babyliss roll-on wax refills


  • babyliss roll  

    Babyliss kit Roll-on Wax Warmer + Refill (Health and Beauty)
    perfect, heating system or not was to stay there was support, the button is lit like a interrupeteur at ca res can remain on, it does not but it goes off heated to a certain heat any more, even if you leave heat long heat will not increase more, for
  • Roll on waxer  

    Hair Removal Set with Roll On waxer 4 x 100 ml Argan wax cartridges fleece strips (Personal Care)
    The unit is super great, works very well and is easy on the skin. Anyway, it's highly recommended. The only thing that bothers me personally, is it takes a little time until it gets warm
  • a good compromise 6  

    VEET Waxing Kit Roll On EasyWax (Health and Beauty)
    I already tested epilators, wax containers to melt, and I have to say this one is better than roll the wax tray spread with a small spatula, much easier to use: just plug it, the cable is of good length the heating time is quite fast (faster than my
  • Perfect for home use 1  

    Kit complete hair removal Roll-on - 12 HONEY refills (Health and Beauty)
    Complete kit for hair removal at home neat, good value for money, wax refills Honey is very soft and pleasant
  • babyliss cartridge wax  

    Babyliss Waxes Cartridges Refills Armpits Jersey Zinc 50 ml 2 Pack (Health and Beauty)
    very well fits well, the bikini and underarms, are too small for me, but for touch-ups, they are for the body underarm, because I put the wax, not directly on my skin, but sweat band, as I have very curly pileu system I think it goes better, so I'm n
  • Purchase of 2 refills Roller  

    Waterman S0954850 Blister 2 Roller Refills Fine point in Black ink (Office Supplies)
    This refill Roller fine point to its name.! writing is fine, charging "does not bleed" .I am very satisfied with this achat.Cependant, the price is a little high!
  • Wax Roll-On  

    4 pcs Honey Wax Cartridge Sunzze 100ml Refill Suitable for all devices (Personal Care)
    Great wax cartridges from honey. Bought for my girlfriend this cartridge. She's a beautician and likes to work with these guard cartridges.
  • Pilot Frixion Point Set of 3 Gel Ink Refills Roller temperature responsive ...  

    Pilot Frixion Point Set of 3 Gel Ink Refills Roller temperature responsive Pointe Fine Blue (Office Supplies)
    This product is perfect for my grandchildren, I regret that n 'have existed in my time. The price here is very interesting, so I say more ...
  • Black Roller Refills  

    Schmidt: Rollerball Refill Ceramic Metal Tube SRC 5888, Color: Black, 4 of Lot.
    They are intended to be used in one of my skating. The average writing is really nice and good size The writing is fluid and snag-free unlike some models. Good stuff
  • Professional depilation as the Waxing Studio 'now available for home.  

    Veet EasyWax elec. Warm Wax Roll-On system (Personal Care)
    Professional depilation as the Waxing Studio 'now available for home. So far, I struggled with shaving or Enthaarungsschaum of Veet (was unfortunately taken out of the range) against Häarchen on arms and legs. New then came to the epilator, but I am
  • The perfect wax  

    A1 Speed ​​Wax Plus 3, 2730, 500 ml (Automotive)
    Have long been looking for a good skin care product and now found. Have previously treated the paint with "A1 ULTIMA SHOW & SHINE POLISH" and insert the speed wax sealed. The result is real good. The roll-off effect is amazing. If the paint
  • G911E babyliss  

    Babyliss G911E Epilator Flash Charging Portable (Health and Beauty)
    effective hair removal but it is not final. However hair growth is significantly longer refills are expensive and the 1000 flash lamp allow me to do 2 sessions (thighs legs) ... and I'm not great !!!!! hence the 3 stars instead of 4. it nevertheless
  • I prefer Veet wax strips ...  

    VEET Waxing Kit Roll On EasyWax (Health and Beauty)
    Indeed the applicator is pleasant to use, the handling is easy and friendly look. The wax cartridge is easy to place. It is true that it takes some time for the wax is hot (25 min) but then the application is fluid and enjoyable. I do not rabacherais
  • Less painful than cold wax.  

    Veet EasyWax wax cartridge refills, 1er Pack (1 x 50 ml) (Health and Beauty)
    The wax does the job, is super easy to use and definitely offers better results than cold wax strips. The Roll-On is super convenient and you do not mess around with cans and spatulas.
  • A car wax of the absolute top class  

    Collinite Marque D Elegance Car Wax No. 915 (base price 92.67 EUR / l)
    I drive a white vehicle with correspondingly intensive care paint surface. After I (distributed applications in recent years on verschiendenste vehicles) many waxes and sealers have tried, I have with the wax of Collinite finally found an absolutely
  • Super life - a wax in a class  

    Super Doublecoat Car Wax No. 476s, (Base Price 81.09 EUR / l) (Automotive)
    The Collinite no. 476s is one of the "must-have" growing out of the house and does not count in the Collinite Cleaner scene no reason for the Champions. But in the real sense, it is an almost purely chemical wax with even a small natural carnaub
  • a genuine cult-Wax  

    Dodo Juice Supernatural Hybrid Wax - 100ml (Automotive)
    It should allow me a small foreword to the company Dodo Juice. The products of Dodo Juice have true cult status, and not without reason. Advertises but the British company, which partly produced in Mauritius with natural ingredients for vehicle maint
  • Good refills  

    HERMAfix spare roll vario 1051 Nachfüllrolle Inh.1000 adhesive pieces (Office supplies & stationery)
    The refills were delivered on time and well packaged. The roles fit into the original scooter and stick as opposed to No Name products very well. The exchange goes Description quickly and without great effort. I highly recommend this very spare rolls
  • The cat can not roll ...  

    Scotch tape dispenser CATSM4 Promotion in cat form, including 4 wheels Magic Tape, 19 mm x 33 m, white (Office supplies & stationery)
    Instead of a boring and only expedient Klebebandabrollers on the desk, the cat Scotch is a nice alternative. When unpacking, I was amazed at how big the creature really is. Thus, you take it on the desktop (depending on individual order) actually onc
  • Very good Waxing- product  

    Veet Spawax - electric hot wax Set (Health and Beauty)
    The product is the best Waxing- product that I had previously. While it is first getting used to if you're used strip, but it caught in one go virtually all hair and is real easy to use. If the consumption of Waxtabletten not so high, I would use it