almazyme medicine


  • A drama about the beginnings of modern medicine  

    The Knick [OV] - Season 1 (Amazon Instant Video)
    The fictitious Knickerbocker Hospital, or simply called "The Knick", is the venue of this series, which at the beginning of the 20th CENTURY play. The beginnings of modern medicine, especially surgery, Stephen Soderbergh shows in impressive
  • Indispensable in the medicine cabinet  

    Elastoplast Sensitive plasters 5 mx 1.25 cm, 4-pack (4 x 1 piece) (Health and Beauty)
    A roller Fixing part for me of the standard equipment of my medicine cabinet. The delivery when ordering this article are four roles, each with 5 meter run length. Since my skin often has problems with "normal" patches, I take gladly variety Sen
  • For a more human medicine  

    Incredible stories of an anesthetist (Paperback)
    Jean-Jacques is Charbonier anesthetist, specialist comatose. He gives us in this work a host of anecdotes about the surgery including face the stress of administrative management radicalization that tends to replace, by its excess, acts of common sen
  • medicine of Ayurveda  

    Quantum Body: Find health through interactions body / mind (Paperback)
    Dr. Chopra, trying to explain the interactions between body and mind. The principles of Vedic medicine are very interesting because we understood from them that is not sick, one feels sick and belief in our disease reinforces our evil. Believe otherw
  • Anti -age Medicine  

    The practical guide to anti-aging medicine (Paperback)
    I just received the book of Dr Dalle well. It is new but the price indicated on the book does not match the amount that I was asked ..... there surely has a good reason ..... finally I would keep this book to read and interested to anti - aging medic
  • The anti-aging medicine.  

    The practical guide to anti-aging medicine (Paperback)
    Paper may seem interesting premium abord.Cependant the text is too thick and the details too nombreux.Ce book could interest a rather specialist Medicine, however, if the information is consistent with it! What is difficult for a layperson to evaluat
  • supply or third medicine  

    Guide to read, understand and practice: The power or third medicine, Dr. Jean Seignalet (Paperback)
    Guide to read, understand and practice: The Power and the Third Medicine Used to understand the principles of Dr. Seignalet and begin to implement them without delving into his voluminous book (whose reading will then be useful for the brave) .
  • the young and its importance in medicine  

    Fasting, a new therapy? (Paperback)
    Being myself a regular practitioner of the young in recent years, I find that this book is perhaps the best I have read on the young. This book is not a practical guide, it is simply just to show that the young may be an effective therapeutic tool in
  • Medicine at the time of the Sun King  

    Disease of the King (Paperback)
    An interesting book on medicine in the time of King Louis XIV, also known as the king "Sun" and especially on the treatment of diseases such lépoque whose fistula was reached on the hygiene and not to say the lack of hygiene And what a pleasure
  • Anatomy - Sports Medicine  

    Anatomy, Volume 2: The Musculoskeletal (Paperback)
    I appreciate this work still much as it clarifies both on theory than practice. It allows to locate certain diseases of the musculoskeletal system, which helps me a lot in Sports Medicine. this book is a reference
  • Funny Medicine Cabinet  

    Medicine cabinet Angeline (L.30 x P.18 x H.50 cm)
    Medicine cabinet that changes with the sad cabinets, and content rather important. Product manufactured in China, which may have some slight traces of scratches, but barely visible. Livaison by openenville fast, and well protected packaging. Costs a
  • Read all about herbal medicine  

    Herbal medicine: Heal by plants (Paperback)
    Another masterpiece signed Dr.Valnet. If you want to know all about herbal medicine, or almost (the subject is inexhaustible) are reading this book, have it always at hand is invaluable. All plants listed alphabetically with scientific name, Identity
  • The first steps of medicine, against the advice of physicians of the day!  

    The sun in silk (Paperback)
    At the time aeuvraient doctors to send their patients to the grave, using the bloodletting and purging, rather than trying to cure them really, it was men who, for their part, cared for good, their best: barbers surgeons. The latter being despised by
  • A reference book on the Medicine Buddha  

    The Medicine Buddha mandala and its (Paperback)
    A reference for people who want to deepen their practice of Medicine Buddha (Sangye Menla) or simply have a serious approach. However can be a little difficult for complete beginners as it encourages some research.
  • Precious book on the Medicine Buddha  

    The Teachings of the Medicine Buddha (Paperback)
    A very valuable book on the Medicine Buddha, with detailed teachings; for Buddhists seeking to deepen their practice and knowledge, particularly, therapists.
  • Medicine neodarwinist: a therapeutic future?  

    When the gene is in conflict with its environment: An Introduction to Darwinian Medicine (Paperback)
    In this more evolutionist medical textbook, the author strives in a highly scientific jargon to explain the thesis (recovery between other by the transhumanist philosophy) that the human genome is facing a large-scale environmental adversity. Thus, i
  • Ah if the medicine could integrate the design of Mr. Ballesteros!  

    Heal is listen (Paperback)
    I totally agree with this conception of medicine. The author develops the root of most of our ills to which traditional medicine often is neither the origin nor the solution to get better. It's pretty simple to understand. It develops of course diffe
  • New Medicine for the German music scene! (Or: The Funpunk lives!)  

    Pforzheim (Audio CD)
    In the 80s swarmed the doctors from "red mini skirt" and the Toten Hosen dished an "ice-cooled Bommerlunder" on. Meanwhile, both bands have long since blossomed rightly the most sought after rock acts in Germany. The charts have long b
  • Medicine for the soul  

    Love Medicine (Audio CD)
    The Vokalakrobatin Noa has presented a new album on which the vocal acrobat Bobby McFerrin, among others with covert Mere Words. Love Medicine was funded through crowdfunding and is Noa's first production independent of any record company. It is a qu
  • The somewhat different medicine cabinet  

    Koziol First Aid Cabinet Dr. K Transparent Blue (Health and Beauty)
    The size of the medicine cabinet is with dimensions: absolute budgetary justice 39cm height, 18cm width and 14cm depth, providing enough for pharmaceutical use, having a Durchnittskonsument household. Koziol has obviously thought along and a lock vel