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  • Never re the AUNA brand  

    Auna HF583 active 5.1 system speaker set with 70 Watt RMS (integr. FM radio, USB-SD input, remote control) (Electronics)
    WOW, that something bad I've never experienced! 5.1 laughable volume just laughable, remote receiving very bad! So the Auna brand can not really recommend it boxing or boxing here the 5.1 PC Anlage.Normale PC for 29 have more sound and bass like this
  • ATTENTION !!! Warning !!! Yes nothing order from Auna ... no service !!!  

    Auna Active 5.1 surround speakers speaker system (electronic)
    We ordered a 5.1 system of Auna 8 months ago. In this system recently the two rear speakers do not work anymore. Actually, the speakers should be replaced or repaired within the warranty period we thought ... But the company Hifi-Tower, which sells t
  • Auna Areal Bar 450  

    Auna Areal Bar 450 2.1 Soundbar with Subwoofer (100 Watts, SRS WOW HD, AUX, sleep timer, remote) (Electronics)
    Price - performance ratio ok. With me Auna Areal Bar is used to switch the sound from TV to improve and I am satisfied.
  • David Auna home graciously sent me this radio (like no other) to test it.  

    auna Connect 150 - wifi internet radio with DAB + and FM tuner, 2.1 speakers, USB media player (alarm clock with dual alarms, color screen, equalizer) - Wood (Electronics)
    This review is from: auna Connect 150 - Radio with DAB + wifi internet and FM tuner, 2.1 speakers, USB media player (alarm clock with dual alarms, color screen, equalizer) - Wood (Electronics) So this time I stayed ébaudi, amazed, curious and interes
  • Questions that the customer service of the company did not Auna sû answer  

    Auna ProExtrem - sports action camera external AV wireless 1080p Full HD 12 MP with HDMI and SDHC Port - Set Complete accessories (battery, waterproof case, lens 170 °) (Electronics)
    I asked them the question, is what Cam Auna ProExtrêm WiFi can be set up with my Samsung Galaxy smartphone? For example, I asked them; is what I convert my pc that I film in iOS Devices Supported: iPhone 5 & 5S (iOS7), air iPad (IOS7), iPad mini (iOS
  • AUNA command chain  

    Auna TT-190 - Hifi compact stereo with turntable, USB / SD ports, CD / K7, radio (hitchhiking, MP3 scanning) (Electronics)
    This is the first time I order online from AMAZON. I was very pleasantly surprised by the delivery (a few days and was told me delivery around the 10th 02 and the product arrived on January 30, I was not present at the address indicated, but was depo
  • Who is auna? ahhhh  

    Auna MD-180 digital car stereo (4x 75W output, FM, RDS, SD card slot, AUX input, USB) removable control panel (electronic)
    Initially doubt because I did not know the name but optics + Price made me curious and I have no regrets. 4x75 Watt say anything and keep their promises. The choice of colors is fun because you can mode All colors. SD AUX-USB = 3x32 GB >> what man w
  • Auna car radio  

    Auna MD-150 BT Car Radio Bluetooth MP3 car radio with amplifier (4x 75W, USB-SD slot, RDS feeds, aux-in, remote control) 7 Display colors (Electronics)
    Property me the Auna MD-150-BT bought because my Clarion DB358RMP has taken leave from the life. Looking for an affordable device possible I came across the Auna. First impression of the box. Processing is ok for the price. The scope of supply is lim
  • Auna? Probably Ouch  

    Auna line-300-BK Design hi-fi tower speaker 2-way passive speaker (80W RMS, bass reflex wooden housing, removable speaker grille) (Electronics)
    I have due to the many good reviews (there also still which for other colors) 2 pairs ordered by the boxes in order to have a favorable 5.1 system together with matching center and sub. Prior to complete construction but I have first tested the stand
  • Fits for Auna 900 and does what it is supposed  

    Studio Microphone Mic Microphone Pop Screen Windscreen Pop Filter 8cm
    The pop screen fits perfectly on the spider of Auna 900th The effect (with and without) was examined and it was found a significant Verbessweerung. The pop screen itself looks a bit small - but is visually and more accurately fit the Größ.
  • Auna HiFi Karaoke Amplifier 400W compact amplifier  

    Auna HiFi Karaoke Amplifier 400W compact amplifier PA amplifier 2x Micro (Electronics)
    Auna HiFi karaoke amplifier is a small amplifier for little money .The performance is fully in Ordnung.Super Sound everything have done properly.
  • My recommendation for viewing pleasure! Auna wireless headphones  

    ONEconcept wireless headphones wireless headphones with wireless transmitter / charging station (nice fit, 18Hz to 20kHz, incl. battery) (Electronics)
    The Auna Wireless Headphones is an absolute price breaker and directly anticipated for relaxed viewing a recommendation. The headset is supplied with a comprehensive package. The manufacturer provides on Amazon 1. headphones 2. The very compact and u
  • Auna Georgia Design clock radio DAB +  

    Auna Georgia Design clock radio DAB + digital radio alarm clock illuminated (FM radio tuner, alarm function, snooze, wood and aluminum trim) Cherry (Electronics)
    The Auna Georgia Design clock radio DAB + has an attractive appearance, especially the wood look of the frame gives the device an almost elegant touch. Also all of the processing is very high. The sound and reception quality of each radio station is
  • Auna HiFi stereo power amplifier AV2CD508  

    Auna AV2-CD508 HiFi Stereo Amplifier output stage AV2CD508 steel black (Electronics)
    The amplifier has 3 input options for playback of various devices. An MP3 connection. A REC socket. Auna HiFi stereo power amplifier AV2CD508 steel 600WDie sound reproduction is very good and you have various possibilities for intervention + or -. Ho
  • Auna amplifier as a radio amplifier "spare"  

    ONEconcept small mini amplifier 4-channel amplifier for car Komapkt moped motorcycle (4x 30W RMS -. 1000W max, high and low pass filter, 20Hz to 20kHz) (Electronics)
    Introduction: The following problem has been put to me in my Car-PC retrofitting in my BMW E46. A prerequisite was the original BMW 16: 9 Monitor continues to use For this purpose, behind the BMW video module or a spec. Video Interface (sRGB) for ima
  • Auna Rocketbox 2.0 Mini Bluetooth Speaker with battery  

    Auna Rocketbox 2.0 Mini Bluetooth Speaker with battery (FM radio, USB-SD slot, AUX) Blue (Electronics)
    This Auna Rocketbox 2.0 Mini Bluetooth Speaker with battery and radio is really great !!! The sound that produce the small speaker is clean, simply good. The box itself is well made. Only what I bemängle is the Bluetooth connection, the tears, though
  • Auna Tube 65  

    HiFi tube amps
    Pardon my German, but I'm English and these reviews have translated via Google read. I'll use it to translate my English into German and I hope the result is understandable. I am for Musical Fidelity Hi Fi equipment used, but if my amp B1 stopped wor
  • Auna 900b studio microphone (not the USB version)  

    3M Microphone USB MIC Link Cable USB Male to XLR Female Cable Adapter (Electronics)
    after 3 weeks delivery time the part came from Hong Kong! Is when ordering not be ersichtlich.Das microphone does not connect to Studiotechnick! It is recognized but there is no signal an.Das Micro is new and works with phantom power on the mixing co
  • Fits very well aun lightning, unfortunately ...  

    JJC FC-52AF1 Diffuser (Bouncer, softbox) for Metz Mecablitz 52 AF-1 44 AF-1 MBM-02 MBM02 (Electronics)
    As specify the diffuser fits very well to the hot, unfortunately represents the diffuser but not fire the flash at 16mm focal length by. This must be done in Flash Manual. The originals diffuser does this by pushing the light diffuser something in th
  • Auna - Play It Loud!  

    Auna DABStep DAB / DAB + digital radio alarm clock radio with Bluetooth (FM tuner, AUX, RDS, alarm clock, sleep timer, remote) (Electronics)
    So the company's motto - and I should have been suspicious: The minimum volume of my radio is very high (Bluetooth is quieter), a asleep to the radio completely impossible. And in the morning a stranger crying to me then the news in her ear, sorry, b