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  • Andrea Berg / Weightless produced by Dieter Bohlen  

    Weightless (Audio CD)
    I like Dieter Bohlen. In this respect I have, when I heard that Andrea Berg with Dieter Bohlen a CD receives the CD also bought the same. Andrea Berg has always had beautiful titles and great CD'S. But this CD is the best of her. Music and text, in a
  • Best CD of Andrea Berg  

    Atlantis (Premium Edition) (Audio CD)
    I must confess, this CD is the best Andrea Berg has published. One can see there again the Dieter Bohlen is a super producer. I was also on the Atlantis concert and it was amazing.
  • Andrea Berg Latest Album  

    Weightless (Audio CD)
    Bin for a long time fan of Andrea Berg and can honestly say one of their best albums. The songs are as usual ear and there are some titles could be doing the hits. And all this on an album. Hats off. Cooperation with Dieter Bohlen has proven to be a
  • Typical Andrea Berg  

    Atlantis (Audio CD)
    Ansich I like the new CD of Andrea Berg quite well. The songs on the first CD are typical Bohlen compositions, ie can not run a lot of upside. The songs go into your ear and you can soon sing along with a longer drive. If only not nearly throughout t
  • Dieter Bohlen and his personal leadership ...  

    Happiness (Audio CD)
    Why these songs not sing Andrea Berg ??? Is it just your new style ... Too bad for Beatrice !!! But we must not give up hope so, because it is, after your first work for DSDS, which is indeed often "sponsored" by Mr Bohlen or jury members. The f
  • The best after Andrea Berg !!  

    Colours Game (Audio CD)
    Have downloaded the new CD. Was previously always a Andrea Berg supporter. But Helene Fischer learns to love over time. I prefer German hit multiple than that of Switzerland or with us in Austria. Because one better understands the German.
  • Andrea Berg thrilled their fans  

    Atlantis Live the Home (Audio CD)
    Andrea Berg ran onto a catwalk-like stage into the orchestra, in an overwhelmingly large audience .. From the press I learned later that Andrea is a German pop icon. Their appearance was before 13,000 fans at Berlin's Arena, near Ostbahnhof instead.
  • 5 stars for Dieter Bohlen and Daniele Negroni  

    Absolutely Right (2-Track) (Audio CD)
    Here are working songwriters and artists together perfectly. Behind this number Dieter Bohlen nobody would have expected, he is more likely to slow title. But this song exudes action and power. Thanks Dieter and thank Daniele. Here is probably the tr
  • A Fake was faked ... applause to Dieter Bohlen!  

    Do not Think About Me (MP3 Download)
    Embarrassing, embarrassing ... DSDS and Dieter Bohlen. Even less well-off Bonoboaffen would certainly be judged as the ability to get a Song, the not so sounds like "Marchin 'On" by One Republic. Pietro Lombardi's famous (rather infamous!) Fake
  • Andrea Berg simply super  

    You're free (Audio CD)
    I like Andrea Berg have specific titles sought and joyfully noted that they are on their first cd their songs describe life
  • CD of Andrea Berg  

    You're free (Audio CD)
    have seen in no shop more this CD of Andrea Berg. Any fan of her should this beautiful CD Grab. It's really fun when Amazon in the CD shop to browse, because you discovered what you do not get much in the city.
  • Because I love bin Andrea Berg  

    Because I Love Bin (Audio CD)
    This CD is of the songs her well I zusammengestellt.Da all songs I know and am Andrea Berg supporter, this CD was the best buy for me.
  • The typical Andrea Berg / Eugene Roman remains sound ...!  

    Between Heaven and Earth (Audio CD)
    Since I was also very excited about this new work of award-winning singer, I took me immediately to me on 3 April and luckily you could listen before a 30.sec audition each track.! The CD's just since the 2001 hit "You got me a thousand times lied to
  • Andrea Berg - the rival to Helen Fischer!  

    Best Of (MP3 Download)
    Andrea Berg has beautiful, insinuating songs that go into your ear. However, her stage outfit is not always optimal ... There are certainly more beautiful clothes.
  • Pop diva Andrea Berg  

    Adventure - 20 years Andrea Berg (Audio CD)
    For each hit, but also music fan a must. On a CD together great music was summarized. Apart Andrea Berg as SoloStar the CD includes some interesting and unique Duets among others Lionel Richie. As a bonus there's a 2DVD among others report on the Ope
  • Andrea Berg Adventure  

    Adventure - 20 years Andrea Berg (MP3 Download)
    That was a good buy. Andrea Berg makes good music CD I hear today often like. Very good.
  • Andrea Berg makes great music  

    You can not again right lies (MP3 Download)
    This music I enjoy listening to. She gives me great pleasure. Andrea Berg makes great music. The download always works well and quickly
  • December night Andrea Berg  

    December Night (Audio CD)
    Have thought about Andrea Berg but must also sing carols. Do they then searched and found with you. Just great, thank you!
  • CD Andrea Berg  

    December Night (Audio CD)
    Of these songs, I was not very excited SWO. I've seen better from her CDs but it's only for Christmas time. I'm already a fan of Andrea Berg un look forward inmmer if it brings a new CD out. Tthe Lieferu ng came packaged quickly and well. M. Weber
  • Great! Andrea Berg in top form!  

    Stark naked (Audio CD)
    I do not know by what ideals some marches into the business, looking at the hit-shelf and hope (has the happy knack, and Andrea Berg's new plant brings home!) ... - And then his frustration of the soul must write, this division must make bad music an