9090cc power cable


  • And the USB power cable is still there!  

    HAVIT® HV-F2050 14 - 15.6 "bed, sofa or desk Laptop Cooler with increasing and stand (2 fan), Easter (Electronics)
    The Cooler is compared to my voherigen coolers angenhm quiet and very stable. Fits perfectly on the size and cooling capacity is very good. Since customers have here criticized the lack of power cables ... that is very stupid hidden in a fold-fold. I
  • The power cable for many routers to 5 volts base  

    DELOCK Kabel USB Power> DC Plug 5,4mm (Personal Computers)
    If such a router such as the DIR 300 suddenly gives up the ghost, is often the power supply fault. Since the original is relatively expensive, I bought myself a cheap tablet power supply adequate power and this USB Power Cable. Unfortunately, a bit p
  • Not bad. Small rattling. Attention to the power cable passage  

    grooveClip universal car holder for mobile, Smartphone & GPS - compatible with iPhone 4 4S 5 5S 5C, Samsung Galaxy S4 S3 S2 / mini / Note II III, HTC One / Mini, Sony Xperia Z1 Z, LG G2 / Nexus, Blackberry Z10, Nokia (Accessory)
    I use this product in a Hyundai ix35, the CD player is placed above the LCD, the support does not interfere too much visibility if it is the screw which is imposing. The support is rather stable against the side clips vibrate and especially sizzle wh
  • HS power cable, hard drive runs but obligation to return the set.  

    Western Digital My Book desktop external hard disk 3.5 "USB 3.0 / USB 2.0 3TB (Personal Computers)
    I put 2 stars only because the drive was not working. But as I took care to do testing, it turned out that it was the power cable at issue because I put a personal cable and hard drive worked perfectly. Thus I noted that the hard drive had a number o
  • No tripolar power cable  

    Toshiba - Charger / Adapter 75W - ORIGINAL - 19V, 3.95A, 5.5x2.5mm - For Toshiba Satellite A200 A300 A350 A660 C670 L100 L300 L350 L450 L500 L505 L550 L555 L630 L650 L670 M50 M70 R850 P200 P300 U300 U400 C660 S300 PA3468E- PA3715E-1AC3 1AC3
    Quick charger and sending OK for my Toshiba. By cons, as we can see from the photo, the three-pole power cable is not supplied with the charger. I got my old cable and everything works. I hope for long!
  • Fulfilled its role, with the addition of a Molex-SATA power cable.  

    KALEA-COMPUTER © - Controller Card PCI EXPRESS (PCI-E) to IEEE1394a FireWire 400 - 3 ports + 1 6 points and 4 points - VIA chipset - Corded Ilink (Electronics)
    Immediately recognized card. Fulfilled its role, with the addition of a Molex-SATA power cable. Bought for transfer DV videos on a desktop computer.
  • Attenttion: US Power Cable  

    Apple MD199FD / A 3rd generation Apple TV HD1080p HDMI Multimedia Gateway WiFi (Personal Computers)
    I Apple TV product is excellent but the product sold on Amazon.com is not for the French market. The power cable in the packaging Apple has a US plug. The retailer added in addition to the Apple TV pack a power cable (with a European plug) ridiculous
  • Good product but not of power cable provided!  

    Muse M20RDW Radio CD / CD-R / CD-RW PLL tuner / FM / MW White (Electronics)
    Perfect delivery with quality packaging however surprised because careful not supplied power cable, Fortunately, the old post Hs CD had the same connection! Otherwise value Ras price Quality sounds good for children's room or extra man we use! Thank
  • 10m power cable  

    HQ CABLE-703/10 Power Cable for PC 10 m (Accessory)
    Power cable 10 meter for my videprojecteur. Nothing to say it works in special packaging is ok. One regret not available in white ....
  • ide sata power cable  

    SATA Power Cable Adapter MOLEX 5 "25 S-ATA 15C
    hello, this SATA IDE power cable is well made but, like any contemporary electronic components is a little fragile
  • Foreign power cable  

    Quick charger black load for Xbox 360 (Accessory)
    Attention, the delivered power cable is not compatible with the French sockets (2 records closely spaced plates). Fortunately it's a standard cable that can be easily replaced but accuracy is important!
  • Power cable 1 1  

    NuForce HA200 Headphone Amplifier Class A Impedance 32 to 600 Ohms Black (Electronics)
    I still find it amazing that the power cable is not intended for the French market. It is an American cable !!!
  • 33288 Lindy Internal SATA power cable 1 x 15 pin SATA million to 2 molex  

    33288 Lindy Internal SATA power cable 1 x SATA 15 pin Molex M to 2 x 5.25 "F 0.15m (Personal Computers)
    33288 Lindy Internal SATA power cable 1 x 15 pin SATA million to 2 molex. Fully satisfied with this product I recommend this product and seller.
  • Pb power cable  

    Oral-B Trizone 1000 - toothbrush - white / green (Personal Care)
    The power cable is not compatible with the French network but with that of the United Kingdom! So beware. Otherwise good product
  • 5m power cable as usual with little flexible PVC jacket with durable embossed wrinkles  

    Wentronic power cord angled (angled Schuko to IEC 320 C13) 5 m white (accessory)
    The power cable manufacturer in the world seem to be in agreement that some flexible PVC that the tight bend radii permanently memorize a cable jacket, which is also still so tightly wound directly in the manufacturing process in the cable jacket, wh
  • Y power cable  

    Internal Y power cable 4-pin Molex (5.25 "plug to 2x 5.25" jack) 0.2m (Electronics)
    The product is a Y-power cable, which will take place at as hard disks or other drives to power often used in PC's. The product works best. There were no loose connections, which is to be criticized anyway that the individual pins are slightly loose.
  • 3x head USB power cable DC 2.0mm 3.0mm & 3.5mm DC jack 1.5.  

    3x head USB power cable DC 2.5mm 3mm 3.5mm DC jack & 1.5m (Personal Computers)
    3x head USB power cable DC 2.0mm 3.0mm & 3.5mm DC jack 1.5 I ordered for HAMA USB 3.0 ExpressCard. What's actually pretty handy. Thanks to 3 plugs I can also connect something else, such as an LED lamp or a USB Hab. This is a good buy practical thing
  • Sata power cable y  

    InLine 29683 (Personal Computers)
    Y cable compliant and fully functioning. ideal when you are hungry for power connection for a SATA hard drive or DVD burner Quality product at an attractive price
  • Power cable for projectors on ceiling mount  

    Valueline CABLE-703/10 Kaltgerätekabelmit protective contact angle plug (IEC 320 C13, 10 m) (accessory)
    The cable is used as a power supply for a mounted on the ceiling projector. The cable seemed very "soft" front, it is easy to turn therefore. But it works perfectly and has wunrderbar fitted with the HDMI cable in a small cable channel.