babyliss ipl g932e hair removal review


  • 5 liters of gel for hair removal at IPL: super  

    Anagel Gel Cosmetics, optimizes laser hair removal and IPL pulsed light. (Health and Beauty)
    Ultra fast shipment canister supplied with flexible bottle that can easily fill for easy use. Ultra economic price for the quantity easy, non-greasy application, odorless, colorless, no residue on the skin: nickel !!!! 'm satisfied. remains to be see
  • Hair Removal De Luxe  

    Philips SC1996 / 00 IPL hair removal system Lumea Essential Plus, white / pink (Personal Care)
    Under a big test action of Philips me was the Philips Lumea SC1996 / 00 IPL hair removal system free for testing made available. :) At the very beginning I have to honestly say: "Those who expect a miracle will be disappointed, but who has patience i
  • Hair removal with no stink  

    Veet In-Shower Hair Removal Cream for Dry Skin with Shea Butter & Lily Fragrance, 1er Pack (1 x 150 ml) (Health and Beauty)
    I belong to the age group, the hair forms in places where they do not belong. I am the anti-bear and therefore do not like chest hair, nor on their backs. So far I have tried out many different depilatories, 'Veet for Men' 'Capillum Amove' and of cou
  • Hair removal with light pulses ?! My long experience ...  

    Silk'n Glide HPL hair remover (Personal Care)
    When Silk'n Glide is a hair removal device that removes hair using light pulses. Is advertised even permanent hair removal. Delivered is a small sturdy cardboard. Inside is the Silk'n device Glide incl. German instructions and a power cord. The devic
  • A new kind of hair remover  

    VEET Infini'Silk Pro - pulsed light hair remover for face and body (Health and Beauty)
    As has already been stated in other reviews, but this is important: it is not quite an epilator as it does not remove the hair to speak of, it prevents push and thus ensure its effectiveness before it takes a little time ... So I delegated to my test
  • An effective hair removal for a very competitive price  

    Beurer 7000 IPL Hair Removal Device Compact Semi-Final Pulsed Light (Health and Beauty)
    Difficult in a month to have sufficient perspective on the use of this epilator. But after two uses there is already a loss of darker hair, and light hair grows back finer. We must read the manual (which warns us numerous times, as with all light epi
  • Veet hair removal cream is top !!!  

    Veet Hair Removal Cream Sensitive, 125 ml (Personal Care)
    So I can only write about my experiences and I must say that I am extremely happy with this cream. I as a man use it mainly in the genital area and have with shaving etc. made very bad experience (rashes, ingrown hairs, strong itching, etc.). The dep
  • Painless hair removal with Philips Lumea Precision Plus SC2006 / 11  

    Philips SC2006 / 11 Lumea Precision Plus, additional precision attachment (Personal Care)
    For today's ideal of beauty there, hairless to show up, at least as far as the hair in the armpits, legs and bikini area belongs. Therefore, in particular access to all kinds of women Methods and tools to make the hair put an end to. This ranges from
  • Permanent hair removal using light pulses  

    Beurer Permanent hair removal IPL 7000 (Health and Beauty)
    I have to be the insane luck, of very light skin, on the mop to take a stray dog ​​Blond and to make matters worse, to have a dark body hair. If I had a bright Body, would probably not particularly bother me and I would content myself shave with, but
  • finally a simple and quick hair removal method!  

    Brown Face 831 Face cleaning brush & -epilierer (with Leather Case & Mirror) (Health and Beauty)
    after a long try finally a fast, easy and most importantly effective hair removal! Pro: Super design lies comfortably in the hand, with hygienic cover. the change of the "heads" is quick and easy. practical pocket mirror is very well lighte
  • A miracle tool of hair removal  

    Brown Face 831 Face cleaning brush & -epilierer (with Leather Case & Mirror) (Health and Beauty)
    I try the Brown Face from for three weeks. I have a travel kit, which consists of the following parts: - Brown Face Epilator - Cleaning brush for the epilator - Gesichstreinigungsaufsatz - Pocket Mirror - Leather bag for transportation The design of
  • Super Hair Remover!  

    Epistick® The original - facial hair epilator (Personal Care)
    Use this "hair remover" seiht about 2 years. Really by far the best, fastest, cheapest and most environmentally compatible device. If you know how it works, I can only recommend it!
  • Spring for facial hair removal  

    5x Epistick® The original - facial hair epilator facial hair removal depilatory Stick Epilator tweezers (tool)
    Had to wait a bit long in the delivery. However, the product convinced absolutely. The hair removal with the spring as the Oriental string technology roughly. Suitable only for the face.
  • No more cheap Nose and Ear Hair Remover  

    Philips NT9130 / 16 Nose and ear trimmer, metallic-blue / black (Personal Care)
    Who does not? The "good" cheap Nose and Ear Hair Trimmer ... Also we had them one - to which we enjoy working with a wide berth. Because somehow the part was just not as good. Not effective, became quite warm, etc ... So the question arises
  • Nair - 500,758 - Hair Removal Cream - Cream-Gel Formula Contact Men  

    Nair - 500,758 - Hair Removal Cream - Cream-Gel Formula Contact Men - 200 ml tube + Spatula (Health and Beauty)
    Perfect product, giving a result impeccable.A recommend for a quick hair removal and nette.Utilisé regularly following the directions he leaves no trace, no redness.
  • The economic version of the pulsed light hair removal  

    Beurer 7000 IPL Hair Removal Device Compact Semi-Final Pulsed Light (Health and Beauty)
    This device is particularly compact, a revolution from the first pulsed light hair remover that I tested (a Philips device the size of a large hair dryer). I finally stop using this first gear as it was awesome. First thing to know the device does no
  • An effective hair removal but not always convenient  

    Philips - HP6521 / 01 - Satinelle Soft Epilator Wet & Dry Hypo-Allergenic with head (Kitchen)
    The epilator Philips SatinSoft with Skin Care System is an epilator which has both advantages and disadvantages: - Beautiful appearance - Has several removable heads for different body parts - Is charging in the wireless sector and works thereby waxi
  • hair removal and deep cleaning  

    Face Braun 810 - Face & Hair Remover Cleaning Brush for the face with micro-oscillations (Health and Beauty)
    The face epilator braun really has everything a big one. This small epilator has great qualities. First, the accuracy. Thanks to its 10 micro tweezers he catches every hair in record time, it is very easy to handle its elongated shape is a plus. I te
  • A good hair remover but that does not take all his promises ...  

    Electric Epilator BRAUN Silk-Épil SkinSpa 9-969 Wet & Dry with exfoliating brush, cleaning brush and usable technology under water (Health and Beauty)
    Braun has done so much in terms of gear! There is a very complete device, multifunction, good quality, and is relatively easy to use! Worth its price whatever happens! By cons, like every time we are promised a painless hair removal, this is where th
  • hair removal and thorough cleaning  

    Face Braun 810 - Face & Hair Remover Cleaning Brush for the face with micro-oscillations (Health and Beauty)
    I recently received this I find great! it is small (the size of an electric toothbrush) and very very good grip. facial hair removal is obviously quite painful (as with the beautician) months but that the tweezers (1 = hair tweezing much more with th