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  • ROWENTA ES 6930 / KRUPS EA 6930  

    Krups EA 6930 fully automatic espresso machine (household goods)
    I have the 'IT 6930' by 'Rowenta' now since the beginning of September 2010. Prior to purchasing, I naturally the assessments for various fully automatic machines on Amazon looked at and wondered why no review has been written on this machine. After
  • easy to use floating hood, Krups CF6000  

    Krups CF6000 suspended hood, hairdryer (Personal Care)
    This hairdryer I gave my 84 old mother and she could immediately handle it. Before, they had a similar product of Brown, with which there was frequent problems because the 2 separate fans. I find the Krups CF6000 is a sturdy, easy to use device, suit
  • Krups Quality: The legend is crumbling ...  

    Krups coffee grinder grinder GVX242 (household goods)
    Trusting in the reputation of the Krups brand and the noble-looking exterior I bought without prior research GVX242 a coffee grinder. And immediately returned because the timer was broken and one of the rubber feet missing. Not a good sign for qualit
  • Krups company still has not fixed the problem!  

    Krups FDK 451 sandwich toaster (850 watts, toast plates 25 x 12 cm) black (household goods)
    That's pretty bold, what I read here. We have the previous model this Sandwich Toasters (mind you, it is the third since the company Krups was probably somewhat earlier kullanter), in which, as many have written here, broke off after a short time of
  • Krups has improved! Strong buy recommendation  

    Krups FDK 451 sandwich toaster (850 watts, toast plates 25 x 12 cm) black (household goods)
    After my old Krups Sandwich Maker and more difficult to clean after many years and went to the coating in some places broke had to get a new. Actually, I wanted a 3 in 1 device, but since I did not find with good workmanship, I took the Krups and am
  • Does not comply with. I'll get back a Krups.  

    Bosch MFQ3540 Handr├╝hrer (450 watts, 5 speed levels) white / gray (household goods)
    Since the end of 2010 we have a hand mixer MFQ3540. While on this lit a great sticker, "450 Watt" is at, but he does not make it, unfortunately, bring them also watt "in the dish" to. For over a year he gets, even at low load to s
  • Krups has again lost a customer  

    Krups F 608 01 hand mixer 3 Mix 7000 (350 watts, with turbo level) (household goods)
    Since human thoughts are with us in the household Krups 3Mix Mixer. Last a 3Mix7000. The old disease of all models are the gears, where put the whisks. They are eventually out. So far, the exchange was not a problem. Recently I was told the hotline t
  • Filters and keeps the Krups coffee machine running ...  

    Krups F 088 01 Water filter f. All models Orchestro espresso / coffee equipment (household goods)
    When calcareous water from Cologne, the filter is not available in an urgent tool to keep the Krups coffee run long on. I now taste no difference with or without filters. 10, - to 15, - Euro is a bit steep for the filter but he keeps indeed 2 months.
  • Krups EA 6930 fully automatic espresso machine  

    Krups EA 6930 fully automatic espresso machine (household goods)
    Krups EA 6930 fully automatic espresso machine We had 4 coffee machines in the past 5 years. First, a rather expensive Saeco, which has coffee maintained at about 3500 cups a little over 3 years. Then the first repair was due - with more than 250.- E
  • Krups EA 6910  

    Krups EA 6910 fully automatic espresso machine / 15 bar / 1.8 liter water tank / steam nozzle (household goods)
    Krups EA 6910 fully automatic espresso machine / 15 bar / 1.8 liter water tank / steam nozzle Actually, this machine has all been described in detail. What's missing is the final report, after the warranty. Our machine is now 2 years and 5 months old
  • Krups EA 6930 fully automatic espresso machine 1  

    Krups EA 6910 fully automatic espresso machine / 15 bar / 1.8 liter water tank / steam nozzle (household goods)
    After three weeks of use the Krups EA 6930, here is my personal opinion in bullet points. Decisive for the purchase was at the end of the compact design of the machine, because it should not apply to the countertop the kitchen but its place but measu
  • Krups XS 6000 Cappuccino Set Espresseria  

    Krups XS 6000 Cappuccino Set Espresseria (household goods)
    I have espresso fully automatic coffee machine EA 8108 and am fully satisfied with the accessories Krups XS 6000 Cappuccino Set Espresseria he makes super foam better than the foam nozzle, is easy to clean'm fully satisfied with everything,
  • Krups Nespresso Essenza Automatic Earth.  

    Krups Nespresso Essenza Automatic YY1540FD Earth - Color Taupe (Kitchen)
    I bought a new machine Krups Nespresso Essenza because mine gave soul for a very long service that lasted over 10 years which is rare for a machine so I bought the same but more modern lol, the machine is very beautiful in that color there it is a li
  • ice cream maker Krups 241 - good product  

    Ice cream maker Krups GVS241 1.6L White / Metal (Kitchen)
    I hesitated before I got into buying an ice cream machine on the Internet; certainly, I saved 15 euros, which is not negligible on a small amount (80 euros at Boulanger). Amazon is not the cheapest in all products, but in this one; he was. Reactivity
  • Krups soda bags Vacupack more  

    Krups F3807010 Soda Bags Vacupack Plus (Kitchen)
    I am not satisfied with the empty air of soda-Krups F3807010 bags bag sticks to the air intake mouth and the entrance to the pump vide.j'en have had a brand different for 10 years and it worked better.
  • KRUPS Claris cartridge  

    Krups Claris YX103201 Accessory for espresso Water Filter Cartridge for Coffee Machine (Kitchen)
    Remains an expensive product like all filter cartridges BRITA KRUPS or others .. Finally ... need made law! F. M├╝ntzer
  • compilation Gene Krupa & Buddy Rich  

    -King Porter Stomp (CD)
    This compilation brings together two studio albums recorded by drummers Gene Krupa and Buddy Rich in 1955 and 1962. In 55, they play with Dizzy Gillespie, Roy Eldridge, Oscar Peterson, Flip Phillips ... in 1962, accompanied by a big band included ...
  • Krups 1  

    Krups F 054.00 descaling accessory (Kitchen)
    product provided by Krups and just read the instructions displayed on the screen of the coffeemaker.
  • MA krups third problem with the steam nozzle is not worn. purchase 17/07/2013  

    Krups Automatic Espresso YY8204FD Combine Inox (Kitchen)
    a little disappointed after two weeks marking the steam preheat button erased) if not a lot of progress since the first krup