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  • Long Akkulaufz., Super proce., Kostenl.Offline Navig., Great operating system (Android Migrators), Dual Sim par excellence ...  

    Nokia Lumia 630 Dual-SIM Smartphone (11,4 cm (4,5 Zoll) Touchscreen, 5 Megapixel Kamera, HD-Ready Video, Snapdragon 400, 1,2GHz Quad-Core, Windows Phone 8.1) gelb (Elektronik)
    (Update: 28.02.2015) Currently ... OS Version: 8.10.14234.375 (updated 02/28/2015) Firmware Version: 02040.00021.15053.36003 Attention !!! New alternatives to the Lumia 630 !!! (See under "mild criticism") INTRODUCTION ... Would like to des
  • Really good Android implementation  

    Hearthstone: Heroes of Warcraft (App)
    Games Hearthstone for almost a year and have been waiting on the Android app. Despite that I will be informed at the beginning of the app that my tablet is too weak for this app, it runs absolutely smoothly and stable at me. Have so far also no diffe
  • Why have I only just bought this great part of ... (even Android FB possible ...)  

    Canon EOS 100D Digital SLR Camera (18 Megapixel, 7.6 cm (3 inches) touch screen, Full HD, Live View) Kit including EF-S 18-55mm 1:. 3.5-5.6 IS STM (Electronics)
    All my life I took pictures: a child with a "Ritsch-Ratsch Cassette pocket camera" (with a few precious flash cubes), then later a Olympus mju with electronic flash. Then cell phone photos with increasing number of megapixels, then a Minolt
  • WARNING: only works with the current Android version 4.4 !!!  

    Orbotix 1B01ROW Ollie - Robotic Gaming System (Accessories)
    Upon receipt of the Ollie, I was very annoyed: the force required to control app only works with very current iOS or Android versions. The smartphone must be at least Android 4.4 installed. Unfortunately not be rejected clearly indicates this. Availa
  • Android 5.0 - flight turbulence.  

    Samsung Galaxy S5 smartphone (5-inch display, 16GB of memory, Android 5) charcoal-black (Wireless Phone)
    Actually, I was halfway satisfied with the GS5. In particular, the battery performance stability were much value. Has the new software upgrade Android Lollipop rolled Since Android 5.0 the device comes with permanent disturbance and crash. ES was no
  • Best aussehendste SmartWatch currently - Android Wear with room for improvement  

    Motorola Moto 360 SmartWatch (bright stainless steel case with gray leather strap) (Accessories)
    UPDATE: downgraded to 2 stars - today indeed receive the 4.4W2 update, but also found that the loading graphics begins to bake in the screen quality ... therefore rather poor :-( UPDATE II: since 4.4W2 suddenly aborts the connection to the mobile pho
  • Funktionier of iPad 1 and 3 & Android mobile phone  

    AirPlay / DLNA receivers (PRO) (App)
    Does the iPad as well as from an Android phone. SkyGo has not yet worked. Probably because of HD. Must make me smart because again if that could work anyway.
  • Best Rally App for Android  

    Pocket Rally (App)
    This game is worth every penny. The driving physics and the graphics are just great for Android. With different types of vehicles you can slowly approach the drift work. There is also a Wiederholmöglichkeit of the race. This is very reminiscent of Co
  • Great point and click adventure for Android  

    The Silent Age (app)
    Finally a well made point and click adventure for Android! The first episode of The Silent Age is really beautifully done: loving graphics, atmospheric music and a story that leaves you wanting more. Am looking forward to the second episode, which yo
  • From Ipad for android  

    Sony Xperia SGP611 Z3 Compact Tablet 20.3 cm (8 inch) WUXGA Triluminos display, 2.5GHz quad-core, 3GB of RAM, 8.1 megapixel camera, Android 4.4, 16GB of internal memory) black (Personal Computers)
    After 3 Ipads now for the first time an Android Tablet. I have my iPad mini recently sold to kaufem me the Sony Xperia Tablet Z3. The number of advantages over the Apple tablet was just too big. Therefore here is a small list of why I have but resort
  • Compatible with Android phones and Windows Phone  

    Amazon premium headset (accessory)
    Hello, Now it is about time that I write a review. To make a long story short .... Sound is sufficient, I'm happy with it. What is for me but most importantly, it is compatible with my phone. Phone On my Android phone and the Windows full Kompatibili
  • No function with Android 4.1.1 (Lenovo A2109)  

    ZDFmediathek (App)
    The app does not recognize on my Lenovo A2109 with Android 4.1.1 the active Internet connection (WLAN). Possibly the app works only with UMTS or similar Internet connections, unfortunately I can not test this. So I will have to do without it (fortuna
  • Great hardware, needs additional app for Android ÁáÉé at 4:04  

    Perixx Periboard-804II DE Bluetooth keyboard (up to 10 meters range, on / off switch, Li-Ion battery, Android capable QWERTY layout) Black (Personal Computers)
    Typing is fine really. Pairing with Android the first use (Android 4:04 German): - Turn on Bluetooth on the mobile phone (Settings - Bluetooth -an) - Keyboard slide switch (bottom) to ON (Keyboard before charging with normal Micro USB charging cable)
  • Mobistel Cynus E1 - Dual Sim, Dual Core, Android 4.2.2 Smartphone Review,  

    Mobistel MT-350W Cynus E1 Smartphone (8.9 cm (3.5 inch) HVGA display, 3 megapixel camera, 1GHz dual-core processor, Android 4.2) White (Electronics)
    have the cynus now for 9 days in use and will briefly describe my impressions. + Postives super energy management: now runs the 5th day at a time without recharging and still have 35% battery (3.694v) to the following Terms: display on 4 h 52 m GSM a
  • Does not work on Android Tab  

    Prime Instant Video (app)
    It's nice that I be informed of Amazon again and again how great Amazon Prime Instant Video is, and that you can now use it on Android devices, but that's only half the truth. It is true that it is working on an Android mobile phone (even with an
  • Unsuitable for Android  

    Microsoft All-in-One Media Keyboard Cordless black (German keyboard layout, QWERTY) (Personal Computers)
    Seeking for a long time after a keyboard for my HDMI TV Stick is based on Android. So far I have not found that very important for Andorid devices feature pinch-to-zoom allows. That's when you zoom in to the two fingers together or move apart. I'm us
  • Important for all Android users:  

    Rode smartLav + Lavalier Microphone for Smartphone / Tablet (Electronics)
    Hello I can (still) do not say anything about the quality of the mic. But I've bought on the basis of good reviews. IMPORTANT I think but to say that there is the acclaimed Røde-Rec app for Android phones. And currently there is also, in Rode, no pla
  • The currently best compact Android smartphone with small defects  

    Samsung Galaxy S4 mini Smartphone (10.85 cm (4.27 inches) AMOLED touch screen, micro-Sim, 8 GB of internal memory, 8 megapixel camera, LTE, NFC, Android 4.2) Black (Wireless Phone Accessory)
    I have bought the Samsung Galaxy S4 mini used (like new) over the Amazon seller rebuy. The unit I have now tested through its paces for a few days and can also lead to the battery life to report some, since even the battery has enough charge cycles b
  • Android TV Stick with Kitkat 4.4.2, quad-core CPU and 2GB RAM. Wi-Fi but no AC and with poor reception performance.  

    RK3188 Android 4.2 Smart TV Box mini PC, mini-TV for Android (quad-core, 1.6GHz ARM Cortex-A9 processor, 2 GB RAM + 8GB ROM 1920x1080, WIFI, Adobe Flash11.6) support for 3D games, PDF, TXT, MP3, OGG, WMA, WMAPro, AVI, MPG, VOB, DAT, ASF, TRP ... (Electronics)
    I want / like to describe to you here my experience with the RK3188 Android TV Stick. The delivery is located next to the actual stick a 24cm long HDMI extension cable, a 5V / 2A power adapter, a 80cm long microUSB cable and a unfortunately very scar