argo dados 40 leak


  • Roof leaking unfortunately!  

    Kerbl outdoor small animal house, 36 x 36 x 40 cm (Misc.)
    The lodge is not bad per se. Our cat has accepted it and also fits in. Unfortunately, the roof is leaking and so running water inside along the wall. We have the roof clad with stainless steel, and so it fits now.
  • Water leaks? - A small but expensive joke (beware very long)  

    Sony Xperia Z Smartphone (12.7 cm (5 inches) touch screen, quad-core, 1.5GHz, 2GB RAM, 16GB memory, 13 megapixel camera, Android 4.1) (Electronics)
    I bought in May 2013 the Xperia Z, because it 55 and IP 57 standard should be water- and dust-resistant according to the IP. And 1.5 months, I was thrilled by this phone. It did what it should. Call, a little Internet ... The format is used to, but I
  • Very pretty, but unfortunately leaking ...  

    Flexofill XL 2008-1- * Nursing Pillow 190x40cm Lifestyle Dessin's (Baby Product)
    The nursing pillow was intended as a gift. Unfortunately, the pillow was leaking - that is, the filling is trickled out. Then I sent back the first pad and easily get a new copy sent. Unfortunately, the second pillow was leaking - then I have decided
  • Leaking 1  

    Nalgene Everyday OTF 0.7 L, transp., Blue cover (Misc.)
    I've often bought a Nalgene bottle and has been very satisfied. This bottle was leaking unfortunately after about a month, so unfortunately my entire bag was flooded (including electronic devices).
  • 100% leak-proof  

    Nalgene 'Everyday OTF' - 0.7 L, blue (equipment)
    Looking for a stable and really tight bottle I found this bottle. Especially great is the large opening for easy cleaning - I take often also fruit juices or cold soups. From the smaller opening can be easily consumed. With the metal bracket the bott
  • Has worked well, but is now leaking  

    Tukan pressure sprayer pressure sprayer 5 liters, white (garden products)
    October bought 2012 and has worked well. Washed out and stored in the basement and now it is leaking in several places (april 2013). Not the best workmanship.
  • Not bad, but leaking  

    RC Venezia remotely BOATS Yacht Riva optics RENNBOT ready-to-run (Toys)
    I bought this beautiful part and it also tried the same. So it's not bad, the speed is sufficient and the appearance is also very nice. Only I have 2 defects. 1. it is leaking, after about 30 minutes, water is inside the battery compartment. And 2. d
  • Partial leaking  

    100 Stk. Coffe cup Premium "coffee to go" with lid, cardboard coated 300 ml (Electronics)
    Actually, I would have given the price to be skeptical ... But nevertheless ordered: Fast delivery, ordinary packaging and visually good quality cup. Feel good, do not smell, and the lid fits perfectly. But good is all nothing but approximately every
  • Absolutely leak-proof, no sweat, no odor - highly recommended!  

    Bierbaum 350410 Molton bed liner Waterproof, 90 x 200 cm, 1 piece (household goods)
    The Mattress Pad from Bierbaum is easy rearing and holds 100% leak-proof. The material is comfortable and flexible. The children sweat more, we have not found in this document. The pad has, unlike some competitors also no unpleasant odor and throws n
  • Leaking or 5 months  

    Tetra 211933 AquaArt Crayfish Aquarium Complete Set 30 L, for crabs and shrimps with innovative technology and simple maintenance, White Edition (Misc.)
    After 5 months of leaking and had to be replaced. Also, the border around the Aquarium at which the lamp is mounted dirty especially when white model very strong and is due to be cleaned very badly by the many "irregularities".
  • Design flaw leaves bag leak - Camera is in danger  

    DiCAPac WP-410 Outdoor- / Underwater Case (Electronics)
    After about 15 days snorkeling the bag is hit and licking my camera is flooded. Two pin-sized holes have appeared at the edge of the loop holder by the fact that the plastic welding has replaced at the ends of the strap. So it is not the seal that gi
  • Leaking and talentfrei in ice cubes  

    Proficook PC UM 1006 Universal Mixer (household goods)
    Welcome to Germany looking for the super mixer. QUESTION: Can anyone recommend a blender for ice cubes? Please post comments, thank you! Here our experience with the device: Bought was the Proficook Universal Mixer for junket (yummy) and pseudo-slush
  • Function fulfilled but leaking  

    Waterbed fill and drain adapter BlueMagic with Gardena-compatible hose connection
    The adapter does the job. However, he's kind of leak, the people gathered again and again a puddle of water at the filler neck exactly where he is but I could not detect leaking. But it was eindäutig on this adapter, because with an adapter I already
  • Mechanical quality is poor, leaking  

    Tamron UV Filter 1B Multicoated for lenses with 72mm filter thread (optional)
    At first I only noticed that the glass filter in obviously is unstable (slight rattle), but that did not bother me. But now I realize that dust collects behind the filter. If there is dust on the filter, and you come up with the idea to blow this off
  • Leaking Lower Basin  

    Plantable garden fountains cascade fountain in silver
    Catch basin leak at welds. I must be sealed with a sealing compound itself. That is why I recommend that the manufacturer strongly a leak test before delivery to provide.
  • Unfortunately leaks  

    Cressi Dive Mask Big Eyes Evolution (equipment)
    Unfortunately, the spectacle was leaking with me. Under the nose has occurred continuously slow water. At first I thought VLT. it is up to the 3 day beard or face shape, but I have lent my colleagues and this had the same experience -> Not close.
  • Bottle leaking mechanism threadbare  

    ALCLEAR 71100SV Quick sealing 1 liter included ALCLEAR polishing cloth 2 pages Allrounder 40 x 40 cm for car, motorcycle, bicycle (Automotive)
    I have just applied it for the first time. Not bad! You use it sparingly and only once reached very good results. What I absolutely do not like and what I at the price paid and can not see is the leaking bottle and the cheap-looking spray mechanism.
  • Leaking! Raus waste of money.  

    Go Toob universal tube with leak-proof booth closure - volume 55ml (tool)
    I got the GoToob 60ml bought during my vacation in the United States, because I liked the concept. My joy was not long. The tubes are leaking. If you fill in and liquids, the tube upside down then the liquid seeps out slowly. The built-in suction mus
  • pretty but leaking  

    JOLTA® from the TV: SPRAY MOP spray wiper Pico Spray Mop Floor Cleaning Magic Mop spin (LILA) (household goods)
    Super packed in large cardboard box. Unfortunately, one has first signs of wear on the device seen. And when I have the water tank was screwed even residual water in it. The device is designed super. However, the tank is leaking and dripping permanen
  • Nice but leaking ...  

    Soap dispenser lotion dispenser Ceramics 'Le Bain Paris'
    ... And unfortunately unusable. This soap dispenser we bought for each bathroom, as we have the house related. Although not here on Amazon, but it is exactly the same. The design of the soap dispenser is very simple, but by ceramic and stainless stee