April 11
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December 20
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February 17
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