avm repeater problem 1750 und 6390 cable


  • AVM Repeater 300E  

    AVM FRITZ! WLAN Repeater 300E (300 Mbit / s, Gigabit LAN, WPS) (Electronics)
    Title: FRITZ! WLAN Repeater Technical Specifications: Increases quickly and easily the range of the wireless network, compatible with all popular wireless routers (wireless 802.11n / g / b / a) High-speed WLAN N with up to 300 MBit / s (flexible dual
  • Great picture, but repeated problems!  

    BenQ W700 DLP Projector (3D, 1280 x 720 pixels, 2200 ANSI lumens, HD-ready) White (Electronics)
    As I have already benefited greatly from reviews on this device, I would also like to make known my short experience with the BenQ Beamer W 700. I first purchased it Christmas last year and was immediately impressed by the image quality. Light color
  • AVM Repeater  

    AVM FRITZ! WLAN Repeater 310 (300 Mbit / s, WPS) (Accessories)
    after I had broken my head a little to the repeater had something set up easy. Class device. Strengthened my WiFi signal but adequate for my purposes. The repeater came after ordering quite quickly to unpack into the socket in and indeed prima :-)
  • The same problems as the other cable Noname  

    HDMI cable, gold-plated X-HC010 - 10 m (optional)
    Thin cable cross-section compared to other Noname-10m cables. Possible between PS3 and Sanyo PLV-Z800 no transfer of 1080p / 60. Image flickers when you set up the display. Gambling if the connection comes about or not. With 1080p / 24 and 1080i tran
  • Clock makes repeatedly problem set the correct time  

    St. Leonhard Radio controlled wall clock with automatic dial-lighting (clock)
    Unfortunately, the clock does what she wants. Times it goes, sometimes it does not go. Batteries are all new. The radio module also does not always work. Can only advise the purchase!
  • problem with usb cable  

    The Inforad community Hazard Sign GPS France / Belgium Black (Accessory)
    problem with the USB cable that not fit on the inforad it !!!! disappointed for the guarantees of January 1 years we can not contact amazon !!! I have bought 4 May 2014 !!!
  • Accustomed good product from AVM  

    AVM FRITZ! WLAN Repeater 300E (300 Mbit / s, Gigabit LAN, WPS) (Electronics)
    I've recently the Repeater by AVM gained since I had big problems with Sync the iPad screen on the Apple TV in the living room. Even the iPad had partially a bad wireless reception. The Windows laptop in the same room, however, had almost always full
  • Setting up FRITZ! WLAN Repeater as a LAN bridge  

    AVM FRITZ! WLAN Repeater 300E (300 Mbit / s, Gigabit LAN, WPS) (Electronics)
    I have the Fritz Boc 7390 and the Repeater to a LAN bridge from the basement to create in the 1st floor, in this case the official manual: Setting up FRITZ! WLAN Repeater as a LAN bridge To Box insert the FRITZ! WLAN Repeater and outside the WLAN ran
  • as a repeater highly recommended!  

    Asus RT-N12 Wireless Router N300 Black Diamond (802.11 b / g / n, Fast Ethernet LAN / WAN, 4x Guest Networks) (Accessories)
    Hello there, I use the Asus RT-N12 only as a repeater on a cable Fritzbox because the Fritzbox but so has its difficulties with the wireless transmission even at 2 thin partitions. Since the Asus may well points, signal strength is now excellent and
  • Finally a decently long cable to the external hard drive  

    AmazonBasics USB 3.0 cable (A male to Micro B plug) 1.8 m (backward compatible with USB 2.0 and 1.1) (Personal Computers)
    I use this cable for an external 2.5-inch hard drive to a TV from LG. At first I used a USB extension cable, but had the problem with that power supply via USB was repeatedly interrupted. With this cable it works, however excellent. With the help of
  • Strong wireless connection (iVmAVM Repeater 300E unbeatable duo)!  

    AVM FRITZ! Box 7360 Wireless Router (VDSL / ADSL, 300 Mbit / s, DECT base station, Media Server) (Accessories)
    1a Until now! Have a VDSL 50 line of Telekom, as a router (so far) the Speedport W723 type A was previously good, but: The last two updates of the router went in favor of IP telephony, which I do not use because I have a separate landline. Ergo: sinc
  • Cable serves its purpose  

    Delock Cable USB 3.0-A male to USB 3.0 micro B / USB 2.0-A connector (Personal Computers)
    The cable does exactly what it should. I have therefore my hard drive connected to my LED TV that was "separated" with the enclosed cable from the TV repeatedly. By 2 connection cables now the external HDD gets twice the current, (2x 500mA to 2
  • Installation is no problem even for laymen.  

    Allnet ALL0237R Wireless N Access Point / Repeater (300Mbps) (Accessories)
    Use the part as an access point and am so far very pleased. Bin in this sector a layman, but I can not complain about the commissioning continue. Use the instructions and the Internet is the problem within minutes. It is installed in the living room
  • Really good projector with problems which are Hausgemacht  

    BenQ TH681 Full HD 3D DLP projector (144Hz triple flash, 1920x1080 pixels, Contrast 13,000: 1, 3000 ANSI lumens, HDMI, 1.3x Zoom) (Electronics)
    A short and concise rating with important information regarding the HDMI connection on 10m. The Beamer is absolutely top! From her picture, I am absolutely satisfied. Volume is when you directly underneath sits, audible if you concentrate on it. (Eco
  • Very powerful cable which finally makes the USB port of my Denon amplifier accessible  

    UGREEN USB 3.0 extension cable USB 3.0 A-Male to A-Female and gold-plated contacts up to 5000 Mbit / s (Electronics)
    Previously, I had an external hard drive with my music library directly connected to the rear USB port of my Denon amplifier, but as I regularly expand my music library I had of course constantly separate the hard drive from the system and reconnect
  • No problems  

    DELOCK Cable USB 3.0 A> Micro USB 3.0 1m (accessory)
    I have cable now used on two computers, a Dell Vostro and a ThinkPad, in combination with a OnMemory and a Seagate drive. None of the compounds, there was even the slightest problem. Although the cable is actually somewhat inflexible, but the data ha
  • Good and cheap cables  

    Direct cable 2m 90 ° angle connector HDMI cable / compatible with HDMI 2.0 (1080p Full HD Ultra HD 4K 3D ARC) - TOP Series (Accessories)
    I had in the living room a smorgasbord of HDMI cables in use and had always had problems with stuttering, pictures and sound, especially often when watching Blu-ray movies. I use a Denon AV receiver via all devices (Samsung TV, Samsung Blu-Ray, HD Re
  • Impeccable cable at an affordable price!  

    mumbi optical digital cable Toslink cable 5 meters (Accessories)
    Have the cable purchased before years ago, and before short one more time, and I am fully satisfied in both cases, especially when I consider the great price! Production-related error or blemish on connectors and fiber optic cable I could find none.
  • VU + Duo2 with 2 cable tuners  

    VU + ® Duo² 2x DVB-C Tuner Full HD 1080p Twin Receiver Linux 1TB HDD (Electronics)
    This device have not even bought from Amazon, because I wanted to rebuild something. For I have let the Samsung DVB-C tuner installed that have been recommended by some reviewers - a little more expensive, but great (in my opinion). All receivable he
  • Order when it comes to cable for a reasonable price  

    InLine® Cable tie 12x200mm, Velcro closure, 10, 5 different. Colors (Electronics)
    I ordered this cable tie in the 12x125mm and 12x200mm in the variant. The item has been delivered to me displayed delivery as well protected letter in the mailbox. The cable ties were packed into a commercial package - as it should include precisely.