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  • Exactly how I had imagined the table  

    As always count the price / performance ratio with any purchase. And here is the table can not be beat. Solid wood nature at a fabulous price (and this in the pre-Christmas shopping season!). The description in amazon fits spitting image. An assembly
  • Great table  

    ROLLER coffee table UNO-LIFT side table coffee table
    A truly functional desk. Looks not bad. Here can be turned 1 cm to the left or right, the table top approx. Despite repeated attempt to screw the bracket firmly. (Is not fixed) And unfortunately missing a few holes that we had to drill with the drill
  • Beautiful computer table  

    Piranha computer table made of black glass with cabinet PC29bg (Office supplies & stationery)
    Plus points - very good building description (in order of assembly with explanatory images); 1 times Replacement screw were settled (we did not need :-); Parts were completely pre-drilled -> by laymen can build this computer table in just over 2 h
  • Fanta (y) table!  

    VII (Digipak) (Audio CD)
    Traditionally, I have the new album this combo again as real CD (of course, the limited digipack) instead, as is common elsewhere in recent years, as MP3 download gained. Qntal are among the few recent Acts, which I prove this honor) However, I slamm
  • table Billiard  

    Mini Billiard Table "Pool Table" (Toys)
    Very small table billiards - which is quite funny in the beginning. Via the Bnade not play as well, because the band is very hard. Hardly suitable for practice or learn
  • boards to the mini RC on the racetrack on the table  

    Table Top Racing (App)
    The game is really fun even if the control over the Fire Stick TV remote control could be better solved. In Table Top Racing one drives his mini rc about books and notebooks, pens serve as a guardrail and the piece of cake it is also to drive around.
  • Severin table grill  

    Severin PG2790 electric barbecue table barbecue black (garden products)
    Severin Barbecue Table Grill is highly recommended, and is super processed, I would buy again, had the predecessor type in use for years, great device
  • Must Have on the changing table !!!  

    Bieco 23-021096 - 3D wood beetles Mobile (Baby Product)
    Absolutely brilliant on the changing table for our little is thrilled! The Mobile consists mostly of wood and felt something at the figures ... Very cute and made for the price absolutely great !!! More need not be ...
  • Solid table lamp  

    Paul Neuhaus table lamp Led Verona 4077-55 (household goods)
    Since you can not complain: A solid and simple table lamp, which is also nice one corner can shine in the room with the included bulbs. Of course, the brightness is not enough to brighten a larger room. The light color is still almost warm, through t
  • Cheap Table Lamp  

    ALCO 957 table lamp black (Office supplies & stationery)
    The table lamp of the company ALCO is delivered in a flat white cardboard. In this you will find a manual whose signature can be seen but only with a magnifying glass and, of course, the table lamp itself. At first glance, but the lamp acts big and b
  • High quality solid wood tables  

    FINEBUY Sheesham 3-piece set table Solid hardwood side table coffee table
    When looking for a 3-piece set side tables made of solid wood, I came across this article; I already have a TV bench from the same cloth. That reminds me of the price seemed very reasonable, I ordered the set. The delivery was very quick and the tabl
  • Design table fan  

    Pearl NC-1126 table fan with silicone propeller - (Misc.) Soft Silicone leaves with 20 cm
    Today, the fan came on after usual short delivery time. Based on previous reviews, I was skeptical and I want to give the fan I unpacked and tested him directly. > Processing / Design < For the price range, I feel the process as well, the plast
  • The premium table? It is worth it!  

    Dehner wooden planting table Premium, about 110 x 83 x 52 cm (garden products)
    I've been thinking long. Should I support the basic model for around 50 euros or the premium for 100 and there is even an increase of 200 euros to take? The latter turned out he passed my budget. At 50 Euro table, I was skeptical about whether he wou
  • Super table  

    Kettler table, 160 x 95 cm, silver / anthracite (garden products)
    As always, the goods from Amazon was delivered on time. The table was very well packaged. The corners were thick plastic caps geschützt.Qualitativ there is nothing to complain about. Assembling relatively simple. The table is under our Terassendach.S
  • Caution for Exel tables  

    WPS Office + PDF (app)
    I like a lot and is well thought out. You can retrieve, edit and save their documents in the cloud. But be careful when Exel tables. Somehow this app has shot up my entire formulas.
  • Nice Table  

    Garden table glass table coffee table aluminum (choice of color) - 190x87cm (garden products)
    Easy to set up Süper nice table, the glass plates are just so on top of it which is sad but not mounted the rest is perfect
  • Very nice table  

    Garden table glass table coffee table aluminum (choice of color) - 190x87cm (garden products)
    Very fast delivery and a good email contact. The table is easy to assemble. It can be adjusted in height something good when the ground is not yet quite flat. There was a shortage in one of the glass plates 3 is a scratch exists. The table and the gl
  • Solid garden table  

    Garden table glass table coffee table aluminum (choice of color) - 190x87cm (garden products)
    The structure is very time-consuming and forces! The table was delivered in two packages. However, the packages arrived several days! The table is ok for its price. I tightened the screws again after a few days of use.
  • Beautiful table 1  

    Garden table glass table coffee table aluminum (choice of color) - 190x87cm (garden products)
    The table arrived in two packets - the frame and the plates packaged separately. Unfortunately, a glass plate had a few quirks. In order to shorten the and avoid the back and forth, I have arranged with the manufacturer / distributor of the table on
  • 5 star for a pretty good table  

    FMD 354-001 Computer table Pascal B / H / T approx 90.0 x 74.5 x 40.0 cm, Beech (household goods)
    The other reviews I would like to join in part, however, I must also say that all the gripe about the table is how small but determined, have never heard of inch sticks or the like. I mainly write on this table with A4 blocks. Even for A3 this table