aso 18650 battery


  • 18650 Battery  

    NiteCore Battery 3400 Mah NL 189, NC-18650/34 (Accessories)
    The 18650 battery of NiteCore with a capacity of 3400 Mah protected from deep discharge, overload, etc. I use in my NiteCore SRT 7 The battery lasts really extremely long. The price is reasonable and the delivery was fast
  • Good and inexpensive protected 18650 battery with 3400 mAh  

    ThruNite® 2PCS 18650 Protected Li-Ion Lithium-Ion Battery for Flashlight (Misc.)
    === ====== Update April 2015 My review is from the black / silver 18650 Flattop battery with 3400 mAh of ThruNite. They are now no longer available! They were replaced by new red / white batteries with increased positive, offered both with a capacity
  • A whole lot of light with only one 18650 battery  

    ThruNite LYNX LED Flashlight with Cree XM-L2 U2 LED World Most Powerful LED Flashlight with Single 18650 - Up to 1000 lumens - Waterproof IPX-8 - with ThruNite 18650 2600 mAh battery - Lynx Diffuser (equipment)
    The ThruNite Lynx in a small suitcase incl. Accessories, a 18650 battery with 2600 mAh, holster, lanyard, diffuser and 2 O-rings, was supplied by Amazon on time and safely. This lamp from a sole 18650 battery correctly plenty of light that indicated
  • 18650 battery charger  

    New Charger for 18650 3.7v Li-ion (Electronics)
    Product corresponding to the announcement, well packaged, French has taken my great surprise, but the delivery period to 1 month. Can charge one battery or 2 simultaneously.
  • TrustFire 18650 Battery 3000mAh  

    2er SET TrustFire 18650 3.7V Lithium-Ion battery protected 3000 mAh - Button Top (higher positive) (Electronics)
    very fast shipping, good packaging, the TrustFire rechargeable batteries come as a removable battery in a Cree T6 for use, on the shelf, I can not give no judgment.
  • L'lysColors Charger for 18650 Battery and 2 ..  

    3,000mAh protected L'lysColors® Charger for 18650 Battery and 2 pieces 3.7V 18650 batteries (Misc.)
    This charger with batteries I getestet.Die batteries and charger are in a very good Zustand.Ich am glad that I now, while I reload a battery, other battery use kann.Die batteries were charged delivered what the supplier spricht.Ich recommend anyone i
  • = 18650 cells used SZN aso under 2000mAh  

    Li-ion, 7800mAh High Quality Replacement for Dell Latitude D620 portatifbatterie, Latitude D630, Latitude D630, Latitude D631, Latitude D630c, Precision M2300, This can replace portatifbatterie The Following part numbers of Dell: 310-9080, 312-0383, 312-0386, 312-0653, 451-10298, 451-10422, GD775, GD776, GD787, JD605, JD606, JD610, JD616, JD634, JD775, KD489, KD491, KD492, KD494, KD495, NT379, PC764, PC765, PD685, RD300, RD301, TC030, TD116, TD117, TD175, TG226, UD088 EPC UK
    After opening the battery, forced to observe that the cells used are aso 18650 SZN under 2000mAh or 6000mAh maximum for the total battery capacity, apart from this, the battery works, but compared to the indicated capacity it is well off the mark ...
  • cell battery under 2Ah ...  

    LENOGE®Batterie Notebook HP COMPAQ Pavilion DV7, 8 cell (Electronics)
    After opening the battery, forced to observe that the cells used are aso 18650 SZN under 2000mAh or 4000mAh maximum for the total battery capacity, apart from this, the battery works, but compared to the indicated capacity it is well off the mark ...
  • Very bright flashlight with 3 brightness levels and additional strobe and SOS mode. Operation only possible with 18650 batteries.  

    Forrader C12 CREE XM-L2 U3 Super bright 2000 lumens LED flashlight controlled light with tail button switch with 5-mode, Black (Flashlight Only) (Misc.)
    I want / you describe to you here my experience with the forrader C12 Cree flashlight. The technical data of forrader C12 are from my point of view (pure users, no flashlights Freak) identical to its predecessor, C8, only the front third of the lamp
  • Battery Type Top lamp goes so  

    LED Lenser High Performance Line F1R, F-Series, 1x 18650 Li-Ion Battery 8701-R (household goods)
    I've already bought several flashlights (NiteCore, Fenix, LED Lenser ...) in the price segment up to 150 €. Positive on the F1R are low weight (112g), the small size and thanks to the 18650 batteries a decent uptime. In particular, the type of batter
  • Battery for Eagtac TX25c2  

    Foxnovo ICR18650 3100mAh 3.7V 11.5Wh High Drain IC managed 18650 Rechargeable Li-ion Battery (Electronics)
    Battery brings full power! But I need to recharge after complete it again easily unload the tension apparently is too strong for the LED flashlight! However, I have yet had no other 18650 battery!
  • Good lamp, 10 Seconds life (18650 USE ONLY)  

    UltraFire WF-501B UV LED flashlight ultraviolet black light incl. Holster and 2x CR123 Battery (Electronics)
    Well, this lamp would be measured by their price quite Ok if you would keep for. I have used them with the enclosed CR123 and then she lit up 10 seconds. That looked good. Very much visible light and everything nice as you want it. But then was from
  • Supplied with adapter for 18650 Batteries  

    CREE T6 1000LM Aluminum Alloy Zoomable Adjustable LED Flashlight
    In other reviews it was mentioned that the 18650 battery has a lot of game in the housing of the flashlight. Apparently was the now corrected by the sender, because the two lamps I ordered came with an adapter (plastic pipe / plastic pipe) that the b
  • Good LED Flashlight with high beam range  

    Alldaymall® Zoomable XM-L T6 LED Flashlight, 5 Modes 18650 AAA battery T6 LED Adjustable Focus lighting lamp flashlight for camping, hiking and other outdoor activities & Indoor Activities (Misc.)
    From the lower price segment to which I include this offering of Alldaymall, I was able to test a similar product some time ago. Much the lamps do not take here, differences are there yet. First, you should be aware that these low-cost LED bulbs can
  • Cheap lamp in the Tactical-Design  

    SecurityIng® 700LM XM-L2 U2-1A LED 5 IPX-7 waterproof tactical flashlight mode for hiking / camping / riding / Other outdoor activities (Misc.)
    With 5 light modes including the popular strobe function this favorable but nevertheless very solid processed lamp has a good functionality and convincing in practice especially with its high luminosity whether it really is here to 700 lumens, howeve
  • Small handy flashlight  

    SecurityIng® 700LM XM-L2 U2-1A LED 5 IPX-7 waterproof tactical flashlight mode for hiking / camping / riding / Other outdoor activities (Misc.)
    As part of product testing me this flashlight was available for testing. The XM-L U2 SecurityIng flashlight is well protected in a small cardboard box. The flashlight is made of high quality aluminum and is solid processed. Establishments, the flashl
  • Handy LED flashlight with good light output  

    SecurityIng® 600 Lumens XM-L T6 LED Flashlight 5 Mode High Intensity Output tactical flashlight suitable for 18650, or Two ICR123A battery (Misc.)
    This luminous little flashlight has 5 modes including strobe function and is processed well after my previous impression. In addition to a 18650 battery, the lamp can also be operated with 2 CR123 batteries. Who never had anything to do with lithium-
  • Compact emergency flashlight with 5 modes  

    SecurityIng® Portable XM-L T6 600 Lumen 5 Modes Zoomable and Extended-LED flashlight, Support 26650 and AAA batteries for hiking, camping, household, indoor and outdoor activities (Misc.)
    This small LED flashlight has 5 modes and is processed well my impression. It is operated with three AAA batteries (AAA) or one 18650 battery. The button operation is in my view more practical than in small models otherwise also usual twist operation
  • High-power LED flashlight Fenix ​​PD35- super processed and compact class in all disciplines!  

    FENIX LED FLASHLIGHT PD35 (equipment)
    Last update: 15/03/2015 Did my collection again somewhat supplemented by: although this time not directly through Amazon order. Even if the price at first glance "something" highly erscheint- this LED flashlight of Fenix ​​plays in a high l
  • Even better than expected 1  

    NiteCore UM10 USB Charger with LCD display for Li-Ion battery / Einschachtlader (Accessories)
    I actually wanted to charge only 18650 battery. This can, of course, the unit and it can be better but also stick directly into a USB port of a PC or directly in the charger of the mobile phone by the enclosed accessories / cables. (Here is indeed us