Kettle grill classics in new 2015er garment with good improvements

Kettle grill classics in new 2015er garment with good improvements

Weber Master-Touch GBS Special Edition, 57 cm, Black, with One-Touch Re

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Anyone who knows my other reviews, you know that I'm passionate griller and next to a 57er Weber kettle grill also add some other grills this brand, other brands and a barbecue smoker call my own. So I have to compare it to.

I already had some of the often conducted in comparing ALDI, home improvement and other cheap kettle barbecues in possession and in use. One thing first: No, it's not a substitute for a Weber kettle grill, neither the material nor ago by the functionality. At least not if you want to do more than the cover to protect against rain to use.

I now had the opportunity the new model 2015 test extensively and begrillen. Here are my impressions, even compared to its predecessor.


Basically all Weber grills is a thoroughly illustrated, well-written assembly instructions. Despite everything, here is an hour work schedule. Unpacking, sorting parts, assemble, readjust.
For those who have assembled before to guide something any real challenge.
There was in my grill no sharp edges, no burrs or other defects that could have hampered the assembly. The final check seems to work at Weber.

Look and feel:

Is the grill once assembled an impressive piece barbecue facilities is facing. The often criticized legs of the grill are the first amendment of the new model. Weber has been thinking and legs better fixed in the sleeves, very good. Now these tend no longer to fall out when you lift the grill. In addition, the wheels have been enlarged and rubberized, making driving the grill much more comfortable.
The rest of the grill is Weber typically also processed very stable and great. Perfect enamel, good fit of the lid on the kettle, smooth ventilation, good working height.
Overall, the grill makes a very sophisticated look.


Before, especially as a beginner, the 57er Weber puts it into service, one should be aware about what is the idea behind the kettle grill. One should especially have the opportunity to grill indirectly, that the food is not on the embers, but next to or on the grate on one side and the bottom of the coal boiler on the other side. Acquaintances to quite a few people have now bought a 57er Weber and some have the typical errors committed: coal fire (charcoal starter) and the whole surface of the coal grate with embers covered. Now meat on it and cover to. Of course, everything burned.
One should, even if you want to grilling directly, so always fit steaks, sausage, etc., only one side with coal. So you can sometimes avoid the heat of the steaks and sausages.

So cheer now: charcoal starter start with Grillbrikkets, min (if durchgeglüht) Pour about 35 coal in the grill, only one half of the charcoal grate. Grill it. After about 5 minutes until the lid close (vent over coals), coal has again "breathe". Ventilation on the cover fully to, is down regulated. First put on half open. To this end, Weber has realized a further improvement to its predecessor and the half-open position of the vent on ash pot ring marked with a punch. One must no longer, as before, with Edding attach a marker, super !.
Now you should first watch using the Thermos lid, what happens in the grill. First here temperatures of 300 degrees or more will prevail. After a few minutes, we go towards 250 degrees and then levels off between 200 and 250 degrees. If one makes the lower ventilation now a little more, the temperature continues to fall after a certain time and inertia can be relatively accurately adjust it. That is why a kettle grill can also replace an oven.

Lid thermometer:

The lid thermometer is a matter of taste. Those things never really show the temperature prevailing on grill grate height. In my experience, go cover Thermos about 20 - 30 degrees in front. But that is not so important, because for me that's a pure guidance. One can see at a glance what's going on in the grill. If you really want to control the temperature to get to an additional electronic thermometer as the Gourmet check of Outdoorchef or Maverick rum not drum. For easy grilling, and indirectly with whole pork loin, chicken legs or the like, the lid thermal do just fine.
And now here comes my favorite enhancement to fruition: Weber had finally relented and the thermometer against the lid vent installed or set the air in front of the thermometer in the lid. This ensures that when indirect grilling
a) coals on one side and the vent above the thermocouple is now on the indirect zone where the barbecued food is.
b) carbons on both sides and in the center of the ventilation is now also the thermocouple in the center and not on one side over the coals.
Again two thumbs up for this improvement!


In this edition of the lid holder "Tuck-Away" is innately there. This has also been improved. The thermoplastic pins, on the cover slides into the holder, hold now reportedly more heat. Since Weber sold the pizza essay some customers are namely these pins dropped from the boiler, ie melted, due to the high heat of baking pizza.
Whether you need to cover support or not, you can decide for yourself, there are also models without. These can then be subsequently retrofitted still the holder for hanging, either the model of Weber or the outdoor chef. They are almost identical and are of the boiler grill hooked.


The rust on this model is made of stainless steel. This is a better choice over the simple chrome rust on all cases.
Whether you need a grill with side folding function for replenishing coal or not is a matter of taste. For my part, lifting the grate usually completely (rust Heber!) And fill a new fervor, if only by the inevitable rain of ash when transferring the coals on the barbecue food to prevent. So the flaps can have, but you do not. So The situation is similar in my view with the GBS rust. This grid has in the center a circular removable portion which can be replaced by different assignments as cast iron grate, pan, pizza stone, etc.. Whether you need it? Hmmm ... let's say, I've been never misses. But ok, who is better than need. And when GBS accessories's already cool stuff (Dutch Oven z. B.).

Coal grate:

The charcoal grill is made stable enough, but is usually the first part wear. After 5 years of intense Grillerei a new is due. Otto Normal Griller will never need a new one.

Ash pan and ventilation wings:

The highlight of the 57er Weber is the ash pan and ventilation wing. Clear tuts also the barbecue with ash dish, but since an ash constantly flies gone with the wind around the legs, on the balcony on the garden chairs, etc. That does not happen with ash pot. And you're done with the crickets, all vents to the grill is approximately 30 min cold. A few times now just move the fan blades from to by fully on and the things all transport ash in the Aschtopf. The leftover Brikkets can then take out and pick up for the next barbecue. The ash pan is turned on with a simple bayonet lock and unmounted. Emptying designed absolutely simple. The ash pan has grown in comparison to its predecessor, by the way, and indeed enormous.

A tip: should time pending an expansion of the fan blades, simply selfsame easily bend at the short end of the control rod with a flat head screwdriver from the boiler off and then turn the fan lever. Only the lever and thus the wing goes out. Easy, but you need to know it, is not in the assembly instructions.


Cleaning is completely simplistic when kettle grill. Burn After grilling the muck over the embers from the grate, brush the rust, close lid vents to let out (cold for about 30 minutes). Now the ash slide out using the ventilation window, if necessary. short sweep with a broom, the fine ash into the ash pan, rest coals out, ash pot empty, grill back in, Aschtopf turn again, cover to finish. Before the next grilling in the time before the lid is closed over the free burn scorching embers grill, clean brush, finished. The grill does not have to be rinsed really, pyrolysis creates.

Necessary accessories:

The grill works alone, but there are essential accessories that you should mitkaufen equal, as there would be:
- Charcoal starter and Anzündwürfel (please do not play with fire accelerants)
- Cover (a good piece does not have to stand in the rain)
- Be hooked lid holder (Outdoorchef, Weber)
- Good barbecue tongs
- As good coal tongs
- Stainless Lifter
- Good grill brush
- Where appropriate, the cutlery holder by Weber for hooking (is handy, but not 100% mature)
- A pair of welding gloves with a long shaft
- A broom


For me the 57er Weber is with ash pan (which model you take whatever is actually a pure taste and money issue) a perfect all-rounder when it comes to grilling with charcoal. Clean design, good materials, simple and safe operation. Alone in my opinion, too high price (as with all Weber products) would justify a star deduction. Due to the improvements implemented but I leave it at this time at 5 stars and give love to a buy rating.
Alternatives are there from Rösle, but due to the special measure of Röslegrills does not fit the standard 57 he Accessories (rotisserie attachment, cast grates, etc.). Even competitors Napoleon (possibly compare myself, I prefer to Weber) a 57er kettle grill on offer. But please stay away from the Billigheimern. Even if you want it, which are not nearly a substitute for a 57er Weber kettle grill.

solid but small 1 Rank: 3/5
March 23
boggles my mind Rank: 3/5
February 19
Good start for the Chilis Rank: 4/5
March 4
Clothes rack Rank: 3/5
September 5

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