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  • // Convince a surprisingly good sound quality and ease of use more than just an internet radio ...  

    Auna Radio Gaga Digital Design Wlan-Radio Internet Radio Alarm Clock Radio for wireless home network (DAB / DAB +, FM Tuner, USB, AUX, remote control, 2 alarms, snooze, sleep timer, RDS) (Electronics)
    FOREWORD ========= The acquisition of the Internet Radio had with me several reasons. First, I have here in the house where I need a radio, poor reception with the antenna. Secondly annoy me the local stations that seemingly have a preference for cer
  • Clear recommendation for the Auna Gaga Internet Radio  

    Auna Gaga Internet Radio DAB + Wifi digital radio with remote control (AUX IN, RDS, Dual alarm function, USB charging station, time and date) brown (Electronics)
    A lot of positives has already written about the device. I can only confirm everything that actually. DAB + worked immediately. Ebeso Internet radio - that even my very Schache DSL (1Mbit) line, which is distributed even via WLAN and WLAN Repeater ov
  • Review for Internet radio Dueal IR 5  

    Dual IR 5 Internet Radio (WiFi (WEP, WPA, WPA2), RDS PLL FM tuner, battery, headphone jack) Black (Electronics)
    Four weeks ago, I have the Internet Radio DUAL IR gained me 5, and it runs since several hours a day. For me it was important that the radio has a power supply and a built-in battery. From ordering to delivery took only two days. After the first star
  • Prima Internet Radio  

    Auna Connect 150 Design Lan Radio Internet Radio Wifi Radio alarm clock in aluminum-wood design (USB, Lan, DAB / DAB +, FM, RDS, 2 alarm times, Sleep timer, remote control, AUX) black-brown (Electronics)
    I've been looking for a small Internet and DAB radio for our kitchen. Through various tests and reviews I have become aware of the Auna "Connect 150". The delivery took place within 2 days. The setting of DAB + and internet radio via Wi-Fi was e
  • Super Internet Radio  

    Auna Weimar Retro Internet Radio DAB + Lan Radio with Bluetooth (AUX-IN, 5.5 x 3cm display, sleep timer and alarm function, nostalgia-Holt Radio) Brown (Electronics)
    I was looking for a Christmas present for my husband: he wanted an Internet radio. My claim was not exactly small: it should have Bluetooth, a good sound without noise, Channel Set, easy to operate and it should have a "retro look". For this pur
  • Quite a useful Internet radio  

    Hama Internet-Radio IR250 (WLAN / LAN with remote control, LAN socket, wake-up and WiFi streaming function, Line-Out) (Electronics)
    Some reviews are terrific: As is written of relatively poor quality, of hama that eh shopping only labels and the stuff cheap from China, and in general the products are too expensive. Completely wrong the allegations are not, but if you compare, you
  • Super sound and very good Internet Radio  

    Denon AVR-X1100W 7.2 surround AV receiver (WLAN, Spotify Connect, Internet radio, 5 + 1 HDMI, DLNA, AirPlay, 145 Watt) (Electronics)
    I want to make some hopefully useful information here. Was also carrying the YAMAHA RX-v677 and Pioneer VSX-924, but me but then decided to Denon. The reasons are factually oriented use and are difficult to generalize. I attach great importance to In
  • Hangs after a few minutes listening to Internet Radio  

    MEDION LIFE P85024 (MD 86698) Wi-Fi wireless Internet radio (DLNA, UPnP, FM, USB, 6.1 cm / 2.4 inches, 2x 5W) (Electronics)
    By almost only positive reviews and the good price-performance ratio, I decided for this Internet Radio. However, there was already a 1-star rating, in the stand that the Medion Radio constantly hangs. This is precisely the problem I had unfortunatel
  • I am very pleased with this Internet Radio - good sound - easy to use. Super Support.  

    Avox Indio Color - Internet radio with 3.5 "color display (electronic)
    I wanted as a gift an Internet radio. I thought it would be easy and then I found very quickly that this is a world of its own - especially since I HIFI Audio and absolutely no idea. Fortunately, however, this device is found, after I have read count
  • Large Internet Radio with oomph. I'm very satisfied with Sound, no crashes. Need some space  

    Avox INDIO Grand Internet Radio / Audio Receiver (Electronics)
    After I had already bought a Indio Color as a gift and I was very happy with it, I bought a private yet Avox Indio Grand. When the package arrived I was initially very surprised that it is significantly larger than the Indio Color. That's a neat box
  • An excellent internet radio  

    Auna Radio Gaga - Internet radio WiFi / Ethernet, DAB tuner / DAB + and FM, USB port for MP3 playback (modern cubic style remote control compatible FLAC / WAV / AAC / WMA) - Nature (Electronics)
    I discovered the principle of internet radio stations with a friend, I was immediately enthusiastic about the concept. Living in the countryside, I only get very few FM stations and that kind of connected radio allows me to listen to all French stati
  • Unfortunately, no real internet radio  

    Auna quartz 150 Design wireless radio Wi-Fi Internet Radio (clock, alarm clock with snooze, sleep timer, AUX connection for phone and MP3 player) black
    Actually intended as a substitute for the Blaupunkt IR18 (the Internet is no radio, but the platform I-operated radio) I unpacked full anticipation that Auna. Honestly I expected not a luxury model for the price and was therefore pleasantly surprised
  • Use as a pure DLNA and Internet Radio Stereo Receiver  

    Onkyo TX-NR414 5.1 Network AV receiver (HD-Audio, 3D Ready, RDS, USB 2.0, Apple iPhone / iPod, 130 W / channel) (Electronics)
    Caveat: My review refers to a type of use of the receiver that everything has to do with video, not required, ie as pure hi-fi receiver with use of my DLNA server and Internet Radio. Actually, it's nonsense, zweckzuentfremden a video AV receiver for
  • Very good Internet radio via LAN and digital, optical audio output (Toslink)  

    DNT IPdio Tune internet radio (FM tuner, Wi-Fi, SD card slot, USB 2.0) (Electronics)
    After reading the other reviews I decided to purchase under the following conditions: Use only as Internet radio, connect only via a LAN cable (wireless disabled), audio connector only digitally via optical Toslink cable to a home hi-fi Equipment. Th
  • Internet - Radio intermittently  

    Marantz Melody Media MCR610 / N1W Network Receiver White (Electronics)
    It was already quite positive about the device geschrieben.Ich it had exclusively for the reception of Internet radio stations gekauft.Einrichtung WiFi, problemlos.Der station plays 1 hour or even five hours then there is a Unterbrechung.Auf the disp
  • Unfortunately, the Internet Radio was very weak ..  

    Wi-Fi Internet Radio Internet TV Xoro HMT 370 with WiFi FM Radio Multimedia Player (Electronics)
    Fast delivery and good correspondence with the dealers were the positives. Unfortunately, I am not 370 guided by the many negative reviews about the XORO HMT because my current Internet Radio (other manufacturers) runs fine), I thought that I also ha
  • 1A Internet Radio  

    dnt IPdio clock Internet Radio (Electronics)
    Review dnt IPdio Clock We purchased the radio in the electric market for 79.99 euros. The packaging was stable, but not particularly well fixed the device itself in a box. In addition to the IPdio besides PSU also a remote control with was supplied.
  • Q2 Internet Radio blue  

    Q2 Internet Radio blue (Electronics)
    Super part. After all the positive reviews now, I am number one and with 5 stars. The Q2 is the ideal solution if you want to limit themselves heard only on mobile Internet Radio. By the handy form can be small cubes everywhere accept and available W
  • Everyday use Internet Radio  

    Avox INDIO Link Internet Streaming Adapter (Electronics)
    I had made myself at the reviews and issues smart before I purchased the product. The decisive reason for buying was that this unit has 8 channels keys and the last station is stored when switched off. The background is that when I get up early, the
  • HAMA DIR3000 Internet Radio  

    Hama DIR3000 Internet and digital radio (DAB +, DAB, FM, USB port with charging and playback function, alarm and WiFi streaming function, free Smart Radio app) (Electronics)
    Ordered yesterday, delivered today. Thanks to Amazon for Top Service. After I now have had enough of compact CD radio, which to say goodbye the CD drive after a short time, I appreciate the advantages of USB ports and Line-In or Aux ports gelernt.Und