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  • The first impression: A good step forward - 4 Weeks later, a gigantic fireworks  

    Panasonic Lumix DMC-FZ1000EG Super Zoom Digital Camera (20 Megapixel, 16x opt. Zoom, 1 MOS sensor, 7.5 cm (3 inch) LCD screen, 4K / UHD-recording, optical image stabilization, WiFi, NFC) black ( Electronics)
    This review is limited to my first impressions, which I call amateur ornithologist gained within a few days with the camera. Concerns inter alia the creative area, the video features, the connectivity to other media, as well as the entire supplied im
  • A step in the right direction  

    AEG AUFGREEN Ultraflex Bagless EEK A, 800 W, Turbo Cyclonic, 2 nozzles, washable hygiene filter, black (household goods)
    If one considers again just how much waste is produced in our time, especially with plastic, then one wonders Undoubtedly how long our planet will still join. I do not care at this point before, but I think the idea of ​​plastic again to exploit a gr
  • The new step of the Sims developers  

    The Sims 4 (Limited Edition) (computer game)
    It's hard for me to write a review because I'm caught between good and bad. I have all the Sims games played by 1 to 4 and can say that I now have the feeling Sims 4 would compare in content with 1. (In fact, however, there were in Sims 1 more choice
  • S120 vs. S110, small steps forward, but unfortunately also a great back  

    Canon PowerShot S120 Digital Camera (12.1 Megapixels, 5x opt. Zoom, 7.6 cm (3 inch) LCD display) (Electronics)
    Got the S120 ordered and tested against the existing S110. In particular, praised in other reviews quickness and higher light intensity have interested me since I like to go with the camera hunting for insects. On vacation and also at Sunday walks I
  • PES 2015 - a step in the right direction  

    PES 2015 - Day 1 edition - [PlayStation 4] (Video Game)
    PES makes this year last time a lot of fun and is on the right track. Playful and the ball physics ago really good graphics and scope (licenses, stadiums) but expandable. Perhaps one or the other is indeed still patched later. Overall, certainly a st
  • Does not count all the steps, but a good orientation  

    Omron Pedometer Walking Style One 2.0 (equipment)
    Since I'm trying to get my slightly elevated blood pressure by movement in the handle, I try daily 7000 steps in walk and another 3000 steps in the budget to deal with. In fine weather, this is no problem. CURRENT PEDOMETERS Currently I count my step
  • Best way for Step-by-Step Solutions  

    Wolfram | Alpha (App)
    I was always excited to be that in normal WolframAlpha page step-by-step solutions appear only for the expensive Pro version. Here you get the opportunity for a relatively bargain price. I find worth gold. Especially in more complex integrals one can
  • Xbox 360 - Solid step into the next generation.  

    Xbox 360 - Console with 20GB HDD & Wireless Controller (Console)
    Hello everybody. I am a XBox 360 gamers the first hour, so the December 2, 2005 and have been reporting almost but praise for the new console from Microsoft. One thing I must say directly in advance: how big this step in the "Next Generation
  • Frei.Wild ... the first steps ...  

    Someday (Audio CD)
    The debut album is really nothing special, the music is like any Band, take the first steps, but also because of this simple gehalten.Ist Fundamental right symphatisch.Also, actually recommended ...
  • Zurückt a step forward, and no  

    Voodoo (Audio CD)
    The Osnabrücker fun pirate to Mr. Hurley put her now before third studio album. After "charade" and Grog & Roll "Voodoo" now comes on 13 March 2015 in the trade. The band remains the chosen course of predecessor faithful. In 1
  • Two Steps From Hell - is also off as hell!  

    Invincible (MP3 Download)
    Nick Phoenix and Thomas J.Bergersen aka "Two Steps From Hell" are in my opinion the best contemporary trailer music composers. The present Compliation makes it now possible to support their otherwise not Commercially available work financia
  • Step by step  

    Omron Pedometer Walking Style Three (equipment)
    Omron Pedometer Walking Style Three Silk nearly a week I have the pedometer Omron Walking Style Three. The initial configuration was fast. However, could not be recognized whether the pedometer really works, because the display is only after a few st
  • Meaningful help with tax return ++ step by step to obtain tax advantages  

    WISO Steuer: Start 2015 (for tax year 2014 / Frustration-Free Packaging) (CD-ROM)
    Video at Amazon.com View For years, I rely on the WISO tax software. Man is guided step by step through the tax return and immediately gets inconsistencies appear. Small animations and videos explaining a control 1x1 and show how legal are the tax tr
  • What a step backwards  

    HUMAX digital iCord Evolution Quad HDTV satellite receiver with Satellite IP function and HDD 1000GB (WLAN, Bluetooth, CI +, SD card slot, HDMI, USB) (Electronics)
    Full of anticipation, I unpacked the part and then first the remote control a mix of seniors phone with giant buttons and cheaper Baumarkt-satellite receiver remote. Something cheap does not even Aldi Medion at the equipment and the cost of any 600th
  • Sufficient lighting for house number and steps outside the front door, good value for money  

    LE LED solar wall lamps, wireless night light, LED wall lights, security lighting for door, hallway, paths, terraces, gardens, cool white, solar lights (tool)
    This wall lamp is compact and provides sufficient brightness to as the house number to illuminate. The installation is very simple. The wall radiator is appropriate fastening material. Screw mount at the desired location and the radiator mount. The i
  • Step by step to refund or smaller Surcharge  

    WISO Steuer 2014 (for tax year 2013) [Download] (Software Download)
    For years, I rely on the WISO tax software. The version in 2014 helped me to save some taxes and to explain to me the usual tricks. Man is guided step by step through the tax return and immediately gets inconsistencies appear. Small animations and vi
  • A step in the right direction, but could be even better  

    Offline (Audio CD)
    Compared to its predecessor album Bel Air, the album should sound again rocking, it was beforehand. Well the one hand, true, on the other hand it is still far from the sound of the first three albums. Not all convinced me, but compared to Bel Air, it
  • Overpriced and sonically a step backwards compared to its predecessor  

    Sound Matters Foxl Dash 7 Bluetooth speaker system white (Electronics)
    Was the old FoxL few years ago a sensation, so the market has been catching on compact Bluetooth speakers now that it now provide far better sound at fraction of the cost to deliver. Especially Denon showed the Envaya mini, how much sound you can squ
  • A small step in the right direction  

    BABYBJÖRN Baby Carrier One (Baby Product)
    Both of our elastic sling as well as the Miss Pretty carrying our boss has grown out. A new carrying aid was urgently needed. A BabyBjörn Carrying would never have come into the house not long ago to me because the previous models allowed neither the
  • Super Step Stool  

    Bieco kids stool (Baby Product)
    This Step Stool is just great. He is safe and my child can go mad down and up, as it has on the running and including a non-slip coating above. He is also very stable. Simply good.