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  • A sort of Best of by Wolfgang Petry, super pieces  

    Everything (Audio CD)
    Really a kind of best of him, all pieces of distinction, all pieces that we know, only one thing is missing, a real catchy tune, The hell knows or he does not know. But otherwise everything is good from him here, who does not know the first song on t
  • Wolfgang Petry "Brand New" and in top form!  

    Brand (Audio CD)
    . "I'm gone I'm out, I said, said 'it also it ran.' Everything as long as' perfect, at this point you can hear it on Why should I make the mistake;.? Not stop until people laugh I was gone . I was out " -Wolfgang Petry These are the first lines
  • For Wolfgang Petry-lovers  

    Joyful Christmas (Audio CD)
    Who likes Wolfgang Petry and his hits, which truly make his fun! I also made it fun and I'm glad that I can classify this CD as an alternative to my Christmas CDs. Otherwise, I have a very fast delivery pleased (I ordered just two days before Christm
  • Wolfgang Petry One more time  

    Once more 2014 (MP3 Download)
    I recommend the CD once more every arrange this CD are intesiert Wolfgang Petry there simply is great :)
  • Wolfgang Petry - his greatest hits as Maxi - Version  

    All Maxi-his greatest successes (Audio CD)
    The singer Wolfgang Petry with its largest and most beautiful hits than Maxi - Version. For fans of wool is an absolute must!
  • Wolfgang Petry - My Favorite Songs  

    My Favorite Songs (Audio CD)
    Wolfgang Petry - My Favorite Songs - Very nice CD of wool Petry - A total must for followers of crooner
  • Best-of Wolfgang Petry!  

    All 2 (Audio CD)
    Once again, it has managed Wolfgang Petry. A new strong album with only the best of Wolfgang Petry from recent years. Hits like "God knows" and "wives", classic ballads like making "none of this" new and aufgeppte Petry hits
  • Wolfgang Petry Brand  

    Brand (MP3 Download)
    International retirement. Was curious what Petry brings out on the album. Pleasantly surprised. Not so as you are used to it from earlier! Buy rating and 5 stars!
  • Simply Wolfgang Petry  

    Typical premium version (Audio CD)
    I am big fan of wool and have already collected some CD. This had to be there also. As always Partykracher and simply calm and thoughtful songs. What all wool fans
  • Wolfgang Petry  

    Once more 2014 (MP3 Download)
    Super ..... just simply wool. Please back from him. Wool was good, is good and remains good. This proves this song wiedermal.
  • Joyful Christmas / Wolfgang Petry  

    Joyful Christmas (MP3 Download)
    Was a little bit excited about his music at a young age. It was a pity that I could not see him live. Those who want to break away from the everyday Weihnachstress, just right.
  • The best of the whipping boy, but the (almost) all love  

    Everything (Audio CD)
    In Wolfgang Petry is really rumgehackt much. His appearance is criticized, the "Incarnate friendship band" is still one of the more harmless insults. Yet once somewhere is a folk festival, for example, also the Oktoberfest in Munich, are again a
  • Petry thank: At last, the German pop rock again!  

    My Way (Audio CD)
    Almost 6 years, we had a new Achim Petry Album wait ... and now I can say that the wait was more than worth it. After Achim was nominated in 2007 practically the official Petry successor, came in the same year the album "... just as I" on the ma
  • The usual Petry Quality is back  

    Lifeboat (Radio Version) (MP3 Download)
    A catchy tune, the two together really great. The text surprised me wiedermal. Thanks .... I happen to have bought the tabloids, the inner part was a report on Achim and Wolfgang Petry and that from Friday, 15.08. A new song will be heard on the radi
  • Typical Petry!  

    Typical (Standard Version) (Audio CD)
    And again a typical album of Wolfgang Petry. The sound habitually rock and lyrics directly. Overall, a little quieter than the last albums. The highlight is of course the title song "Typical woman, typical man", but otherwise lacking other outst
  • Petry with a difference but even worse!  

    I Am Ene Kölsche Young (Audio CD)
    I Am Ene Kölsche Jung is just bad. That does not fit and is not credible. If you know the originals and then Wolfgang Petry imagines ... The CD does not need a man!
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    AmazonBasics Protective Case for iPhone 5 and 5S (polycarbonate and silicone) Black / Grey (Wireless Phone Accessory)
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  • Achim + = Brand new epoch  

    Brand (Limited Fanbox) (Audio CD)
    Before I album itself only a tiny bit of history and how the fire was rekindled from wool. His son Achim had provided for his album entitled era. At dinner wool talked his son out and said that would be a good song, but when he sings of a dinosaur in
  • Nothing of wool  

    Just Crazy! (Audio CD)
    Wolfgang Petry seems slow a prisoner of his own style. On "Easy Geil" you get nothing new to hear but over and over again gets served the old sound, so that at some point everything sounds the same and no longer original, somehow seems "Fal